Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

I'm back. Hope you all had a great time over Christmas. Did you get to do any crafting? I didn't.

This was my new Christmas decoration for Karen this year, it has become a tradition that I make something new every year. I've been feeling a little traditional this year and have always loved my poinsettia's.

More to follow.....must catch up on the exciting jobs like washing and ironing....NOT!

I need to get in some crafting.....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am still here. Have been making quite a few cards here's just a few quick ones using clip art. Quick and easy for the teachers, as usual everything is last minute here. Still at least their getting homemade ones most other folk aren't.
My boys have made cards at school this year and had them printed to raise funds so they've bailed me out and taken over my roll of card making leaving me free to complete a few special cards and presents.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I wanted to share this with all you mom's out there. I have heard it before but thanks Jacqui for sending it....I bet most of it features in your daily ritual!

Had a great day yesterday at the Aberdeen Christmas crop. Lots of crafting, lunch out, home bakes and Secret Santa....a perfect day. Thanks to Dawn and Kara for organising it and for my lovely gifts (the icing on the cake!)...my name was drawn out of the hat and a got some super goodies. It is so not like me to be that lucky!

I'm still busy crafting away for anybody checking up on me but I'm not wanting to show any Christmas pressies just yet, so not to spoil the surprise. Happy Christmas crafting to all.
One last question for you all.....what was in/on your advent calendar today?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

At the weekend I was asked by a friend if I could do a class for the Moray Befriending voluntary service last night.
These are the two cards I came up with and the evening went very well with only 1 person in the class of 14 having made cards before. Karen we may now have a few more converts!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Can't wait to start my next project with my new toy.

And more?!
In between the larger layers I have enclosed a mini page of extra photos. Behind most photos I have also added tags so that my MIL can add her personal journalling of the day.

Do you want to see more?

Another crafty day arrives and here is what I've been playing with this week. It is my MIL's birthday at the weekend and I promised her photo's of our niece's Wedding this year. As usual I do everything last minute! Thought I'd make a word chip board book and use my new pink bind it all, an early Christmas present! I have used the Rusty Pickle papers "Princess Bride".

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So what do you think to the new look blog?
Let me know.......

And for today's card, I love this hitchedabellafella stamp. The request for this one was some tartan and a Scottish feel.

My Chrimbo pressie arrived today, the new pink bind it all. Do you think Santa will let me play with it.....I've been very good, I think!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just a quick card for my cousin who had a wee loon recently.
As my close crafting pals know I have a bit of a thing for tartan and gingham papers. I love the simplicity of the pale blue for baby cards and have used it loads in the past. When it comes to following trends....whoops, sorry.......I don't. Boring or stubborn?? You decide.
I know what I like, "nuff" said!
Happy crafting whatever you style.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm back.....Had good fun at Papercraft's Boutique on Saturday...is it really counted as working if you are sat crafting all day?! My husband probably doesn't think so. Here are the tree's that I had amongst other things on my display.
I also had a go at a Jacob's ladder and I so like them, I might have to make some for Christmas presents, if I have time.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween "trick or treat"!

Here's my new addition this year decorations using Heidi Grace Halloween papers. My boy's are so excited about tonight's plans and have been winding themselves up all week. Pumpkins were duly carved last night and costumes sorted. They wanted to be Black Ninjas which is going to be really affective in the dark!! Isn't that why Ninjas wear black and balaclavas? Better go and sort goodie bags and cookies out.....plus I'm demo'ing at Papercraft's Boutique tomorrow so better find out what I'm going to do.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hurrah the kids are back at school, back to the routine and more time to craft!
This is a LO I did at Beckie Dreyer's class last month at Papercraft's Boutique in Elgin using the Basic Grey Ambrosia papers. Thanks for the class Beckie I had a great evening and loved the challenge. Hope you like my twist on the original!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just back from some time away with the family and thought I would share my recent entry for the Indigo Moon competition on UKS. The challenge was to use paint, and at least 3 different fonts.
I loved having a go at this and have been waiting to use these pics for so long. My youngest has always had a thing about buckets, and when really little would walk around with a bucket on his head all day. On this particular day in the summer is was really hot and managed to catch him trying to cool off!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So today I've been fiddling with my blog....still lots to do, bit like a work in progress.
What do you think?
Photo's of more recent work to follow as I'm fancying new slide shows....wish me luck!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here's another one!
This is a card for my Aunty for next week, guess how old she will be!!! (Answers on a post card to.........)
I'm now away to make some muffins for a crafter's coven @ Papercraft Boutique in Elgin later today (that's what my DH calls a meeting off like minded crafting ladies wot lunch!) The cheek of it!
Better spend some money so it will hit him where it hurts, purely as punishment, don't you know!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's hope my dad doesn't check out my blog this weekend!
Here's this years card.
Thanks to Beckie for the instructions to make the 3D card, I really enjoyed it.
HAPPY 40th Marlene....have a fabulous day and enjoy being pampered.
Looking forwards to a visit to Papercraft Boutique in Elgin tomorrow as they've got another demo day on, hope all goes well Karen. Can't wait so see what "trimcraft" goodies will be used.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Have you seen what Marlene is doing for her 40th birthday?
Take a lookie.....how lovely is that and how generous. http://mar1ene.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/birthday-blog-candy/#comments

And how do you fancy entering the Sugar Nellie topper swap?
Go on you know you want to!
There is only 1 space left....be quick.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I expressed an interest at having a go at waterfall cards to Karen at Papercraft's Boutique in Elgin to which she said she had just the thing. Here's my attempt.

Instructions can be found at www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/waterfallcard.php

Give it a go too.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've got a question for all you crafter's out there....are you bad at sending your own handmade cards?

It was my parents Wedding Anniversary last week and that's me just made a card, how bad is that? Still I enjoyed doing something a bit different and having just come back from touring around Europe...I thought I'd give it a European theme.

Now having spent all day yesterday crafting do you think it would be cheeky to finish work I started?

Better try and get some jobs done first.....and catch up with my boys who are having a whale of a time with the new Lego Batman game on the Wii as we speak.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whey hey what a great day I've had, first a crop at Fraserburgh and then a crafting group in Elgin. My idea of heaven!

Here is the LO that I have done for the week 4 September challenge on UKS, set by Ruby snippers. The challenge was to use some scraps, a pic of someone sleeping, a heart and stamped image. I have to admit to using big scraps but only because I had recently used this paper to make some cards and this was what I had left over. As for the wee man, he'd had a very tiring day over new year, and although you can see his gun in is holster ready for an imminent attack, tiredness got to him first and he slept where he collapsed! Great challenge, I really enjoyed this one.

Friday, September 26, 2008


One of my team mates on UKS is hosting a cup card swap for Christmas....so I thought why not join in. I don't usually get involved in swaps just because I don't always have the time or you could say I'm lazy on an evening, whatever you prefer. Anyway I've now spoilt the surprise for all in my group by showing what I've done. I have sent my orange muffin recipe, as they seem to be a favourite when made. I was going to do them on bright orange papers, as I thought no one else would use ORANGE! But then re thought and have gone Christmassie instead, after all it is a Christmas cupcake swap. I do hope the other girls in my group like them and can't wait to see what I'll get back soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another day in the world of a crafter and more cards. 1 for a lady who loves to shop and another for a keen skier.

I've actually started a couple of LO's for this week and this months challenges on UKS so I will keep you updated. If I succeed that will be 3 LO's this year, a record!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Afternoon all

Over the years I've had a few strange requests for cards and this one is no exception. The request was for a pork chop and crumpet to feature on the card and a little tartan as it was going south. The card doubling up for a birthday and wedding anniversary as both on the same day, which explains the brackets, as under the table is a birthday greeting one side and a wedding anniversary the other. This also follows inside the card with a verse either side for each occasion. My customer was "well" pleased with the card and has said there will be lots of explaining to do when the recipient gets it!!! Mind boggles!

Monday, September 08, 2008

So what have I been up to of late....well last weekend we had a trip to Devon for our nieces wedding....so not much crafting done there!

Busy just now organising a couple of Christmas card classes at Papercrafts Boutique in Elgin, 20th September @ 1 and 3 p.m.

The above cards are just a few of recent bespoke requests for you to see.

Happy crafting all!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got a bit of a theme going today, must be the wet weather, tartan here we come. This was a request for a Scottish 21st card, I do hope she likes.

The excitement in my house today was all related to my roll as "Widow Twanky!" Having lost my tumble drying at the beginning of the school holidays my washing machine, feeling lonely, decided to give up the ghost yesterday depositing water everywhere. So I have a new baby arriving Saturday to play with. Sad I know, when that is the highlight of my week, what can I say, I have an exciting life!

And the weather today has been wet,wet, wet, great name for a band?!

My other half asked for a card for the cleaner at work that is into scrapbooking so I thought I'd add a wee Scottish feel.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Look what was feasting in our garden this morning. The boys loved all the blood and guts, feathers or fur flying about.
Must be a boy thing.
We could do with it full time as the seagulls went very quiet! I think it is a sparrowhawk but then I'm not great on my "birdies".
If you think I'm wrong please let me know.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I was chatting to another avid crafter the other day about the difference in card making, for yourself, for shops and for classes/display. I prefer the minimal look for my own cards but on occasion go over the top, mood dependant! For shops it's all about cost, cost, cost and time again less is more (as the say!). Then for display or teaching, more is definitely the order of the day, more techniques, more embellishments etc....etc...
What are you thoughts??
These cards are for my local shop.........hope you like.
I am also excited today as I have been invited to join the Glitter Gossips on UKS, I'm now on a team, so a big hi out to all my new teamies.
On that note I think that my blog is in need of a wee spruce, a late spring clean, so once I've got a couple of orders done......I'll be back...!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yippee I did some scrapping today, 1st this year.......really should speed up! I had Jo and her boys over today and we all played. The boys together and Jo and I scrapped. I really enjoy sitting down with a pal and doing some of my own scrap booking as usually I am plodding with card stock or orders.

With a side order of tea and muffins a great day was had by all.

As to my page, I had to tell this story from a couple of weeks ago before I forget. We were out walking early evening and my youngest ran up to me with some wild flowers and told me he loved me! (Not a regular occurance!) It was one of those moments you just have to bottle, as the paddies and tantrums happen far more often. Now I know the spelling of mama is incorrect but the way he says it the accent is on the rrrrr and it sounds as if he is so "posh", (where he gets that from I don't know!) so I have added it how he says it. The flowers have been pressed in "Great Grandma's flower press" inherited many years ago but never put to use until now. The rest of the flowers in the press are all those done by her many, many years ago...older than both my boys together, and there they will stay until I can think of something special to do with them.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Now I don't normally watch America's got talent, I craft whilst my hubby gets his fill. However I have to just mention this guy Terry, he won the competition. He is fantastic and if he isn't invited to next years Royal Variety show then I'll eat my hat!
A man doing a turtle, doing a frog - pure genius!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another day and another Sugar Nellie card for you.

I love this stamp as it reminds me of our beach and how much fun the kids and I have rock pooling in the summer, what will we find? Crabs, shrimps, fish...........starfish??!! Always a fun day out.
I've used the wire to simulate the seaweed.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Three posts in one day.......avoiding housework, not showing off!

Now a lot of my crafting buddy's have been published in magazines and it is something I have always aspired too. However with one slight drawback, see I've never actually got around to submitting anything - which helps!
Recently I was asked to provide an article to go into Craft Stamper using Sugar Nellie stamps - I jumped at the chance and here is my efforts. If you want to see it in print it is in the August issue out now, which is why I can now show you on here. I've used the Mayflower range of papers from Rusty Pickle which are great papers for that man in your life!
Many thanks to the team at Sugar Nellie for the opportunity.

This was the card I made for Karen yesterday to wish her all the best with her new craft premises. I used a stamp created by Elisabeth Bell - Sweet Art Ebony range called "Pickin apples Sugar Nellie" a relatively new range from www.funkykits.co.uk. I have had the stamp for a week or so and was looking forwards to playing - there is something very relaxing about colouring in no wonder we always encourage children to do it! The papers are from pebblesinc "loverly flower" range.

I got a phone call about 3 weeks ago off a pal I uses to work with years ago whilst still at home with my parents, we keep in touch with Christmas cards etc...but used to be closer back then. She had rang me to let me know that she was getting married in 2 weeks and I was so chuffed for her. Now I'm not going to tell you all her story as that is her prerogative but needless to say she has been through the mill for years and has had more situations thrown at her that most folk get in a life time. It is just great that she is now on the up again and has happiness, joy and love back in her life, long may it last Carol. You deserve it so much more than most.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Today it's the first day of August and in true British style it is pouring down with rain. However there is one glimmer of light, Karen opens the doors to her new craft shop today, which is going to be a must to visit. Hope all goes well today, Karen.

Recently I did a birth card for a new member of the Harley D. Geordie chapter, it was for a little girl. Here's the boy's version. I think it may be a wee while before he gets his 1st set of leathers!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

More vouchers for you this time for a hairdressers in Elgin. Not a great pic as I had the flash on but you get the general idea.
Today I want to send out a couple of messages for my friends:
Firstly to Pam who is having a rough time just now, I'm thinking of you, remain strong (I know you are). Here's hoping for much better things around the corner...meantime can I comfort you with a batch of orange muffins?!!***
Secondly I'd like to wish Karen all the very best in her new business premises, you are going from strength to strength and I think it is fab. Can't wait to visit.........
I would have loved to have come in to assist but with two loons in tow I think you are probably grateful I haven't.
In true Erika style how about a regular supply of muffins instead?
For those who don't know me that well you can see a trend in the above comments.
Anyone else for a muffin??!!*****
Which leads to another question for you, what is your favourite flavour of muffin??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I just keep coming back......

The gaps are getting wider when I post.

When we start a blog it gets regular updates....then......less and less, does this therefore mean we have a life??!! Or just can't be bothered? (Answers on a postcard to.....just leave a comment, but keep it clean, no smacking aloud!)

Anyway I have attached a pic of some recent vouchers that I have produced for a local beauticians in Elgin. The request was to keep them classy and simple and her colour scheme is silver and turquoise, as you can tell!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not only have I not posted for a while but I haven't even been taking many pics of what I've been making.
If anyone finds my lost marbles please return them soon, I miss them!
Last week I was asked my my biker mum to provide a couple of cards for a new addition to the Geordie Chapter, here's one of them.
I have also recently purchased some of the newer Sugar Nellie stamps from http://www.funkykits.co.uk/ and am looking forwards to having a play later in the holidays. I am going to play!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yet again I have been a bad blogger, it has been sometime since my last confession....!!

In my defence I have been busy with a couple of projects....more to be revealed at a later date....oooooh.
Other work I have been creating can be seen on the Sugar Nellie blog, the link is below. A few samples for Karen and her beautiful stamps, I really enjoyed playing with them, thanks Karen.

I'm also a year older since I last blogged.....funny as I don't feel any different!
My birthday treat from my husband was to go to Mr Rusty Pickle's, Lance, day scrapbooking organizes by Beckie at North Queensferry, near Edinburgh. It was a fab day out and great fun was had by all, I just can't wait to finish the projects, pics to follow but don't hold your breath, it may take a while!

Here are a couple of pics of cards I have made for a couple of special birthdays, still cracking on with my regular cards....but love making special ones, get to play a bit longer.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Maria, have a great day. I thought after you admired my bracelet earlier in the year that you might like one too. I hope you like it and have a great day.

Now I know you and my brother like minimal cards so this was my attempt this year.

It's very simple compared to the work I'm doing for Karen just now........you'll have to wait and see for that.........!

Karen can I just tell you that you are rubbing off on Tracy and I...tempting folk into what happens next without giving too much away....the "suspenders" are killing me!

Happy packing in them there busy Sugar mines. If you are not aware or connected to the Sugar Nellie stamp range a new batch came out this weekend "Maggie and Hamish" and they're lush, a few fell into my shopping basket and I can't wait to play. If you would like to see them the Sugar Nellie link is below. Like they need assistance from me!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's more..........................I always manage to do special cards for folk who ask but when I have one to do it is usually like a "bus mans holiday" and a last minute dash. Today, I am however a little better organised and this is for one of my hubbies relatives who will be reaching his big 60 shortly, Chris if you're looking close your eyes and I'll tell you when you can open them!

Forgive me "father" for I have sinned........it has been some time since I "blogged"!
In my defence we have been visiting family over the school holidays and having fun with the kids. But I have also been crafting, a little.
My second sin is not to have taken pics for you to see, which is not the norm, but here are a few special orders completed recently.

Monday, March 24, 2008

What a day today and first I must say brrrrrrrrrr!
How cold has it been today?
Trying desperately to snow but all that salty sea air must be keeping it at bay.
Today my youngest had a birthday party so it was either sit and enjoy making a card or housework. Well as you can see hw wins every time NOT!
I love the Tilda stamps and seem to have gone backwards unlike most other folk on UKS I started with Sugar Nellies and then have gone onto Magnolia's. I think most folk have done it the other way round. This stamp so looks like the little girl who's party it is today so I hope her mum likes it.
As for the cold, wouldn't you say a perfect opportunity to stay warm and wrapped up in the hoose with a cup tea, Easter egg, puter and let's craft, craft, craft!
I'm in heaven!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What more bunny poop!
It's official, I've been overrun with bunny poop, want to share??
I made the bunny's for the school craft fair at the weekend on my new baby "CE", it's fab and great to play with!

The new Sugar Nellies are out and are faberoonie, got a couple to play with and a couple more, it is hard to resist!
Can't wait to have a play.