Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Playing with shapes, Spellbinding Christmas style.

It's the middle of the week already and apart from being in work everyday I have achieved very little here.  On the upside the jam is a hit and has worked well.  I shall share that with you shortly....pity you can't taste it over the Internet isn't it?  A lovely warm scone with homemade jam and clotted cream....nomm!  Now I need to bake but I dare not as I know what will happen, eating fest!

Today's card is even easier than yesterday's. 
I have noticed a trend of late for lots of repeat patterns of simple shapes, it seems in my eyes to be copying the geometric patterns of patchwork quilting.  Or is that just me?

I'm still fancying a nice sentiment on the top right but have tried to stick to a less is more approach.  When demonstrating I like to have a whole range of cards from the simple to the more difficult, that way hopefully I can cover different levels and in theory have happy crafter's!
These shapes are from the Spellbinder Nestabilites die Decagons and the sentiment is from Crafty Impressions.  The shapes have been edged with Vintage photo. 
We spoke at the demo about the difference in Christmas card making to the normal making of cards.  I for one have a few special cards for immediate family and close friends then I tend to make a batch of LIS cards for everyone else. With this in mind the bulk making needs to be a card that is relatively quick to make, stylish and minimal and don't forget the dreaded postage restrictions.  If I didn't do this then I'd be buying shop bought cards preferring to spend time at Christmas making some presents too. 
Why when I have all year?
I don't know really, I just always find I'm chasing my tail, so to speak and never really get my head down till I really can't do anything but. as always with me I'm afraid.
You could say I preform better with a deadline, LOL.  Needs must!
Anyway that is all from me today, I have a day off tomorrow and look at the weather forecast.  Rain, rain and more rain.  Isn't that just typical?
Still a perfect day to catch up on some jobs and crafting or maybe even the cinema with my boys. 
Who knows, I think I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings. 
Happy crafting.  x

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wishing you a Scottish country style Christmas!

Back again even later today but that is because I'm jam making.  How much sugar?!  LOL.
I have had to go out and purchase jars as when I went looking for my jars hidden from the recycle monster.....there was only one still there.  Mmmm!  You know what happened then don't you?

Would you believe that in Elgin there are a shortage of jars to buy just now, everyone obviously beating me to the jam making.  I ended up at Forres with very posh Kilner jars.  Lets hope my jam lives up to the jars!

Whilst doing that I thought I'd share this simple card with you, letting the paper and the Spellbinders do all the work again.

For this card I have used Papermania 6" pad Christmas in the country together with Spellbinder dies Vintage labels two and Splendid circles.  The stamps are from JustRite Live, love, laugh vintage labels two and the sentiment is from Crafty Impressions.  I have used Distress ink Fired brick and cord from my stash. 
If I hadn't demonstrated with this paper I would have been tempted to 3d foam it and then stitch it with my machine to see if I could get it to really looking like a quilt, that's what it reminded me of when I first saw this sheet of paper.  Don't you agree?

After a morning in work and an afternoon pottering making jam and doing a few jobs I think a nice walk in the sunshine is planned now.  My family have all disappeared dooking as the high tide is on it's way with another beautiful and sunny day here. 
We are certainly getting a summer this year.  x

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's time for Christmas, spellbinder style. Am I early or late?!

Hi folks and firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to the lovely ladies who visited me at the Papeterie in Aberdeen yesterday.  I hope you had as much fun as I did and that I've managed to share a few more crafty ideas for you to use at home.  Enjoy your new toys!

The first card from the demonstration that I want to share with you was inspired by an idea from the wonderful Becca Feeken although my card is nothing like hers.  You know when you see something and think "I wonder if that idea will work.......!" 
I think it has but you be the judge.....

For this card I have used Spellbinder dies Jewel flowers and flourishes, Tear drop circles and Splendid circles.  The paper is a 6" pad by Papermania Christmas in the country and bling/pearls by Craft buddy.  The ribbon is from my stash and the "Christmas" stamp is from Paula Pascual's set Large Christmas.  The pain cardstock is the Papeterie's own.  The card is a gatefold 5" square.

I love the way this die interlocks at it closes.  You can see better how it appears once separated below.

Do you get my drift now?  LOL.

I had a super crafty day but driving in the torrential rain was hairy in parts! 

A late post again today as I've been doing some extra hours at work this morning and will be tomorrow and Wednesday too. 
I'm now going to get changed and take my youngest and the pup for a nice long walk in the sunshine along the beach...maybe even stopping off for a yummy ice cream too.
Then it's a hard decision.....a wee bit of crafting or some boring ironing?!  Decisions, decisions!
Enjoy your Monday.  x

Friday, July 26, 2013

I have always know should see my room just now!

Back again today, a bit foggy here but I'm happy to be working inside whilst it is.  I am just putting my finishing touches to my demonstration this Sunday at The Papeterie in Aberdeen between 11 and 4.  I have a couple more ideas to play with then I shall be packing my bag ready before a stint at M & S tomorrow. 
A busy weekend planned here.
I shall share all my makes with you next week but if you are able to make the mill on Sunday it would be great to see you.
Today as I'm beavering away I thought I'd share this with you....

So true and it usually spills into the craft room too.  It's far more fun creating than cleaning and that is my excuse.

I've been weighed this morning and I'm back at my target weight, whoop, I celebrated with toast with butter and jam!  Such a rebel.  Whilst out I saw my pal Irene who I went to the Corn classes with and look what she had found for me.....

wings for my corn dolly angel.  Aren't they just perfect?  Can't wait to get them fixed on.

Anyway folks that's all from me today I've got other things I need to crack on with.  I wish you and yours all the best for the coming weekend, whatever you have planned have a good one!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sharing the love, corny but true!

Back again and it looks like it is going to be another super day weather wise. 
Yesterday evening I took the boys to the beach after dooking.  The weather was beautiful and even the breeze was warm...which you don't get to say very often in Scotland. 

Today I want to share the last of my corny makes and it's a heart.  Now I was trying to go for a more primitive shape here but having made it I do think a more traditional heart would work better.  You live and learn, there is no right and wrong in crafting....just remaking and altering till you get exactly what you want.  Unfortunately that only comes with experience and practise, with a new hobby I need to learn patience and not expect perfection from the outset.  I'm finding that with my crocheting too.  I will share more of that at a later date.

Here is my heart......

I think these will also look good on the Christmas tree...rustic will be the way to go this year if I get organised.  I always have great intentions at this time of year but with the start of Christmas demonstrating looming my own work takes a back seat.

Have you been watching clips from CHA in the states this week?
Drool, drool!
Myself and 3 friends went over the pond for the Craft show 4 years ago and had a ball.  The show is where all the years new craft releases are shown for the first time.  Lots of "ooooing" and "arrrring" and dare I say a little stroking occurs.  LOL.  With all the big names there demonstrating and chatting with fella addicts.
Well jel!  Would love to be there.
Can't wait to see the new Spellbinder and Tim Holtz products in the shops over here to name but two.
Have you seen Tim's new glitter........

Oooo I've gone all girlie....glitter and sparkle but not as you know it!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The smell of summer.

Back again today with another corn creation this time a Lavender pomander.

This little corn creation holds a net of lavender inside and smells amazing.  I love lavender and grow it in quantity and different varieties in my garden.  This week some has even been cut and is presently drying in the conservatory, which smells lovely just now....achieving two jobs in one!
I think these will look great on the Christmas tree with winter spices like orange, cinnamon and clove. Mmmm another gift idea!

All go on the demonstration front here today with a break for dooking later.  I have glitter everywhere!  Ho, ho, ho!
My eldest is in the room next to me playing the drums just now which does nothing for the creative process.....when do they go back?!  LOL.
The joys.
Have a super Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How about a bit of country glory?

Morning, bit misty here today but it will hopefully clear later.  I think it looks like we are getting the better weather today with a lot of areas of the UK getting rain.  Mind you it is needed after all this beautiful weather.

What did you think about yesterdays exciting news?
A prince is born!
I heard the announcement of the impending birth going into work yesterday morning but how did they manage to keep it quiet for four hours?  A quiet moment for mum, dad and baby.  I think it is fab and I wouldn't say I'm a royalist at all.  Now what will he be named.....George seems to be the favourite at the bookies.  I would like to see Spencer in there somewhere for Williams mum.  Maybe Phillip after Granddad or Louis after Lord Mountbatten?  Will Andrew feature after meeting at St Andrews? 
Only time will tell.  I do hope they stay traditional and don't go for something trendy or too unusual.  I'm sure they will.
Lets hope they all get to go home very soon and announce the babies name, then they can be left in peace to adjusted to becoming a family unit.

Back to crafting and I did have to smile when I read the name of this next corny creation. 
It is a Country glory braid. 
If you don't smile than you have a better mind than me.  LOL.

In history these plaits/corn dollies were used to decorate pew ends during Harvest festivals.  They can be displayed either way up and are made with a simple hair plait technique.  Mine is a little wobbly on the plait but I am happy with it.

Today I shall be mostly be starting some work for my demonstration in Aberdeen on Sunday.  I shall be taking advantage of the fog just now and maybe get out later once it lifts.  Enjoy your Tuesday and happy crafting! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

This may sound corny but it is a crafty clue?!

Do you want to know about my secret crafting day out then?

A while back a good friend of mine asked me if I fancied going on a Corn crafting course with her.  I have to admit at first I wasn't so sure but then I thought why not, you might even enjoy it, and I did.
We visited a lovely lady called Elaine at Somethingcorny.  It was a beautiful day and we set to work in her garden shed.  Now this wasn't any garden shed.  There were four of us in the class for the day, a nice small group so we learnt a lot.
This was our classroom...isn't it fab?


It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt like we were crafting outside with the window and doors all open.  Elaine has a beautiful garden which we even had our picnic in at lunch time.  It was heaven.

We made a practise item with the wheat and then four other items.  I have decided to show you my simple corn dolly.

A little bit of history for you....corn dollies have been made for thousands of years and are thought to date back to pagan times.  The last sheaf of corn from the harvest was used to make corn dollies which were believed to hold the Corn spirit in the plait, usually hung in the kitchen. Next spring the dried seeds would be planted again and were believed to encourage a good harvest for the following year.
Nowadays they are believed to bring peace and prosperity to the home, in other words they are thought to be good luck charms.
Here is my dolly.....


The wheat is worked whilst it is damp, plaited and shaped and then left to dry, holding it's shape.  I like the simplicity of this shape and have added a wee heart and halo for now.
I am still thinking whether to add wings?  I quite like her simple design.  What do you think?

A late post for me today after a day in work.  Time now to crack on with a BBQ to be followed with a tad of ironing....the excitement!
On the upside I had a good weekend.  Friday night we did the Gala car treasure hut and won, having a giggle in the process.  How to get people going.....keep stopping and jumping out of the car!
Work went well yesterday and Sunday was spent on the beach then home for an evening BBQ with friends. 
That was the weekend gone.
This week I shall be getting ready for my Sunday demonstration day at The Papeterie in Aberdeen. 
It will seem a bit strange mind as I'm thinking Christmas in the sunshine!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and I'll catch you again tomorrow.  x

Friday, July 19, 2013

Going back in time again this Friday

Hi back again with a blast from the past.  This was a gift I made for my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary back in 2007.  It was a blank purse and the papers were by Rusty pickle. 
If nothing else I can see that my photography skills have improved in the last 6 years.  Not a great couple of pictures but as I don't have the project I can't retake them.  Still you will get the general idea. 

I love creating mini books for special occasions.  It has been too long since I made one...confession time....I have a cupboard in my craft room full of mini book blanks....just waiting to be altered, all shapes, sizes and mediums and even a couple of projects that have been started.  I need to set aside the time to play!
The idea behind this book was to have one side with their wedding photographs and the other with them bang up to date as they are now.

That's all for me today, if you want to know what crafting I got up to on Monday then you can see my post tomorrow over at It's a Creative World.  If you are happy to wait I will share it next week with you.  Have a super weekend and enjoy the sunshine. 

Happy crafting.  x

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Down at the beach CAS style.

Oh my I'm loving CAS cards just now.  Just thought I'd share that!
Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies.  I'm glad you liked my nail varnish. 
It's funny I have been thinking of stamps, quite often I make a bespoke card needing an image and can't get it.  Something definitely to think about. 
Is there anything you wish you could get and can't, an image or maybe a sentiment, I'd love to know?

Last night it was Harbour night in the village and what a beautiful night it was too.  The band playing, food and drink flowing, good company and the kids in wet suits dooking in the sea.  I didn't want to come home!  (Which I was surprised at after an early start at work). 
The boys also took the pup down yesterday during the day for the pet competition.  Holly didn't win anything but we think she is cute.  This was followed by watching the Skate park competition.

Tonight it is, as my kids call it....Bingo by jingo!  The men go off to the golf club for an adults quiz and the ladies take the kids to the village marque for the Tombola night.  Now I'm not normally a bingo kind of girl but it can be quite an exciting evening especially if you get down to one number!!  (I've lead a sheltered life!)
As for today there is a baby competition, story time, golf and a coffee morning.  We're saving ourselves for tonight and I'm catching up on a few jobs and card requests.

Today I have another CAS card....catching up on some card stock for my local shop.  This range are all clean and simple and nothing like my demonstration cards. 

This is my Hopeman hutty!
The hut is by Hobby craft, I have a "thing" for beach hut stamps.  The sun and cloud are by Sugar Nellie.  The papers are Docrafts Ahoy there.

Enjoy your Thursday folks.  x

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On your 40th, paint the town red!

Whilst I'm at work I thought I'd share this with you today.  This was a bespoke card for one of my work colleagues to give to a friend on her special day.  My brief was that she loves painting her nails so I knew exactly what I wanted to do but again couldn't find a suitable image.
I have taken the bull by the horns again and have drawn the nail varnish bottle myself, glossy accents is added to the varnish escaping the bottle to give a more realistic effect.

The image is coloured with copic markers and the background emboss is by cuttlebug.

Inside it mentions rather than painting her nails red on her special day.....paint the town red instead...or words to that effect!
I believe Elaine liked the card so that is me a happy bunny!
Enjoy your Wednesday.  x

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let them eat cake!

Back again with another late post today.  I had an early appointment through in Inverness this morning so it was a chance to do a wee bit of shopping.  I've stocked up on cotton yarn for my next crochet project and some materials for another idea. 
Yesterday I had a super crafty day out trying a new hobby but I'm going to keep you in suspense a little longer as I have my monthly post coming up this weekend over on It's a Creative World.  More will be revealed then, needless to say I went not knowing much about this craft and have come back with supplies to practise with.  Another string to my bow....and that won't help you guess either!  Musical I most definitely am not!

Today I wanted just to share a simple card with you, another LIS style card. 

The gingham card is from Pebbles basic, the circle and sentiment die cuts are from SU and the dots embossing folder is by cuttlebug.  The cake is a Dress it up button....mmmm low fat cake!  (It never tastes the same!)

I've got more hours at work this week and a few bespoke orders to crack on with, plus that ironing pile just doesn't seem to shrink at all. 
I hope you have had a good Tuesday, more from me tomorrow.

Monday, July 15, 2013

A little something for you whilst I'm having fun!

Oooh what am I up to?!
It's crafty....and that's all I'm saying at this point.
I thought I'd leave you with this today whilst out and about having fun.

Barbara mentioned something on Friday about this......calling them crafty plasters.
I like the idea of "crafty plasters" and lets face it every now and again they come in handy but shhhh, don't tell anyone!

What's your favourite crafty plaster?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Missing in action on Friday.......but was in stamping heaven!

Whoops, no post on Friday last week but that is because I was out and about having fun.  To start with I went to The Papeterie in Aberdeen to watch Barbara Gray's demonstration.  I love Barbara's style of stamping and she is a natural demonstrator. 

Irene and I had a lovely crafty day out, stopping for a couple of statutory coffee shop revivals on route!
Here are a couple of my favourite cards from Barbara's selection.....

I love how she layers her cards using a brayer with lots of stamps and inks creating 3d images on a flat card. 
This is a technique I really need to practise more.  Now where did I put that brayer!

After our trip through to Aberdeen and stops for "yummies" I came home to an empty house as we'd been invited to a BBQ down on the village beach.  I wish I'd taken some photos.  I have never seen the beach so busy so late in the day.  It was a wonderful barmy warm evening and if I hadn't needed to be up bright and early Saturday for work I think I'd stayed late into the evening.  The kids were happy popping in and out of the sea, sunshine, fab location, good friends and yummy food....what more do you need?
A great finish to a lovely day.

Yesterday was spent at work and then again down in the harbour for a dook. 
We have got to make use of all this lovely weather whilst it is here don't you agree?
This was followed by a cheeky M & S Chinese meal, nomn, nomn, and my is a Saturday night and I can! 
All washed down by a bottle of Crabbies Scottish Raspberry Ginger beer.  Have you tried one?  Oh my, they're mighty fine and just perfect for a summer's evening. 

That's all from me today, with all the extra hours at work my daily chores are mounting, boo, hiss, but I do hope for some time to play at some point later. 
It is our village Gala this week, it started yesterday so I think we'll be out and about a lot with activities this week.  Tonight it is the family quiz....better get my thinking cap on!  There are never any crafty questions.....the thickness of card stock...die cuts...LOL.  I think I shall be relying on my QI knowledge! 
Tomorrow I am having another crafty day out so it will be another late post but I am hoping it will be worth the wait!  Mmmm, what am I going to be up to?!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Looking back in time scrapbooking style.

I read an interesting article yesterday about making your blog more readable here.  It is a good article with lots of hints and tips. 
Today I had another card to show you but as I link to other sites from my blog it will have to wait.  The recipient might just see it. 
I also have a couple of Spellbinder cards that I am holding off might see them elsewhere....if you do let me know.  Ooh that could be a competition!  A wee prize for the first person that spots a card made by me in a crafting magazine....that's all the clues I'm giving.  I will share them later on here.

One of the recommendations of the above article was to share something from the early days when you had less followers/readers. 
I am always "made up" when I meet fella crafters locally and they've mentioned reading my blog.  I was brought up on the phrase "it's good to share" and in the crafting world it is a great part of blogging, there is always something to learn, new techniques to try and new products to fuel the fire of the creative mind.  If you get my drift. 

This is an early double scrapbook page I made inspired by a pal Pam. 
It also was created at a time when there was a heated debate on a scrap booking site, I won't name it. The you shouldn't put flowers on a beach scrapbook page?!
I don't want to open a can of worms by re-opening the debate but I added flowers to my layout because I could!
I am a firm believer in doing what you want to do regardless of the current fashion and trends.  It is your work you are creating and you can do with it what you wish.  That is the beauty, in my eyes, of crafting, there are no right or wrong answers.  If you want flowers on a beach page then what the heck....put them on.  So I did.

I made these two pages separately and then put them together and would I do them differently now.....probably.  I think now I would remove the flowers and go for a LIS approach but that just shows how your taste changes too.  Was I right or wrong, it isn't important, I had fun making them and that is all that counts in my book.  When I look back now at the pages I smile remembering the "hoo ha" and laugh at the rebel in me.....and guess it answers the question I keep asking myself....where did my youngest get that stubborn streak from?!  LOL.

On that note I will leave you in peace.  I have a man mountain of exciting ironing and work later, enjoy your Thursday folks.  x

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just like buses coming along together, today I have another baby card to share.

Back again and another late post. 
To all of those that have been at work today close your ears whilst I share my day. 
First the boring bit.....a morning spent updating the food stock in the kitchen.  The afternoon....a little more exciting, spent on the beach watching my boys dook again and the pup swim.  I did manage to have a wee dip of the toes, by heck that water's cold.  LOL.  Very pleasant on a warm day.  I have red shoulders to prove it, even wearing factor 50.  Standard practise for me, I go from blue to red then back white, very rarely sporting a healthy tan by natural means, if you get my drift!

I digress...
Back to the crafting front....

This card has been created for a lovely lady to be sent to Canada for a new arrival.  I have kept it neutral as we don't know whether the baby will be a boy or girl, Scott will be the babies surname and the wording is as requested.

I have used Spellbinder die Fleur de lis square, classic square and dots embossing folder.  The pram is an embroidered patch. 
Another CAS card which seems to be what I am drawn too just now.

That's all today from me, short and sweet.  I do hope you've had a super Wednesday, it's still beautiful up here....I can feel a dog walk coming on, before chilling out for the evening.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

It's summer time and babies are a foot!

Back again after a lazy morning reading a book I haven't been able to put down since I started it.  I tend to do that with books, I don't read for ages then I can't get my nose out once I start. 
I'm working again this evening so have been taking it easy.

Just recently I have been asked for a few baby cards.  It seems always come in spurts.  This time it's a baby girl.  The lady I made this for was very specific in what she wanted.  I made a similar card for her 7 years ago and she loved it so much she wanted something along the same lines. 
Another CAS card for you today.

A simple card with the addition of some pink and gingham scraps, a bit of bling and a cute wee button pram from Dress it up buttons.

That's all for me today better go and iron my was a hot one in the warehouse last night!  Too much information....

All my boys are off dooking this afternoon so I think I'll have a couple of hours sunshine before heading into work.  Enjoy your Tuesday.  x

Monday, July 08, 2013

By jove he only went and did it!

Did you see the tennis yesterday?  OMG wasn't it fabulous.  I was on the edge of my seat....but he only went and did it. 

It is your time Andy and enjoy it, what a great match from two great professional tennis players.
After my eldest spending a couple of years at a school in Dunblane, the area has fond memories for me. 
I'm sure not only Dunblane celebrated last night but the whole of Scotland and Britain.   So now the pressure is off I do hope he finds time to enjoy a well deserved rest.
My youngest boy did make me giggle mind.  About an hour into the match he walked past the TV and said "don't know why you're watching this mum I can tell you who wins!" 
As I try to explain to him that the match is playing now and that he can't possibly know who wins he turns and says....."look mum I'm telling you I've seen it before, Murray wins!"
LOL.  Spooky or what?
After the match he came downstairs and said "see I told you he would win!"
What can I say to that?

Back down to earth and boy isn't it warm and sunny.....I don't really know what to do with myself.  LOL.  Far too nice to do housework or ironing plus if I stood outside till I'd done all my ironing I'd come in with 3rd degree burns at least.  Yes, I've got a mountain of it again.
I ended up in work again yesterday, with holidays staff are low on the ground and I'm in again this evening to cover a late shift.  Maybe I should find a little craft time this afternoon?

Enjoy the sunshine whatever you have planned today.  I will hopefully be back tomorrow with something to share.  x

Saturday, July 06, 2013

It's a busy day in the crafting world!

Hi folks just a very quick post before I head into work this morning.  I'd like to wish Lesley all the very best with her demo today at The Papercrafts Boutique in Elgin.  You must pop and see her ladies as her work is fabulous.
Also today the ladies at The Papeterie are welcoming the wonderful Sue Wilson from Particraft.  She is lovely lady too and her work is also outstanding and even better in the flesh.

So ladies I will be thinking of you all having crafting fun whilst I'm beavering away at work.  I hope you have a super time and I look forwards to hearing all about it.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Oh no it's that time again.....end of term. Boo! Time to come up with a teachers gift or two!

Good afternoon folks thought I better post today before going near the tennis....maybe I'll save the ironing to do whilst watching later. 
So today's the day I've got about an hour and a half of peace left before the joy of the school summer holidays commence.  My two boys aren't keen in doing anything this year, if the weather is good they just want to be down dooking in the harbour, on the boat or at the beach and if the weather is bad at the local pool, cinema or on the dreaded x box. 
In previous years we've galloped around seeing family or insisted on taking them somewhere just to break up the long break but this year will be slightly different.  I have no time off work in the school holidays, it's a last in all school holidays have gone situation so it will mean us just popping off midweek if we do anything. 
I do sometimes wonder why we bother mind as one year we went to Edinburgh for a week and their favourite bit was getting home and going dooking! 
So why as parents to we feel the need?!  Especially when the kids aren't bothered.
It can be just as much fun with the good weather and a picnic or BBQ at the beach.

Anyway I'm going away at a tangent again, today I want to show you my youngest boys teachers gift and card.  This is the first year I haven't bothered making for my oldest, apparently it isn't the "thing" to do at secondary school, as he was boarding in a different school last year I was his family away from home.  Now he is back home, and enjoying really isn't the done thing!
Back to the youngest and the card.

Elaine and Tracey I thought of you two whilst making this card.  These two lovely ladies from my local crop love all things "owl" related and I am beginning to get it too.  Isn't this wee chap so cute and really quick and easy to make up with scraps.  Juls you'd be proud of me!
He is a Sizzix die and I can feel a felt moment coming on....he'd be great in material too.

To go with the card my youngest and I made some gingerbread cookies last night and I also made another dishcloth, not exciting I know but useful!  I do like things that are useful.

Here's a photo of it all packaged up ready to go to school this morning.

Now my blog might take a wee blip over the holidays dependant on what we do and what adventures we get up too.  It could also go the other way as they've both found the local skate park and are enjoying freedom and fresh air there too.  I can't knock it if they're out and about having fun with their does take some getting used.
I'm quite liking a bit more freedom  rather than the word "mum can I" frequently.
Some days I have to remind myself just to chillaxe and think back to when we were kids.  If we weren't out for the day somewhere or camping we'd be out till either
a.  It got dark.
b.  We were hungry.

Learning to let go a bit at a time!

Anyway that's all from me today, work in the morning and an early start again.  As for Sunday I don't know yet what we'll get up to but I am excited at the weather forecast.......folks we're in for more summer weather, whoop, whoop!
Have a super weekend whatever you have planned and I want to finish today by wishing two lovely crafty buds a
HAPPY BIRTHDAY....."JAN" and "KATE", I hope you both have a super birthday weekend.  x

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Come on the Murray!

Hi folks and no post from me yesterday as I got side tracked, whoops.  Who was to blame?  Well it was this chap of course.....

What a brilliant match.  I was on the edge of my seat.  So very sorry bloggers but watching the tennis distracted me after work and walking the dog.  I wasn't going to watch it but some how got hooked and I thought it was only the crochet hook that had my attention just now. 
Watching the tennis reminds me of when I was in the Navy, I applied to do the marshalling at Wimbledon whilst serving and was appointed to centre court!! 
Now I must explain I am not the biggest fan of tennis as I can't play it for toffee but I thought it would be a good life experience.  I was all ready to go down to London when I got a new posting in to a different base.  When I arrived at the base the main exercise I was involved in ran over the same period as the Wimbledon competition and so to cut a long story short I was banned from going!!
I always wonder what it would have been like but guess I'll never know.
Still that is not stopping me following Murray and wishing him all the very best for the up coming semi's.

I'm going to leave you today with a inspirational quote rather than a card as I have a long list of bespoke cards sat here waiting to be made and I better crack on.
The kids also break up from school tomorrow, where did that term go, so I better come up with a teachers gift and card too. in this house!
Enjoy your Thursday.  I'm off to try and be creative!  x

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

With Sympathy on a less is more theme.

Hi guys I did mention another late post today and this time it is another less is more card.
I have used a stamp from Papertrey ink again from the lovely Elaine.  I have kept to a simple colour combo of white and cream with it being a sympathy card.

Another busy day at work today with a little bit of everything under my belt.  Time now to crack on with tea then I've got a few bespoke orders to do.  I hope you are having a super Tuesday, the weather hasn't been great here today, it has been warm but cloudy with occasional rain, perfect weather for working and crafting.  Bring it on!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Horsing around....crafty style of course.

Back again late today and the reason this time? 
Well, this week I have picked up extra hours at work and I was in today and tomorrow and Wednesday but just for the mornings.  That should keep me out of mischief and away from my craft room.
Today I thought I'd share with you a recent very specific order for a card.  The brief was silver riding boots, hat and a crop, could I also add something relating to dogs too.  This is what I came up with....

I hunted around on line for something that would work with the brief but came up empty handed so these were all drawn/made by me. 
I think I covered everything....don't you?

That's all from me today.  I hope to get chance to post again tomorrow afternoon....I better get some creative ideas together then!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday...I'm away to do a Sunday lunch...on a Monday!