Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's Saturday time to tickle your crafty funny bone again.

Good morning all, how are you this Saturday?
I'm planning to do something with the family as I am not at work today, so while I do I thought I'd share a few crafty funnies.
I started a new project yesterday, one I have been meaning to do for a long time.  I will share my progress next week but lets see if you can guess what it might be....

Here's to being very materialistic!

This next one made me laugh so I just had to share.

PVA glue might be more appropriate?
As a child did you make sure you got plenty glue on your hands just so you could sit and peel it off later in class instead of getting bored?
Or was that just me?
Now I'm just looking even weirder than normal.  LOL.  On that note......

What is so wrong with that?!
Finally I have realised why my craft room is always a mess.
I am obviously just not lazy 'cause I spend most of my craft time looking for one thing or another.  I never find something after having a good tidy so it can't be good, can it?

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the rest of the weekend, I've got some creative time with my crafty buddies tomorrow.  Yay, a good weekend all round. 
Catch you again on Monday.  Happy crafting!  x


Patricia said...

Brilliant!!! love them all.
Have a great day with the family
Patricia xxx

Hazel said...

Erika, more greats to give us a laugh, yes I agree I must not be lazy too as I am always looking for things. Hazel x

Carol said...

Lol! Well that brightened up a dull Saturday morning. Enjoy your family time Erika. Carol x

karenlotty said...

I so look forward to seeing these sayings on a Saturday I especially like the one about organised people coz I am so disorganised it'll be good to quote that back at 'em!
Is the clue a quilt you're making...

Lau W said...

Haha ! cool !
Have a nice Sunday ! It's a bit grey here, pffff ! Want the sun of the next week !!!!!!!!!!!