Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got a bit of a theme going today, must be the wet weather, tartan here we come. This was a request for a Scottish 21st card, I do hope she likes.

The excitement in my house today was all related to my roll as "Widow Twanky!" Having lost my tumble drying at the beginning of the school holidays my washing machine, feeling lonely, decided to give up the ghost yesterday depositing water everywhere. So I have a new baby arriving Saturday to play with. Sad I know, when that is the highlight of my week, what can I say, I have an exciting life!

And the weather today has been wet,wet, wet, great name for a band?!

My other half asked for a card for the cleaner at work that is into scrapbooking so I thought I'd add a wee Scottish feel.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Look what was feasting in our garden this morning. The boys loved all the blood and guts, feathers or fur flying about.
Must be a boy thing.
We could do with it full time as the seagulls went very quiet! I think it is a sparrowhawk but then I'm not great on my "birdies".
If you think I'm wrong please let me know.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I was chatting to another avid crafter the other day about the difference in card making, for yourself, for shops and for classes/display. I prefer the minimal look for my own cards but on occasion go over the top, mood dependant! For shops it's all about cost, cost, cost and time again less is more (as the say!). Then for display or teaching, more is definitely the order of the day, more techniques, more embellishments etc....etc...
What are you thoughts??
These cards are for my local shop.........hope you like.
I am also excited today as I have been invited to join the Glitter Gossips on UKS, I'm now on a team, so a big hi out to all my new teamies.
On that note I think that my blog is in need of a wee spruce, a late spring clean, so once I've got a couple of orders done......I'll be back...!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yippee I did some scrapping today, 1st this year.......really should speed up! I had Jo and her boys over today and we all played. The boys together and Jo and I scrapped. I really enjoy sitting down with a pal and doing some of my own scrap booking as usually I am plodding with card stock or orders.

With a side order of tea and muffins a great day was had by all.

As to my page, I had to tell this story from a couple of weeks ago before I forget. We were out walking early evening and my youngest ran up to me with some wild flowers and told me he loved me! (Not a regular occurance!) It was one of those moments you just have to bottle, as the paddies and tantrums happen far more often. Now I know the spelling of mama is incorrect but the way he says it the accent is on the rrrrr and it sounds as if he is so "posh", (where he gets that from I don't know!) so I have added it how he says it. The flowers have been pressed in "Great Grandma's flower press" inherited many years ago but never put to use until now. The rest of the flowers in the press are all those done by her many, many years ago...older than both my boys together, and there they will stay until I can think of something special to do with them.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Now I don't normally watch America's got talent, I craft whilst my hubby gets his fill. However I have to just mention this guy Terry, he won the competition. He is fantastic and if he isn't invited to next years Royal Variety show then I'll eat my hat!
A man doing a turtle, doing a frog - pure genius!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another day and another Sugar Nellie card for you.

I love this stamp as it reminds me of our beach and how much fun the kids and I have rock pooling in the summer, what will we find? Crabs, shrimps, fish...........starfish??!! Always a fun day out.
I've used the wire to simulate the seaweed.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Three posts in one day.......avoiding housework, not showing off!

Now a lot of my crafting buddy's have been published in magazines and it is something I have always aspired too. However with one slight drawback, see I've never actually got around to submitting anything - which helps!
Recently I was asked to provide an article to go into Craft Stamper using Sugar Nellie stamps - I jumped at the chance and here is my efforts. If you want to see it in print it is in the August issue out now, which is why I can now show you on here. I've used the Mayflower range of papers from Rusty Pickle which are great papers for that man in your life!
Many thanks to the team at Sugar Nellie for the opportunity.

This was the card I made for Karen yesterday to wish her all the best with her new craft premises. I used a stamp created by Elisabeth Bell - Sweet Art Ebony range called "Pickin apples Sugar Nellie" a relatively new range from I have had the stamp for a week or so and was looking forwards to playing - there is something very relaxing about colouring in no wonder we always encourage children to do it! The papers are from pebblesinc "loverly flower" range.

I got a phone call about 3 weeks ago off a pal I uses to work with years ago whilst still at home with my parents, we keep in touch with Christmas cards etc...but used to be closer back then. She had rang me to let me know that she was getting married in 2 weeks and I was so chuffed for her. Now I'm not going to tell you all her story as that is her prerogative but needless to say she has been through the mill for years and has had more situations thrown at her that most folk get in a life time. It is just great that she is now on the up again and has happiness, joy and love back in her life, long may it last Carol. You deserve it so much more than most.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Today it's the first day of August and in true British style it is pouring down with rain. However there is one glimmer of light, Karen opens the doors to her new craft shop today, which is going to be a must to visit. Hope all goes well today, Karen.

Recently I did a birth card for a new member of the Harley D. Geordie chapter, it was for a little girl. Here's the boy's version. I think it may be a wee while before he gets his 1st set of leathers!