Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bespoke time, poppies ahoy.

Good morning all?
How are you today?
Is the weather looking good where you are?
It is warm and sunny here although we still have quite a few clouds, to spoil the view, as the song goes.
Yesterday I didn't get half of what I had intended on doing so my list has carried forwards to today.  I don't know why nearing the end of school term it gets like this but I guess the visits to the school for various, teachers gifts and cards all add to the fun and games.  Today it is the P7 leavers service, I shall only be going if I get done what I need to this morning.  My boy isn't leaving yet and I always think it is primarily for the parents of children who are going up to secondary school next term.

Before I share my crafty goings on today I thought I'd share these beauties in my garden with you.
They're huge.

I love my big poppies in the garden.  I must try and keep more seeds this year and see if I can get more to grow.  You can't grasp the size of these but if I said they're the size of a small child's football.
They're just stunning.

Back to crafting and this next card I was asked to use a couple of photographs on.  The quality of the photos were not the best but I was asked not to reproduce them and just to use the originals.  I stuck to a navy theme as that was the main colour that came through with both pictures, then girled it up with a little bling and ribbon, with a wee keepsake charm to remove as a reminder.

Inside the card I was asked to add a list of things that she had wanted to change about herself when she was a child.  Something for her to look back on and have a wee smile about.  How lovely that her Dad remembered too.
Susan I hope you have a super 40th, don't worry it isn't as painful as you might think!

That's all from me today, I better crack on with things as the day will just zoom by.  Have a lovely Tuesday and enjoy the sunshine.
Sunshine for Wimbledon, whatever next!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Not at all prickly, hooking style of course. A taste of Scotland.

Good afternoon, hang on a minute, where has my morning gone?
Or as my kids would say, "there was my morning, gone!"

In my defence, the dog has had a lovely walk, although the weather is not as wonderful as forecast.  It is warm and dry but very cloudy, however it really looks like at any moment a good downpour of rain will come.  Washing in or washing out that is the question?
The decisions I have to make!

Hasn't the news been terrible over the last few days, those poor people in Tunisia, France and Kuwait.
What is happening to the world, do we never learn?
Throughout history the human race just keep making the same mistakes over and over.
Oh to leave in peace and harmony!
My thoughts go out to those affected by the recent events, walking on our beach alone with the dog this morning really made me feel for them especially the people holidaying in Tunisia, half naked running for cover not knowing what on earth was going on.

Back to my little world....I've also been baking this morning, oh, how I love to help my waistline!
I have millionaire's shortbread cooling in the fridge as we speak.  Hopefully it will have set by the time my wee man comes home for lunch.  A wee treat!
This week I have a few card orders to get on top of before the children break up for the summer on Thursday.  I also have a couple of teachers gifts I'd like to make.  I was playing over the weekend with this....

 A thistle.
One of my son's teachers is Egyptian and has just been at the school for a year so I thought a little touch of Scotland would make a good end of term gift.  I think I might try it on a slightly smaller hook, it is about 3 1/2" long.
I found the pattern on the wonderful Pinterest, thanks Receita for sharing.

That's all from me today, this week in my world it is all about getting on top of everything before the holibobs start.  Enjoy your Monday, more craftiness from me tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's Saturday and time to tickle that creative funny bone again.

Good morning all, how are you this Saturday?
It's the weekend off for me so this morning I'm heading down to our school fair, who knows what the rest of my day will bring, I've got no plans as yet.  It would be nice to get some warm weather instead of the rain we've been having on and off all week.  How disturbing is it watching the news from down south and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine and you are like really?!  Are we in the same country?!

Today's funnies have a crocheting theme starting with this one.  My boys have been watching a program from the States called American Guns, it is a company that makes custom guns.
I know, scary but the program is strangely interesting.  I saw this and thought this is the crafty girlie's equivalent.

I've been told by friends, who really don't know me well enough that I can be a little bit O.C.D.
One look in my craft room and they'd see I am not.
Anyway this quote is for them, if I am to have O.C.D, this is the reason.
Nothing wrong with that don't you agree?

On the same topic, this is my excuse and I am sticking to it.  Don't get me wrong I like the rest of the house to be quite tidy but when it comes to getting crafty I like LOTS of creative freedom!

Finally in honour of the new Minions film out this weekend I had to end on one of their quotes.  We went to see the film last night and then had a meal afterwards.  
I was warned by my boys not to laugh out loud whilst watching the film as I embarrass them. Apparently I have the unique ability to laugh at a totally different time in the film to everyone else!
Shall we just say my sense of humour is obviously a little different and leave it at that.  
I was praised for my restraint after the film but I did laugh in my head a lot, the ladies who sat behind us obviously also shared my SOH as they laughed as much as me and at all the same moments.
I have to say this quote is a perfect reason not to do the housework and enjoy crafting instead.

Like I ever need an excuse.  Wink, wink.

Have a super weekend, hope you find a little time to craft.  I'm working on a new project just now, I'm hoping to make a couple of crochet Thistles for teachers gifts.  Watch this space!

Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Friday, time again to share an oldie with me.

I don't know about you but this weeks crafty blogging has had a little bit of all sorts.  We've had some stitching with material and felt, some crocheting, water colouring and some card making.  What to share today, well it has to be an oldie.

I thought today I would share something completely different.  A bit of journalling!

Distress inks:  Crushed olive, Peeled paint, Walnut stain and Vintage photo.
The tree trunk I printed from the computer and created a stencil and the leaves I cut by hand in 3 shades of green.  The lettering was done on my cricut with stone script.
The stamps are from PaperArtsy.
The owl is from Sizzix.

I used to join a journaling group every month and we did a diary of the year.  The idea being that each box or in this case a leaf, was a day, you prepare the double spread in advance of each month and then write in it as the month goes on.  You can keep it as a diary or just put your thoughts in on the day.  It is really lovely to look back on what is written in it but I just found it really difficult to keep up with, as well as everything else.  It is a shame as I really enjoyed getting all inky and creative.
It is also something completely different to my normal cards etc...

So what have you got to share with me today?
I'd love it if you did come along and join me this Friday sharing an old craft project that you have made, it can be anything at all.  The more the merrier!
All I ask is that you let me know you've joined me in the comments below, that way I get to come and see what you are sharing too.  All for the joy of crafting of course.
It only remains for me to thank you for playing along and wish you all the very best for the coming weekend.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Biker lapping, Harley Davidson style.

Good afternoon, well a day off today and I had earmarked it for all my card orders.  How things change!
My hubby has the day off also, which doesn't happen very often.  As my youngest boy comes home for lunch, hubby announced he was taking me out for breakfast instead.  Yum.
We went to the lovely Allarburn Dairy shop and cafe and had a super big breakfast, still stuffed now.
I managed to buy a few bits and bobs, as you do and enjoyed a lovely morning out.

My cat was one of my projects that I have been working on that needed finishing, this is my other.

A lap quilt for my Dad.  I thought this would be much better to take to his bike rallies than a tartan blanket and it will take up no space at all in their motor home.

On the back instead of wadding I have used a grey fleece that matches the material.  I had wanted to use an orange but unfortunately my local shop didn't have enough available.  On the upside I actually think I prefer the grey for a man, it won't show the dirt either.  (Not that I'm saying my Dad gets dirty of course!)
I was talking to him recently and he had said when they're outside talking at these events you don't realise how cold it gets till you get moving, little does he know I have just the remedy for that!

I'm sure he will like it.  I have kept to a simple patchwork pattern as I quite like that and it is within my capabilities.  I do think quilting is a craft I would like to learn more of.
I can get lessons locally so I might have to look into it.  I've already had orders off my youngest son and husband for one each.
I'd also love to do a big traditional American style one for the bedroom but watch this space......it might happen eventually!

Back to today and how about this little beauty....

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the real mason jar ones over here but these are the next best thing.  It contains a homemade smoothie.  My youngest is the fussiest eater around and I am always battling with him to try different foods.  This week at school he has had health week, now they do this every year and every year they taste test health foods.  He normally hates it but this year he came home and now loves raisins and fruit smoothies made with apples, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries!  OMG I was so thrilled at the prospect I now have all of the above in the house and we had our first shot last night.  I think I had to close my jaw as he was drinking it saying how yummy it was.  Chuffed to bits, my wee man is growing up.

Back to today, only half a hour before school is out so I think I better try and get a couple of cards started.  That's all from me today, I'd love it if you fancied joining me with an oldie tomorrow as it's Friday, yet again, it comes around all to fast at the moment, don't you think? 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A little hooking, feeling a little catty, meow!

Good afternoon all, whoops another missed post yesterday.  The day just flew by and I never made it to the computer.  In my defence hubby was on nights so had a bit more than normal to do.
Another busy day in work today as we gear up for another dine in, on now.  I'm not working this weekend, it still feels weird especially as I know it will be a busy one.

Yesterday it was a lovely lady's birthday, Elaine.  She makes the most beautiful cards, her water colouring is truly amazing.
When I started crocheting she did say to me, oh would you make me a cat.
Until recently I haven't really had the confidence with my crocheting but decided to go for it.
My first cat.
The photo's are quite dark, in my defence, I know it is supposed to be summer, but up here in the North of Scotland it is just not occurring at all.  This week has been very dreich, cloudy and wet.

I learnt quite a lot making this wee pussy cat and Elaine loved it too, which is the main thing.
I know her craft room is similar shades and I used the owl material for her present last year, keeping it all matching!
I also used my birdie stamps from Stampers Anonymous for the first time to make Elaine's card.

I have used papers by DCWV Linen closet, it matches better in real life than it does in this photograph.  I then water coloured the birdie with Distress ink Peacock feathers and Tea die.
I'm afraid my water colouring is not at Elaine's beautiful standard.
I don't rate my watercolour paper at the moment, mine is textured and not the best for stamping with, I really need to invest in a good quality flat card instead.  I know that old hat, blaming my tools!
But I do think it makes all the difference.

That's all from me today, I really need to go and start the tea.  As for later, I need to start thinking about teachers cards and gifts, plus my bespoke cards to make list, seems to be growing!
Have a super evening, it's hump day, downhill all the way now to the weekend.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Adding a little sunshine and flowers, water colouring style.

Good morning all, how are you this Monday morning?
How was your weekend?
Did you find the time to be a ninja crafter?!

I had a good day at work on Saturday, dare I say ahead of the game, which I have to add NEVER usually happens on a weekend.  Whoop.  It doesn't take much to make me happy at work!
Saturday evening we had a family movie night with chips and dips.  Nomn.  We watched Taken 3, "good luck."  I can't watch any of those films without saying good luck in a slightly dodgy accent.  A great film and well worth a watch, well who wouldn't watch Liam, he has the most amazing voice.
His hair, however, looked a little suspect.  You watch it and see if you don't agree with me?
A bit too groomed for an action movie.  Isn't it funny what you notice?
As for Sunday, I enjoyed a lazy morning reading my book, I've now finished the latest Agatha Raisin book and am back to the Outlander series.  I love crime novels over any other book but I have to admit I am enjoying the Outlander books, being set up here, knowing the sights, names and area really adds to the read.
Hubby was on shift all weekend so he enjoyed a nice Father's day at work, the boys and I took the dogs to the beach and had a lovely walk and then an ice-cream instead.  I know who got the better deal!
The rest of Sunday was taken up with the usual things, getting uniform ready, tea etc.....

On to today and another beautiful summer day here, the sun is beating down, it's going to be a scorcher!
Got ya!
I lie, well, it is the North of Scotland.
A typical summer morning, grey and overcast with a distinct chance of rain.  But I did have you going for just a second or two, didn't I?

Lorraine I haven't forgotten about you I just have a couple of urgent orders to finish with being in work extra last week then I will get things sorted for you.  I plan on having something to you by the end of the week.  x

Today I have another water colouring card for you.  This was a card I made for last weeks colour challenge over at The Great Scheme of things.  Last weeks colour combination was citrus colours but this week is pastels so why not pop over and join us?
My interpretation of citrus....


First I have stamped a flower from Stampers Anonymous Flower Garden with Archival ink. I have then used my distress inks to watercolours the image; I have used Squeezed lemonade, Mustard seed, Spiced marmalade, Peeled paint and Crushed olive. After allowing the image to dry I layered on corresponding orange card stock. Direct to the card I have then used The crafters workshop stencil Mini chicken wire reverse to create a background using Spiced marmalade. I have then stamped the sentiment on to cream card, again Stampers Anonymous Perspective, coloured with marmalade and layered onto orange card stock before adding to the card. To finish I have added a bow with cream string on the flower. CAS! 

Did I mention that I am loving these new SA flower stamps?   Mmmm nice.
I'd forgotten how much fun it is to watercolour.  

So what is on the cards today?  
As I mentioned earlier I have a couple of projects to finish and a few card orders.  Then I really must tackle the mountain that is the ironing.  Oh the joys!
It is me or when it comes to the housework and ironing, do you feel a bit like a hamster on it's wheel?
Never ending and SO boring!
I hope it isn't just me or I have just gone even further up on the weird scale, LOL.
Before you think I've truly lost my marbles I shall sign off.  Work again for me tomorrow and Wednesday, will I be organised with an early post or not?  That is the question!
Catch you tomorrow.  

Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's Saturday, it's time again to tickle that creative funny bone.

Good morning all, you know the drill.  I'm at work, no crafting to be done but lets look on the bright side and have a little crafty fun.
Are you a crafty ninja?
I certainly have enough sharp crafty objects but not so sure about the mask?  I could always make one though!

Or are you a.......

The button came off my trousers at work earlier this week whilst lifting, you know when you need to step away from the cake and appreciate the salad!  LOL.
If only salad tasted like cake and crocheting burnt as many calories as a run.  
I keep saying I shall get out in the better weather for a little exercise but where is our summer?  
I think we've had about four days here in the North of Scotland.  Lets hope we get some more.

I don't really know what more to add to this one.  ;)  
Is anyone else now humming a certain tune from the movie Shrek?  Or is that just me?

Finally for today I saw this earlier in the week on Facebook and totally could relate to it.

How about you, can you relate?
I did used to have a guest room but that all changed, it's a craft room now, guests what guests!

Have a great weekend everyone, may it be super crafty. 
Happy Father's day for tomorrow to all the Dads out there.  May you be spoilt rotten.
More from me next week.  x

Friday, June 19, 2015

It's FFFFriday again, time to share an old crafty project.

Good morning all, how are you this Friday?
It's nearly the weekend, phew.

It's my weekend at work so an early start for me tomorrow, bet it will be another super fast day though.
Before all that it is oldie time.
Every Friday, just for the joy of crafting I ask you to share an old project with me.
For all that leave me a wee comment below I will visit you too.  If you don't comment I don't know you are joining in and it's always good to share!  :)

Today's card is a little different from my normal cards but sticking on the floral theme.

I have used Personal Impressions stamps Build a flower with love.
The card stock is AC textured card and white card to stamp on.
The flower has been inked using Versa magic dew drop chalk ink in Pixie dust, Pink petunia and Thatched straw.  The "with love" stamp has been embossed using pewter shimmer as has the button, which is then threaded with white shear ribbon.  The corners of the background have also been given the Martha Stewart treatment.

I did say it was totally different to my normal cards, for a start it is pink!  I don't normally do pink.

Today I catching up on the housework and ironing but I do hope to find a little time to craft and bake later.  It will all depend on how quickly I can move!
Have a super weekend and thank you very much to all who have joined me today for a little crafty fun.  x

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Poppy love.

Good morning, third morning in a row posting before work, I must be coming down with something.
I am normally not so organised.
How are you this Thursday?
Today's card was made for one of my crafting buddies who hasn't been very well of late.  I decided to use one of my new sets of stamps by Tim Holtz Flower garden.

I water coloured the poppy with distress inks Barn door, Fired brick, Vintage photo and
Peeled paint, then I added glossy accents to the seeds and centre of the flower.  The sentiment stamp and surround is by Justrite cling Fancy tags.  Then I have mat and layered on coordinating card stock.
I haven't water coloured for ages and really enjoyed the process, I would love to know more about this technique as I really just go with my gut.

A busy day for me today, after work I'll have the boys and dog to sort, a man mountain of ironing, a step further on my present projects and bag piping classes for my eldest.  Still tomorrow I have a day off so maybe the ironing can wait!
Have a super Thursday, it's grey and dull outside again this morning, I'm glad I'm at work!
I'll catch you again tomorrow, it's Friday so I'd love it if you'd join me in sharing an oldie.  x

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Patching up the pieces, crafty style of course.

Good morning all, get me being organised again!
It won't last.
I had so much planned last night after coming home from work but I don't know where the evening went.  I have three projects on the go just now and I managed to finish one.  Such a light weight!
Today I thought I'd show you a picture of the project I started on Friday last week.
Remember I said I had a sewing date?  This is what I started....

I got the material from the States ages ago, if you have visited me for a while you might remember?
Finally I have got around to making a lap quilt for my Dad to take in the motor home when they are travelling around the country.
I am just in the process of quilting it now, then I have to edge it.
Hopefully I shall have it finished for Father's day.  As I have said earlier there's nothing like leaving things till last minute.  I personally find it is the only way I finish something......the pressure!

That's all from me this Wednesday, it's a dull grey day here in Scotland and a little muggy.
A perfect day to be in crafting or at work.  Guess I better get to work first!
More from me tomorrow.  x

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Emerald city here we come!

Good morning, get me being organised.  It could all go horribly wrong!  Watch this space.
Why the title today?
As a child I did a lot of dancing and singing, although if you asked me to now, watch out, very scary.
Lets just say it ain't like riding a bike!
Who would have have thought I'd had all that training?!
I always wanted to be a dancer when I grew up but at 17 I went for an interview to work on a cruise ship and was a month to young!
I was told to come back when I was older and well, I then got a job and a boyfriend and didn't bother.
A good job too as I think most of the girls that got the job came back with a bun in the oven after the first season.  Fate obviously stepped in.
So what has that to do with the Emerald city?
Stick with me, there is a link, albeit a slightly bizarre one.
One of the shows that I was involved in was the Wizard of Oz at the local technical college for performing arts.  I was part of the Lullaby league, basically a munchkin who welcomed Dorothy to Oz.  I was only about 9 at the time but I can remember it being great fun plus I had time off school, at that age a billy bonus!  The Emerald context.....well, the Emerald city of course.  I was covered head to toe in a lovey emerald costume!

Now to the link.....I was asked by one of my lovely pals at work to create a couple of Emerald Wedding anniversary cards for her.    I don't think there is the choice in the shops like there is for Golden or Ruby anniversaries.
I picked my two favourite designs just now and gave them an Emerald twist.

This photograph is not the best sorry, the embossing folder is by Papertrey ink and I have used green Perfect pearls.  Emerald bling, ribbon and lace from my stash and the sentiment was done on the computer.  The card stock is from The Papeterie in Aberdeen.

The second card is again using sprinkle dies from Papertrey ink, they are my favourite company for stamps and dies just now.  I have also used a Martha Stewart punch Traditional scallops.

That's all from me today guys, I'm off now to get ready to go into work.  Have a super Tuesday and more from me again tomorrow.  x

Monday, June 15, 2015

Shades of blue.

Good afternoon all, I don't know where the morning has gone.
It started so well too.
I got a bit of a fright when I looked at the calendar this morning.  I wish I was better organised!
Four birthdays and three Father's day cards needed asap.  Normally that wouldn't be a problem but I am working the rest of the week, except Friday, which would be too late.  I also have two projects to finish asap.  Yikes.
I'll let you into a little secret, funky pigeon has been my best pal today.  I know it's bad but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet as you can't do everything.  (Secrets of a card maker!)
The cards are still personalised and a couple have photos on so next best thing to being handmade, don't you think?

Did you have a good weekend?

On Friday I had a lovely day off sewing.  One of my two projects I need to finish this week!
I will share when it is sorted.

Our family day out ended up being a bit of a wash out on Saturday as the activity I had planned was outdoors and it rained ALL day.  I did suggest going to see the new Jurassic world film but one wanted to see it and one didn't!
We ended up having a nice lunch out at The Piers cafe in Findhorn.  Nomn, nomn.

Yesterday I had my local crop or crafty gathering and continued with my sewing project.
It's looking good!  That wasn't me who said that, when I went to buy more materials, a chap in the shop came over admiring my work.  I was well chuffed as sewing really isn't my forte.
We had a good giggle at the crafty get together and lots of yummy cakes and refreshments.  A perfect afternoon with like minded friends.

So what to share with you today?
This was my post for last weeks theme over at The Great Scheme of things.  The colour combo last week was shades of blue.  I shared this LO of my youngest enjoying the rain when he was little.

I don't scrapbook very often but it's lovely to catch up with some old photographs. I tend not to follow the trends but prefer to match the LO to the photos. These are photos of my wee man out playing with what was his new umbrella. We sang the song drip, drip, drip little April showers and that is how this LO came about. I have cut the various raindrops by hand after die cutting the words, then layered on top of mirror card, to look like water. The photos I have enclosed in a cellophane cover and added glitter so it looks like rain.
Both my boys were really bad at having fun in the rain when little, I can't remember the number of times I had to strip them in the back of the car after playing in a puddle!  Happy memories.

This weeks colour combination over at The Great Scheme of things is Citrus twist, another cracker so why not join us?

Finally I'd like to give a wee "toot" out to Lorraine of Raineyscraftroom, I mentioned I had liked a charm she had used on a card, after a wee Internet chat we decided to do a swap.  I got my goodies this morning, thank you very much Lorraine.  What a lovely surprise.  I shall be sorting something to return to you this week.  Now what to choose?!

As I mentioned earlier in this post, that's me in work the rest of the week, I guess posting may be later than normal unless I am super organised!  
Have a lovely week.  More from me tomorrow.  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's Saturday time to tickle your crafty funny bone again.

Good morning all, how are you this Saturday?
I'm planning to do something with the family as I am not at work today, so while I do I thought I'd share a few crafty funnies.
I started a new project yesterday, one I have been meaning to do for a long time.  I will share my progress next week but lets see if you can guess what it might be....

Here's to being very materialistic!

This next one made me laugh so I just had to share.

PVA glue might be more appropriate?
As a child did you make sure you got plenty glue on your hands just so you could sit and peel it off later in class instead of getting bored?
Or was that just me?
Now I'm just looking even weirder than normal.  LOL.  On that note......

What is so wrong with that?!
Finally I have realised why my craft room is always a mess.
I am obviously just not lazy 'cause I spend most of my craft time looking for one thing or another.  I never find something after having a good tidy so it can't be good, can it?

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the rest of the weekend, I've got some creative time with my crafty buddies tomorrow.  Yay, a good weekend all round. 
Catch you again on Monday.  Happy crafting!  x

Friday, June 12, 2015

It's FFFFFFriday, time to share an old crafting project.

Good morning all, and how are you enjoying summer this week?
Isn't it great to get the sun on your skin, the day just seems so much better for it.

Thank you for joining me today, if you haven't, it would be great if you could find the time to come along and play too.  It is all for fun and just about sharing an old crafty project, something you have made yourself.
The more the merrier and I will visit all that join in, just leave a wee comment below so I know you are playing along.

Today in honour of the sunshine and the lovely weather we have had this week I have a bright and breezy card for you.

For this card I have used papers from MME Miss Caroline, isn't it cute?  I love the little butterflies.  The sentiment is Inkadinkadoo Thoughts for the day and the Spellbinder dies are D-lites Ornamental tags two and Les Papillions two with pearls to finish.
In the Papillion set of dies you two dies of each butterfly I have used one to cut the butterfly paper and the other to cut the butterflies.  One cuts a clear butterfly shape and the other cuts a filigree butterfly.

I love this sentiment and who wouldn't like those butterfly dies and papers?  Just yummy, so yummy I really didn't want to use them!
Do you have paper like that?  So yummy you really just want to keep it.  
Spoken like a true papercrafter, you know what I mean don't you?  If you are not a papercrafter, right now you just think I am a complete weirdo!  LOL.  
I could do far worse things in life.

It's a weekend off work for me, yippee.  
Another dine in weekend at work so it will be so busy, I shall be thinking of my colleagues.  
I have plans for both Saturday and Sunday but more of that later.  It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the next couple of days, more from me tomorrow.  x 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A camera day, my morning walk.

Good morning, just, today.  How are you?
It's another gloriously sunny day up here in the North of Scotland, shhh, don't tell everyone.
I do have a few crafty makes to show you but today for a change I thought I'd share a few photographs with you.  All hot of the press and taken this morning on our usual dog walk.
Inspired by Hazel and Patricia's lovely holiday snaps I thought I would share, amongst my crafty posts, a few photos of our local area.  Then you might see the reason why we don't really feel the need to book a summer holiday.  Not that we can this year, as although both hubby and I had managed to get the same holidays in the summer this year, his work saw fit to change his, great eh?!
I'm still hoping for big things later in the year as we both have time off before Christmas together.
On to the photographs....

This is out walk down to the beach.  I just love the gorse bushes at this time of year, they flower from early spring, usually around April/May time and just keep flowering till mid summer.  The bushes are a brilliant yellow and smell absolutely beautiful.  The smell just conjures up summertime for me, it is a sort of coconut scent and reminds me of suntan lotion and the beach.  The flowers are edible too, my son always reminds me as he did a foraging course at school although I would tend to pick from up high.

As you can see we had to fight our way across the beach this morning due to all the tourists!
I don't know whether you can see clearly but the building right in the middle at the top of the picture is the school.
Can you imagine that view out of your school classroom?  No wonder my youngest gets distracted, Mum would too.

Arh, did you wonder if the dog was really with me, the only two on the beach at this point!
The rock in the background is called Daisy Rock, but I have more photos of that which I will share another time with you together with the history of it.  It is very interesting!

This is the view over to the hills towards Inverness way.  As you can see although it is beautiful and sunny at the bay we still have a wee bit of snow on them there hills!

That's my walk with the camera today, I have lots of housework to do and I am planning on crafting at some point too.  However, if you think I am staying inside on a day like today, I am sorry to disappoint.  If I have learnt anything about living in the North of Scotland it is, when you have a lovely day, stop what you have planned and get out and enjoy the weather.  It might be gone tomorrow.  I am therefore planning to do a little gardening today, time in the fresh air and sunshine.  Enjoy your day, more tomorrow with another oldie.
Friday again, already, how did that happen?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What do points make? Prizes!

Good morning, how are you this Wednesday?
Another real quick post from me this morning before heading into work.
Today's post is all about "toots!"
I have two toots going out to fellow crafters today.

The first to the lovely Bibiana, who runs a similar sharing of an oldie called Throwback Thursday with a prize for the winner.  I was very surprised and grateful to be chosen as the winner for the last challenge and got my prize in the post all the way from the States yesterday.
Thank you very much Bibiana, I love my gift and can't wait to get all inky.  x

Secondly a wee toot to Hels Sheridan from Ink on my Fingers for sending me these wee chaps.

I have been trying to get hold of these birdies since they came out, as have everyone else it seems.
Hels had a spare set that I managed to buy off her.  Thank you so much Hels.

Now if only I didn't have to go into work or do the housework, then I could play!
Maybe I might get a chance later?
Enjoy your Wednesday, it's apparently going to be a lovely day.  Shh don't tell but I think summer may have just arrived.  It might mean gardening later rather than housework mind, well it would be rude not to if it is nice.  Got to enjoy the good weather whilst it is here, don't you agree?
More from me tomorrow.  x

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The queen of hearts!

Good morning all, get me posting before heading into work!
How are you this morning?
It looks like it is going to be another lovely sunny day, not what you want to hear when you are going to be in work, but I'm only in for four hours, so not too bad.
Today I have another CAS card that I made for my BFF's parents.  They both play cards so wanted that to be the theme and possibly golf.

I have used Tim Holtz playing card embossing folders and the wee charm is a lady playing golf.  The numbers were printed on my cricut.  I decided to stick to playing card colours incorporating black and red.

As for today, it's haircut time for my two after school but will I get them there?!
The eldest one definitely, the little one however may have a change of heart between now and then.

Short and sweet for me today as I better make a move, I shall be back later to check out your blogs too.
Enjoy your Tuesday.  x

Monday, June 08, 2015

Tying the knot, clean and simple, crafty style of course.

I was going to post "good morning" but then I've just looked at the clock, where did this morning go?
In my defence I did not have the best of starts!
There are four people in this house and only me who can set an alarm.  I was up with the dog at 5.30 a.m. and so when my alarm went off at 7 I rolled over and fell back to sleep.  
Now this doesn't happen very often but of course everyone else was rushing around getting ready for school and work in a mad panic this morning.  The dog and I kept away as it is my day off till all were sorted and sent on their merry way.
Then after getting myself sorted the dog and I had a lovely game of catch down on the beach, the first time this year I have not worn my coat on the beach!  Whoop, whoop, we are having summer today!
The dog was having equally as much fun playing with her ball in the rock pools, soggy sandy dog!  
By the time we got back home she was dry and all the sand had gone, result!
So a late breakfast for us both and on to jobs for today.  Can't wait, not!

Today one of my colleagues at work is getting married, and a lovely day she has for it too.
Andrea I hope you have a super day, although I have to confess I thought she was already married. 
We don't work in the same department so don't see much of each other but she is a lovely lady and I wish her all the very best today.  x
I was asked to make a card from all the staff so it had to be an 8" square card.

Inside reads, Congratulations on tying the knot from all your colleagues etc....
I do like to used the two hearts and the knot of ribbon for a Wedding, I think it is appropriate, don't you think?
I prefer clean and simple all the way for Weddings, hoping for classic and elegant!

As for the rest of the day I have a couple of cards to make and some crocheting to finish plus all the other weekly chores.  The washing machine for one is holding up it's side of the bargain as we speak!
Then I have to drag my two to the dentist later, before a bagpipe lesson this evening.
Enjoy your Monday all, I'm in work tomorrow and Wednesday so maybe late posts from me again?
Have a good day.  x

Saturday, June 06, 2015

It's Saturday time to loosen that creative funny bone!

Good morning to you, how are you this Saturday?
I hope you have something nice or exciting planned.
For me, it's my Saturday in work so an early start, on the upside it is always busy so the day will pass very fast.

My first question for you today, are you a Paperologist?

I have to say I have perfected this art and have moved from paper to card, ribbons, buttons, dies, stamps.......you get the general idea, LOL.
It doesn't make you a bad person.  Or does it?  Maybe the jury is out on that one, but what I always say is that I could be doing far worse than playing in my craft room.  ;)

Moving on from the paper I have also started to hoard fine wool and cotton yarn too.
As for unravelling......that sounds nasty, don't you think?
There is only one thing for it......I shall have to keep crocheting.  It would be rude not too.
(That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

My next question for you today is......"Voulez vous crochet avec moi ce soir?!"

How cool are these mugs?  I love them, very clever pun on words.
I think I NEED one of these, how about you?

Finally today I couldn't go without leaving you this final thought for the weekend.

Nuff said!
What is wrong with being mentally creative?!

That's all from me today, have a super weekend, more from me next week.

Friday, June 05, 2015

It's FFFFriday and time to share an oldie, distressing seems to be the key this week.

It's that time of the week again.  It's Friday and time to share an old crafting project just for fun.
Feel free to join me, all I ask is that if you do, please comment below, that way I know you are joining me.  I can then pop along to your blog and see your crafty share too, I will comment on all over the weekend.

Today and tomorrow I am at work, this weekend's special is from the Chinese selection.
The whole family are fans of the Chinese department at work so no doubt we will be participating, well it would be rude not to!  Don't you agree?

Today's oldie, in keeping with the rest of this weeks postings, is a little inky number.

I have used stamp sets by Marion Emberson at PI On your special day, It's all in the words and Build a tree.  The Spellbinder Nestabilities die is called Postage stamps.  The inks I have used are Distress inks Festive berries, Mustard seed, Ripe persimmon, Spiced marmalade, Vintage photo, Crushed olive and Peeled paint.  The seam binding is also coloured with the ink.
For the sun I used a round Spellbinder die to create a mask before getting all inky.  

A very inky week this week, don't you agree?
That's all from me this Friday, I hope you all have a good one and a super weekend whatever you have planned.  More from me tomorrow.  x

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Make a wish......distressing style.

Good afternoon all, a later post from me today.  I've been getting my jobs sorted first for a change.
Most unusual.

To start today I am afraid I have an announcement for any of those of you who are local and were planning a visit to Hopeman this weekend.  The Harbour day due to take place this Saturday afternoon (6th June) has unfortunately been cancelled.  The good weather we were promised has changed and now we are expecting high winds, making it very difficult for the visiting boats to get into the harbour.
It is hoped that this event is just postponed and shall be held later in the year, in the anticipation that we WILL get summer, probably around September time.
All the work the guys have put into organising this event, they're gutted to be cancelling it.
The weather is one thing out of their control and safety on the day has to be the most important factor.

This morning the dog and I managed a walk along the beach in between showers, yes!
Gosh it is so like April just now, lots of rain showers and chilly at times, are we going to get some sunshine?
I then had to make the dreaded trip into town to fill the food cupboards.  I wouldn't say they were bare but making tea tonight would have been interesting!
I've had my son home for lunch and hubby home to ring around regarding the weekend.
He's now gone for a fish to calm down!  Hopefully he might get some fresh cod.

Now lets get on to some crafting, today's card is another one that I made for The Great Scheme of things, with the colour combination of  Pebble beach, sea blues, sand and stone shades.   It is not this weeks combination, I'm a bit late in posting it here, to be honest I don't know where the time goes!

And a close up!

For this card I decided to get a little inky for a change. I started with a 5" piece of card and embossed the dandelion from Marion Emberson "Make a wish" with Silver dollar powder by PI. I then inked around the image with Distress ink Evergreen bough, then Peacock feathers. The edges have then been distressed and inked with Distress ink Frayed Burlap. I then sprayed with water and allowed to dry creating a pebble-dashed image. The sentiment was inked using Frayed burlap again and is from the same stamp set by Marion. I then created a mask so I could add Distress ink Frayed burlap over the dandelion and no where else. Finally I matte and layered on corresponding card, distressing each layer except the white, then I added a string bow. 

Why not pop over and check out this weeks colour combination too?

That is all from me today.  I have a busy night ahead, one boy at bagpipe practise and another at the school disco.  I have been told, tonight mum tea must be early!
They know me so well.  I get easily distracted.
Then I wonder why my youngest is like that.  Just like his mum.
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday and don't forget I'd love it if you joined me tomorrow sharing an oldie.  Happy crafting.  x