Sunday, June 28, 2009

Haven't been on here much of late. Busy with school the end of term looms and up here in Bonny Scotland we've been having a heat wave!
Now, as this is somewhat unusual, we have been making the most of it and have taken up temporary residence on the beach!
But just to keep you going here is a recent Christening card. This stamp I have had for years but it is still my favourite when it comes to a Christening card....I love it. I have coloured with prisma pencils my favourite colouring medium just now.
Anyway enjoy the sunshine as the kids break up Thursday, and we all know what that means?!
The weather will change!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Now I did mention that I'd been busy making a few bespoke cards for local folk in the village. The craft trend of more is more doesn't follow locally and still less is more...which is great as it keeps cost down. My list is getting shorter, hopefully I'll soon be seeing light at the end of the tunnel and I can get some stock made but then the kids break up soon...just in time for me to get on top of things...wishful thinking!
Still it's nice to do something that I enjoy doing....I would just like to petition for more hours in a day or more energy!! (Both would be better but don't want to come accross as being greedy!)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This it the card I made Jacqui to wish her all the best for her new business craft venture "Go Create" in Alford. The colour scheme inspired by the colours in the shop, which work really well. The shop is very classy and definitely girlie but very grown up girlie!
The stamp again is from the Ketto range...and I think I may be needing some more of them next time I'm through. I can see the start of another collection!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

A lot has happened in my little world since my last post. For a start I had a birthday, the big 40, still sat here waiting for my life to start....maybe in order to do that I need to get my bum off the chair!! (And I'm so comfortable)

I got a great camera from my hubby and have been having great fun playing with it.

It has also been my mum's birthday "Happy Birthday you"!!!

This was the card I made for her using my new stamps bought from Jacqui's beautiful new shop in Alford "Go Create". The stamps are from the Stampingbella Ketto range and are so sweet. I started with the orange and black Harley theme for the card but the gold naturally took over as I played. I think it smacks of the 1970's, however I have been told bold bright is all back in.