Friday, February 28, 2014

So when would you celebrate?

It's Friday again, nearly time for the weekend.  Both hubby and I are working this weekend, him during the night me during the day.  Ships that pass!
A wee challenge for you today, do you know where this is.....

Eighteen years ago, not today and not tomorrow I married my hubby in this cute little chapel.
Maybe if I said I have been married for 18 years but have only had 4 real Anniversaries, you might understand better?!

We had planned a nice lunch out today to celebrate but I've got both kids off feeling unwell....what is going on just now?  I've packed them both off to bed, no TV, no machines, Ipods, Ipads or Xboxes.  There hasn't been much grumbling so maybe they don't feel great?
I'd make a great nurse......NOT!
Hubby did his usual "lets just do lunch and not bother with anything else."  
I don't have a problem with this as we are getting quite a lot of things for the kitchen just now, but look what he came home with after walking the dog this morning.

I love Spring flowers especially freesias.  Aren't they just lovely?

Oh well I better go and make lunch for the invalids.....more from me soon.  
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are up to.  
I'm in work Saturday and Sunday this week, plus I've got a crafty meet too....depending on the sickies.  
It should be a busy one.  x

Thursday, February 27, 2014

No crafting in sight but lots of decisions to make instead...but why?

Afternoon all, missed a post again yesterday.
I was out shopping for my kitchen bits.  I finally decided on slate effect flooring and oak effect work tops.  I would have liked real slate and oak but as we may not be here in a couple of years, this refurbishment is about tidying the place up.
I've also been told that as we have a suspended floor, slate is not a good idea as it will move.
My units were made by hand as the previous owner was a chippy.  It therefore seems such a shame to take them out.  Plus is it not trendy just now to reuse and recycle?
I did have pictures to show you but the Internet says no!  Boo, hiss.

I haven't picked up my crochet since earlier in the week but I have picked out my next couple of projects, Spring bunting and some boot warmers.
Watch this space.
The ball is also rolling for my next material project and using the lovely cotton beach quarter....if only I could find my red bias binding which appears to be in the loft.  Argh, it might be easier to buy some more, how sad is that?

Today I have decided to show you a scrapbook page that I made ages ago but I saw it the other day and it did make me smile.  This is from a 6" album that I really should add too.  The original idea was a monthly challenge set by Karen with a Scottish word.  The layout had to include the Scottish word, the meaning and a relevant photograph.  I really did enjoy this challenge and would love to continue and finish the album.  Another PhD in crafting required!

I think you can gather the meaning of the word "sicht"....what a sight!  
Somebody still likes chocolate puddings to this day.  
Little ones that get covered in food always make me smile....saving a wee bit for later or having trouble finding their mouths?  
You decide.  
As it is a Scottish album I decided to go neutral and tartan.  Keeping it simple..

I've also done quite a bit of reading lately finishing off this group of books......

I do like a detective story rather than a chick lit book.  These are a light read and I do like to try and solve the crime before I get to the end.  
I don't always manage it but it's fun trying.

That's all from me today, back tomorrow with more.  x

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I promise that I will do my best!

Morning, and what a lovely morning it is.  We have clear blue skies and the sun is shining.  It's still a tad cold but it's dry and sunny, which is great for this time of year.  We have been so lucky when you look at other areas of the country.

Today I am sharing a card that I made for the local Guides group.  I distantly remember being a Girl Guide, and competing for an arm full of badges.
I decided to keep the card simple by framing the Guiding symbol with my Spellbinder dies and adding a wee bit of bling and ribbon.

Congratulations to Jenna on gaining your award.  Well done.  I hope you like your card from all the Guides.

Back to today and I had the joy of taking my youngest for tests this morning as he hasn't been great for a wee while now.  He has never liked needles but was very brave.  Apparently it hurt a lot more than I said it would.  What a bad mummy!  
I didn't like packing him back off to school when he was feeling sore, bless.
I had planned to pop into town and order my new worktops and sink for the kitchen today but I've promised him a home lunch instead.....that will keep for another day.

Back to housework and jobs for me then today and maybe a little baking later, although it really isn't great for the waist line....I can feel my clothes tighten as we speak....might have to get back on track with my healthy eating instead, boo hiss.

Last night after settling in front of the fire for the evening I picked up my crochet hook and decided to have a wee play with some different patterns.
Dare I admit I ended up one frustrated hooker!  First I was gaining stitches then I was loosing them....bring back dishcloths!
I ended up pulling everything out and putting it down, bar humbug.
I will not be beaten but best to try again another day.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best this Tuesday.....happy crafting!

Monday, February 24, 2014

My sewing bee moment.....patchwork style.

Afternoon all, how are you?  Did you have a good weekend?
I had a good day at work Saturday with a chill out evening in front of the box with the rugby, The Voice and the return of Ant and Dec.  Sad but true.  Followed by a very chilled out Sunday, reading, walking and dinner out.  Not very exciting to share but very relaxing.
Today I've been teaching on a one to one basis locally working with paper and card....which is unusual at the moment as I seem to be using every medium but at home.  I certainly enjoyed my day and it reminded me of something Ken said on Facebook last week about went along the lines of sharing a craft is what is great about it.  The joy of seeing another person enjoying crafting and the rewards it brings, to me is what life is all about.  I'd like to say sharing the love but it would be more apt to say sharing the obsession!  (My crafting buddies know exactly what I mean, don't you?!)
Nowadays far to much time is spent busy working and running around after family, making ends meet etc.....usually through necessity...sometimes we forget to make time for fun, time to do something we enjoy.  Everyone needs just a little bit of fun time and crafting with friends is so much better than doing it alone.

Talking about crafting with friends, here is the cushion I made last week when Irene came over to craft.

The front.

The back.

I love this effect too.  You layer up 3 extra squares of material and sewing in intervals then cut with scissors between the stitching.  It gives a chenille effect.

Can you believe I took all the photographs at the same time and look at the difference of the colours....mmm the cushion is teal blue and cream.

That's all from me today, I'll be back tomorrow with more crafty makes....what will it be?!
Enjoy the coming week and make time to do something you enjoy.  x 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Everyone is creative.

This is for everyone who tells me that they're not creative.

Refuse to give up your crayons and have fun this Sunday.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

How about some crafty initiative this Saturday?

I saw this on Facebook last week and just had to share it.  Hopefully it will make you giggle like it did me....

Ladies and gentlemen you know what to do now in order to have the weekend free to craft....get those Get Well cards made and up on the mantel.
Put down the dusters, washing, ironing and step away from the hoover etc....
Then craft to your hearts delight!

You heard it here first.  ;)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Is the Great British Sewing Bee rubbing off on you too?

Afternoon all, it's Friday again and it will soon be time for the weekend, which means working for me and maybe some fun crafting for you?
Yesterday I had a busy day crafting, whoop, whoop, which is why, unfortunately I didn't get around to posting on here.  Move over the Great British Sewing Bee the machine is out!

Now I had two or three projects to make with my machine.  The first was to complete a second patchwork cushion for my front room, I bought the material ages ago so it was about time I got it started and finished. Another project off the to do list!  :)
I have my cushions to do for my crochet covers too plus a Tilda Santa.
My pal Irene also very kindly brought me a desk tidy cut out ready to make up, in just my favourite colour! 
Can't wait to make that.

Irene and I had a lovely day, stopping for lunch and cake! 
I managed to finish my patchwork cushion which is now in the washing machine to finish off the whole effect, I will show you soon.  For those who have followed my blog over the last couple of years, you will have seen my earlier cushion.  
It was certainly more fun than sewing alone, we did have a giggle or too and it was also a good opportunity for me to get back into the rhyme of using my machine which did need a good dusting down.  Irene could keep me in check!  (Or try to.)

After our day sewing we had a trip over to Varis craft shop in Forres as there was a special event on last night.  I bought some lovely embellishments and ribbons and these...........for another wee project.

I couldn't resist this beachy material, just FAB.  I have big plans for this little project, I guess it's another watch this space for now.
I'm itching to get started but today I have another card order to finish and uniform to iron before the kids finish school for the weekend.  Yippee!
Have a good one, catch you again very soon.  x

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All things makeover continues.

Afternoon all, no post again yesterday, a busy little bee cracking on with things here.  Catching up after half term.
Did you watch the Sewing bee last night?
Oh I love that program.  It really makes you want to dust down that sewing machine and get making, don't you think?
That is exactly what I am planning tomorrow as I am getting together with my friend Irene and our sewing machines, I wonder what we'll be making?
Watch this space....

Back to today and I thought I'd update you on the kitchen front.   Progress has been slow but that is mainly due to the fact we have just done a little bit each week or when hubby has been on days off.  Nearly at the stage of new work tops and flooring now and I've picked out a new sink and taps.
I've also seen something a little different I want to put up on my wall instead of the usual cupboards....but more of that another time, as if I do, it will take a month to arrive...plenty of time to share!
Here are the finished cupboards....

I'd be interested to hear what flooring and worktops you would go for.  I have a suspended floor so can't have tiles (so hubby says!) which limits what I can have.  I know what I'd like....lets see if you agree.

Here is my wallpaper....

It's duck egg blue although with the light today it has more of a silvery/lilac feel.  Trust me it's blue!
I think I told you the tale of this wallpaper.  
I was in our local DIY store looking when I got a phone call from my PI boss to say hi.  I was about to say I'd ring her back later as I was out and about when I heard a man's strange.  
It was none other than the lovely Ken Oliver from Spellbinders who was over in the UK to do some demonstrations and classes.  We had a lovely chat whilst I looked at this paper, very surreal, so I told him I just had to have it....fate and all that!  
So Ken if you happen to see this the wallpaper is up.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best this Wednesday, beautiful blue skies up here, it is almost Spring like, fingers crossed.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  x

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall! A little upcycling going on.

Good morning all.  How the devil are you today?

I am thinking today of all my crafty pals down at the SECC in Birmingham for the Stitches show.  All the new crafty releases on show with classes and demonstrations.
It's a super time to catch up with folk and all the crafty gossip.
I did look at last minute flights to get down there, ouch is all I'm going to say!
I couldn't have gone today anyway as hubby is on a 12 hour shift and the kids are off school, it being the last day of their half term holidays.

What have I been up to over the weekend?

I had a good morning at work Saturday followed by lunch out with the family in Elgin and a potter around town....all things kitchen!
We're getting there slowly but surely.
As for my mirror that is finished (Sunday's job).
I've now just got to decide where to hang it.  (A close up)

Think shabby chic!  
Or that is what I was aiming for.  I've used Anne Sloan chalk paint and wax.  I think I might be converted!
The whole mirror.....must apologise for the photo as I was trying not to be in it but the dog well she just wouldn't move.

Not the best picture to see the finished article but hopefully with the close up you'll get the idea.

Back to today and with the kids at home I'm rattling on with the housework plus getting them ready to go back to school tomorrow, homework and uniforms etc... In the hope that later in the week I'll get some crafty time. I have some cards I need to make for orders and my cushions to finish...material, thread and zip at the ready, just need to dust my sewing machine down.  
Talking of sewing I see the Sewing Bee is coming back tomorrow night, can't wait, will you be watching?

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the coming week.  Have fun!  x

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's day.

Good evening all....I've sneaked on to the computer before going to the kitchen to cook my M & S Valentine meal for hubby.  Scallops then steak, nomm, nomm.  Looking forwards to it.  Better not be too long!
Hubby did make me smile last night as I got a bouquet of flowers....he went out late last night and made out he'd found them on the mysterious admire, eh?!
As if!
Just him trying to pull a fast one.

Today I had my boys off school again for half term and we went to watch the Lego movie.  I giggled all the way through it, great film and not at all what I expected.  Followed by lunch out and a fun afternoon the only downside being not much crafting time, boo, hiss.
As I haven't had chance to make anything today I thought I'd share a calender I made a while ago of my it has hearts on keep with the theme of the day.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for this evening and the coming weekend, work on the cards for me tomorrow...and then we'll just have to see what else happens.  Have a good one.  x

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Clean and simples all the way.

Afternoon folks and it's another clean and simple day today.  The card I'm showing today is another provocraft die and kept again to the minimum.

Or should I say "baa" to following trends and doing my own thing?!

Today has not been a very exciting day with another appointment with my ironing board.  The boys are also off for half term so a lazy day all round.  
The weather has finally hit us here and it has been wet, cold and windy all day....the perfect day for the fire on and a good film, maybe a little crafting!

Remember I mentioned my mirror.....

I've started my shabby chic transformation....

What will it look like next?!
I'm enjoying this finishing projects.  I'll get my PhD yet!
I'm away to start the next part of this project so I'll catch up with you again tomorrow.  Before I leave the chocolate orange muffins went down a treat yesterday, all were gone by tea time.  
Baking never lasts in this house.

A mega dose of chocolate orange with the cake, then icing and chocolate orange sticks....mmmmmm!
Far to rich to have more than kids would disagree!

More from me tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Thursday.  x

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little Valentine treat, clean and simples!

I was going to type "morning" but on looking at the clock it's afternoon already....where did the morning go?
Today I have been baking in the kitchen trying out a couple of new recipes with a view to taking some into work tomorrow.  Before I show you my first batch I thought I'd share another very clean and simple card using a Provocraft die.

How minimal is that?  
I am loving this style just now but I've mentioned that already haven't I?!

Moving on yesterday I started to alter a mirror that I bought at the auctions last year, more on that tomorrow but it's looking good so far.  I plan on finishing that later today or at least getting the next layer done.

Back to today and a friend of mine gave me some culinary lavender to bake with and a recipe for biscuits and scones.  I have sat admiring the little glass jar for a while now so today as per my PhD (see yesterdays post) I set to work making biscuits.  I wanted to do more of a shortbread recipe so have adapted a Marie Berry recipe from on line and added the lavender.
Here are the results....

I'd like to get them a little shorter in consistency so batch 2 have just gone it.  Mind you having tried a few too many I do think they taste good enough to eat!
The proof will be with my I tell them there's lavender in after or before they try them?  LOL.

On the subject of the weather I still can't believe that the flooding just appears to get worse each day down south.  When will it stop?
Friends from the Glasgow area told me they'd had a lot of snow yesterday too.
Guess I'm thankful for where I live this was the view on my morning walk.

Yes it's cold but it's dry and sunny, perfect for a brisk walk on the beach to wake you up on a morning.
It's most unusual for us to have good weather when the rest of the country isn't.  
Fingers crossed we're not next but my thoughts go out to those who have been affected.  x

Right that's batch 2 ready, next on the list flapjack and muffins....bang goes my healthy eating today!
Enjoy your "hump" day and happy crafting!  x

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How about a wee dram this Valentine's day?

So I don't really do mushy cards, unless I'm asked to...pass the bucket is usually my response to all the romantic goings on at this time of the year. 
To then have hubby say.....are we doing Valentine's day this year?
Really it does make me smile...if you have to ask, why bother?! 
Random acts of kindness are much more appreciated than feeling pushed into the whole affair.  Isn't that true ladies?
The odd small bouquet of flowers anytime of the year, nothing big, personally I love Spring flowers, freesias, tulips and daffodils or white lillies, always classy. 
You can keep all your roses thank you very much.  Over priced and never last long especially at this time of year.
Chocolates...I'd rather not, all that weight would just jump back on my tummy as I would HAVE to eat them.  Can't waste good sweets!
Top tips to men of crafty girls.....How about some nice wool or a crochet book?  A crafty you're talking!
The big gestures, because you can boys are not what us ladies like, I'd rather have tea made or have a IOU on the housework or ironing that would be much more appreciated.
Is it just me?
Am I just a cheap date?!  Lol.  I'd love to hear what you think.

On the Valentine theme and not mushy at all here is one of the CAS cards I have come up with, basically because I think it would be well received here.

The heart is a Sizzix die and the wee bottle has the proper stuff in it too.  Clean and simple, just as I prefer now. 
"Darling I've got you a bottle of whiskey for Valentine's Day!"  :)
Tee, hee.  Lets hope he sees the funny side.

Moving on, remember that I mentioned earlier in one of my posts that this year I am intent on finishing projects that I have either promised to folk or started?
Well I saw this earlier today and it hit the nail on the head.

It is make me smile so share it I must in the hope you do too.  A PhD in crafting eh?  Don't mind if I do, thank you.

Time is cracking on folks, I have my food shopping done, just in case we do get the snow that is forecast today.  At present dare I say we have a bright blue sky and the sun is out, although it is cold.  We have been so lucky with the weather up here in the north especially when you see what is going on in the south of England.  It's usually us that gets all the rain and bad weather. 
Still I do feel for all that are flooded and I hope the rain eases soon, what a nightmare for them.  It just seems to be never ending.

More from me tomorrow, take care and happy crafting!  x

Monday, February 10, 2014

A charming day for a bit of bead work.

Morning all, did you have a good weekend?
I had a good day at work on Saturday, busy as always but not manic which was good. 
Then it was time for the Calcutta cup and a bit of banter with friends!

Yesterday I had a quiet day catching up on some washing, reading and crocheting, the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Today I wanted to share with you a wee gift I made for one of the girls at work who had a special birthday recently.  It's a handbag charm.  I started to make it with neutral colours so it would go with anything but I have these lovely green beads which are near the colour of our uniform, so I thought they were quite apt.

I do hope she likes it.

Plans for today, it should be boring housework but I've decided to have a day of card making, my home stock is very low and I have had a couple of requests to sort.
I need to get my card mojo back into fully operational mode.  It has been sometime since I've sat card making...will I have forgotten what to do?!  LOL.

Finally as I am close to finishing the crocheted part of my cushions I saw this today and smiled so I thought I'd share it with you all before I go away and craft.  Enjoy your Monday.  x

If you insist!  ;)

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Hooking love this Valentine!

Morning all, I missed a post yesterday, whoops....had a bit going on.  An appointment first thing which I can share more on later and then a whole day of excitement with my iron and just had to be done.
In the evening I managed to get my heart bunting finished.  I had originally started it with cotton yarn and a 3 hook but changed my mind, as us girls can, and used pure wool and a 5 hook.  This made for slightly bigger hearts but I found it a lot less fiddly to crochet.

I have used teal, red and cream for my combination as they're my favourite colours.  Here's a picture of it up on my mirror...all ready for Valentines Day next week.

Not the best of photographs....I was trying not to get myself in it!  LOL. Difficult with mirrors!
If you would like details of the pattern you can catch the link in my earlier post here.  With thanks again to Happy Berry for sharing her pattern.  x

What have you got planned today?
I have one of my boys off again today....I don't know what it is about this time of year but it seems to be one thing after another just now.  Still he seems to be a bit brighter than he was first thing.  
I have some Valentine card ideas I'm wanting to have a go at, the usual jobs and maybe even some baking today or tomorrow.  It only remains for me to wish you all the best this Thursday.
I thought I'd leave you with made me smile!

And some times neither do I!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A little something for you to hang onto....scrap booking home furnishing style!

Good morning all and today I have a little something to share with you that my mum asked me to make ages ago for her friend.
I have to admit if I am given a deadline, I work to it no problem but if someone just says, "oh can you make me one", I tend to be really bad at sitting down and cracking on with it.
This year I plan to try and get a few of these type of projects done and dusted....that's the plan anyway.

This wall hanging is to place photographs on.  I do give a circle template with it for the recipient to cut photos to size before placing on the wall.
On the reverse of the acrylic behind the black paper there is lined paper so that you can also write a little about the photograph on the front.

I would have liked not to use my flash with this photograph but it is so dark in the house this afternoon.  I think you can get the general idea even with my flash spot!  
The paper is g.c.d Paris nights and the acrylic mini book is by Papermania. The heart die cut is by Sizzix, with ribbon and embellishments from my stash.  I have used a swirl stamp and bling on the acrylic pages too.

Today I plan on making a few Valentine cards for my local shop...last minute as always.  
I hope you have a super day.  x

Monday, February 03, 2014

Hook, yarn and slicker! More crocheting exploits....

Morning all and I hope you all had a super weekend?
Another Monday morning and we're in to did that happen?
January has gone so quickly, don't you agree? 
Lots of rain and high tides over the weekend but today's walk on the beach was lovely, if only the black cloud would disappear, it would be beautiful outside....for this time of year.

Today I am sharing the back of my cushions I have been working on.  On Friday whilst out with Irene I picked up my material, zips and threads to make up the inside of my cushions.  I might finish a project yet!!
Shock, horror, I normal only finish things that I make for others.

I did share this on Facebook recently but thought it might make you smile too.  Especially as it is Monday!
Are you guilty of this?

You can't beat a bit of procraftinating!
I plan to do just that for a couple of hours before getting on with the ironing.
Catch you all tomorrow with some more crafty exploits.