Thursday, June 11, 2015

A camera day, my morning walk.

Good morning, just, today.  How are you?
It's another gloriously sunny day up here in the North of Scotland, shhh, don't tell everyone.
I do have a few crafty makes to show you but today for a change I thought I'd share a few photographs with you.  All hot of the press and taken this morning on our usual dog walk.
Inspired by Hazel and Patricia's lovely holiday snaps I thought I would share, amongst my crafty posts, a few photos of our local area.  Then you might see the reason why we don't really feel the need to book a summer holiday.  Not that we can this year, as although both hubby and I had managed to get the same holidays in the summer this year, his work saw fit to change his, great eh?!
I'm still hoping for big things later in the year as we both have time off before Christmas together.
On to the photographs....

This is out walk down to the beach.  I just love the gorse bushes at this time of year, they flower from early spring, usually around April/May time and just keep flowering till mid summer.  The bushes are a brilliant yellow and smell absolutely beautiful.  The smell just conjures up summertime for me, it is a sort of coconut scent and reminds me of suntan lotion and the beach.  The flowers are edible too, my son always reminds me as he did a foraging course at school although I would tend to pick from up high.

As you can see we had to fight our way across the beach this morning due to all the tourists!
I don't know whether you can see clearly but the building right in the middle at the top of the picture is the school.
Can you imagine that view out of your school classroom?  No wonder my youngest gets distracted, Mum would too.

Arh, did you wonder if the dog was really with me, the only two on the beach at this point!
The rock in the background is called Daisy Rock, but I have more photos of that which I will share another time with you together with the history of it.  It is very interesting!

This is the view over to the hills towards Inverness way.  As you can see although it is beautiful and sunny at the bay we still have a wee bit of snow on them there hills!

That's my walk with the camera today, I have lots of housework to do and I am planning on crafting at some point too.  However, if you think I am staying inside on a day like today, I am sorry to disappoint.  If I have learnt anything about living in the North of Scotland it is, when you have a lovely day, stop what you have planned and get out and enjoy the weather.  It might be gone tomorrow.  I am therefore planning to do a little gardening today, time in the fresh air and sunshine.  Enjoy your day, more tomorrow with another oldie.
Friday again, already, how did that happen?


Hazel said...

Erika, you live in the most beautiful place. I loved when we lived in Easthaven just passed Carnoustie. The view from my lounge was the see, and the beach was just a very short walk away. Every day is a different picture. No wonder you enjoy your early morning walks.
Hazel x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo's with us Erika, you have a lovely day there and some beautiful, inspiring scenery too. The walk along the beach must have been glorious this morning especially as you had it all to yourselves. I have my washing out on the line, chores done and I plan to have lunch outside today and like you make the most of the weather. This afternoon is going to be a crafty one I hope if Mr Mojo cooperates.
Enjoy your fabulous day.

Lau W said...

Sunny day too here ! Yeah !!!! tomorrow, storm et rain and sun...ouch !!
Your shots are beautiful, such a nice place !!!!

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, I'm so envious of where you live, having this on my doorstep is my kina heaven. looks gorgeous and so nice to have it all to yourselves.
I've been trying to schedul my Oldie for tomorrow, but it's not happening and it's gone on tonight. Gremlins in the system.
Hugs Kate x

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Fabulous photos, Erika, there's nothing like the sea side.

Love and hugs

Carol said...

Another beautiful day here too Erika. Super photos, the beach looks lovely. Carol x