Monday, November 14, 2016

DIY, don't mind if I do.

Hello folks, did you enjoy your weekend?
Today's post is on a DIY theme and I blame the wonders of Pinterest for this next post, on the upside I have to admit that I am happy with the results.
Recently I had shown a picture from Pinterest to my husband, well after the Christmas trees I have the feeling he is on a roll!
I had seen an idea that uses old planks of wood or skirting board to hide roller blinds at the top of your windows.
What a great idea as the rollers are not the most interesting things to look at and there is always a certain amount of light that comes through the top of them.  With the idea in my head he took me to the reclamation yard in Elgin and we picked up some skirting for a lot less than the local DIY stores.
This is the finished results.

This is the bathroom window, doesn't it look so much smarter?
I love this one in particular.

Then he tackled the kitchen, under my supervision, of course.

The kitchen isn't as obvious as the wall is white also but he also managed to attach my little gingerbread men lights too.  All ready and waiting for Christmas in my kitchen.
I think it creates a great effect for very little money.  Don't you agree?
It works so well when the background wall is a different colour.

Now the other thing I wanted to share tonight was my purchase at the auctions.  I haven't been for a while, I usually pick up small wooden items to distress or alter, at the right price.  They don't always get altered, sometimes I change my mind when home, not wanting to change them, blending them in with my other furniture.
When I saw this mirror I instantly loved the shape and thought it would be great to decoupage or paint, now I have it home I am thinking I might just clean it up and leave it as is.  Decisions, decisions.  Can you tell I am a Gemini, I can't make a decision to save my life, I always have at least two options I'd like to try.  Enough of my waffle here is the mirror, sorry again for the lighting being poor, very little light left once home from work.

Do you like the shape?  To paint or not to paint? Decoupage or leave as it is?  I just can't make up my mind.

That's all from me for today, I am fairly pooped after a few hours cleaning at work.  I have no staying power!
Enjoy the rest of your evening, I'm away for a cup of tea and to put my feet up in time to catch the first trial for I'm a Celebrity, deep in the Australian jungle.
You know what that must nearly be time for Christmas.


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, your hubby has made a fabulous job of the blinds and whatever you decide to do with the mirror will be fantastic. It looks a very pretty shape, have a lovely day today, hope you are getting a bit of a rest today, Kate x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Great job on the blinds. I would paint the mirror as it looks very dark as it is but depends on the rest of your decor of course

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A super idea to disguise the blinds Erika and Hubby did a great job too.
Love that mirror, what a fantastic shape, would love to see the finished article when you decide what you're going to do.