Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's Saturday, it's time again to tickle that creative funny bone.

Good morning all, you know the drill.  I'm at work, no crafting to be done but lets look on the bright side and have a little crafty fun.
Are you a crafty ninja?
I certainly have enough sharp crafty objects but not so sure about the mask?  I could always make one though!

Or are you a.......

The button came off my trousers at work earlier this week whilst lifting, you know when you need to step away from the cake and appreciate the salad!  LOL.
If only salad tasted like cake and crocheting burnt as many calories as a run.  
I keep saying I shall get out in the better weather for a little exercise but where is our summer?  
I think we've had about four days here in the North of Scotland.  Lets hope we get some more.

I don't really know what more to add to this one.  ;)  
Is anyone else now humming a certain tune from the movie Shrek?  Or is that just me?

Finally for today I saw this earlier in the week on Facebook and totally could relate to it.

How about you, can you relate?
I did used to have a guest room but that all changed, it's a craft room now, guests what guests!

Have a great weekend everyone, may it be super crafty. 
Happy Father's day for tomorrow to all the Dads out there.  May you be spoilt rotten.
More from me next week.  x


Patricia said...

Good morning Erika, love them ALL!!
It amazes me where you get them all from.
Have a great weekend
Patricia xxx

karenlotty said...

I love visiting you on Saturdays. I make a point of doing it now. The week just flies by and can't always get to visit you But Fridays and Saturdays are a must
I love the comical (and cheeky!) sayings you put up. I must get one of those mugs, where can I get one?
Have a great week end

Hazel said...

Erika again you found some great ones for this week. Now the last one diffinatly relates to my spare room!!! The trouble is where do you put all your stuff when you have a visitor from Canada coming for 2 whole weeks!!!! We haven't got a loft as such, did hint to husband a new shed might be s good idea, he didn't take the hint. Enjoy the rest of the week end. Hazel x

Carol said...

Definitely a craft ninja these days...used to be a hookopotamus and still have the body to prove it lol. Thanks for the smiles. Carol x

DIANA L. said...

I love this -- great card I just started following you and I hope you will follow me also.
You could enter this in my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes June Linky Party,so others can enjoy your creativity and you can be inspired by their work also. Have a blessed day