Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween....may the spooks be with you!

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

Are you ready?
I have decorated my house this morning....the only time of the year I add cobwebs!
I thought I'd share my little pumpkins today as it is Halloween....

I  made them a few years ago when I did ceramics....BK (before kids!)  
OK, maybe more than a few years ago.
Buckets of sweets at the ready....and a skeleton stood guard at the front door!  Ready for the fun to begin later.  Will it go something like this.....

Five white ghosts and seven goblins,
Go parading down the street,
Boys and girls with funny faces,
Asking for a treat.
If a goblin rings my doorbell,
I will say "I'm not afraid!"
I will light my jack-o'lantern,
For the Hallowe'en parade.
I will give these scary people,
Apples, candy, cakes to eat;
Then I'll wave goodbye and watch them
As they march off down the street.

Baking done too, with Skull muffins (marbled purple and green!) and Pumpkin/ghostly flapjacks.....

Will the kids get here before it's all eaten?!    LOL.
If my gang have anything to do with it....this could be a possibility......

The house looks empty,
There's no one around,
There isn't a sight,
There isn't a sound.
In the darkness each ear,
I feel the same shame,
having eaten the treats...
Before the kids came!

Well, it would be rude not to taste test everything.....just in case!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for this evening.  I'm hoping for no nasty tricks and lots of yummy treats but only time will tell.  One thing is for's going to be a cold one.  
I hope the spooks are good to you.  

I'm off to finally catch up with a little!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's nearly time.....get out your broomsticks!

Halloween tomorrow excited boy and one not bothered!
It's an age thing!
One costume out ready to scare his friends parents and I shall be digging out my witchy hat to scare them all back!
Last night we had our carving of the pumpkins and here are the boys finished lanterns.

My older boy, having just seen the Lion King went for that option and did it all himself.  The only suggestion I made was to add the eyes with cocktail sticks.
My youngest made his with his Dad and picked this pattern....

I'm going to take a bit more flesh from the RIP so you can see it better tonight when it is lit.
Goody bags to sort and baking to do, not to mention to quickly decorate the house. 
But first, today I am popping out with my good pal Irene to the Auctions and for lunch....I wonder what we will see today?!
You'll also be pleased to hear I chose poppy making over ironing yesterday afternoon and now have 10 waiting to be sewn together. 
For those who asked I had a super massage too.....well chillaxed!
Enjoy your Wednesday.  x

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What is Stampin up?

I was going to do a different post today but after yesterdays feedback I thought I'd best answer this question first.....what is SU.
I like to describe it as party plan for card makers or think Tupperware for crafter's! 
It was started in America and you can see the history here. 
Basically it is a good quality stamping company that produces fine crafting products that all match (this to me is the major selling point) with a website and catalogues, but it is mainly run on a party plan system.
The stamps are sold in sets that have coordinating papers, pens, inks, ribbons, buttons etc.. that all match the colour combinations.  All the hard work of matching colours, patterns and stamps is done for you, with a less is more approach to card making.  They also do punches, die cuts and embossing folders that also coordinate, along with many other accessories.
Basically a card makers paradise all in the comfort of your own home with like minded friends invited.
Here is the UK site for further details or my contact is Kate.

Oh my their latest catalogue is fabulous!  (Must be said like Sharon Osbourne!)
Don't take my word for it have a look at the website and get a feel for the products.

What am I doing today?
This morning a little of the usual housework then I'm having a bit of a treat. One of my good pals Gill bought me a voucher for my birthday to have a beauty treatment so later this morning I'm off for a massage.   #chillaxe.
Then I have an appointment with ironing and poppy's, but not necessarily in that order!
Enjoy your Tuesday and I hope I've answered your questions.
Happy crafting.  x

Monday, October 28, 2013

Better late than not at all.

Evening all!  (That's the sound of the Police! Whoop, whoop!)

A late post from me today after going food shopping and catching up on some jobs today. 
I had a busy day at work Saturday and then a lovely evening at my pal, Irene's for an SU party. 
I can't wait to get all my new goodies. 
I spent more at Irene's than I did at the show in Glasgow, bizarre but true!
Loving the SU style just now, very much the LIS approach.

Going back to the weekend and after a busy day on Saturday we had our monthly crop in Hopeman on Sunday. 
I have been asked about this before.  A crop is a gathering of like minded crafters who get together to chat and craft.  We usually have lots of cake with tea and coffee too.  Oh and don't forget the giggles and chat!
As proof I have a picture of everyone beavering away, except Christel!!  LOL.

We'd all like to send our big thanks to Eileen for her beautiful chocolate cake, which was enjoyed.  #yummy!
It was agreed that you need to come to the crop!  ;)

I spent the crop making poppy's for Remembrance Day and still have more to do so I'm going to sign off and crack on.  Here is my finished poppy....

I have had orders for at least a dozen without even advertising the fact.  All monies will be going to the British Legion. 
Next year I maybe need to be better organised. 
That is the story of my life....everything is done at last minute. 
Still on the bright side I do usually get there eventually.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday evening. 
I'm looking forwards to the new series of Ripper Street and True Blood tonight, feet up crocheting away. x

Friday, October 25, 2013

What a lovely week out and about......where did I end up last....?!

Back home, unpacked but not sorted yet after a fun few days away.
Firstly we headed down to Edinburgh to see the Lion King which was absolutely fabulous, the costumes were amazing as was the music. 
It takes me back as hubby and I first watched the film in the States on our first holiday away together.  To cut a long story short there was a nasty hurricane in Florida that year and we ended up in the cinema one afternoon. 
The only thing that marred the whole experience at the theatre was the heat, it was hot, hot, hot!  My youngest became very uncomfortable and had to go out for fresh air, lucky for me, hubby took him. 
He was fine after a splash of water and ice-cream and didn't miss much at all.
On the way back to our accommodation we had a giggle as the taxi driver miss heard me and took us to the wrong hotel, LOL, we managed to catch him before he disappeared and had a lovely ride around Edinburgh.  We did giggle. 
I love Edinburgh at night all the building and the castle lit up.  We certainly don't build anywhere near the quality of buildings anymore, such a shame as I personally do think the older definitely have much more character and presence.

On to Wednesday and we spent the day in the Science centre in Glasgow having first booked into The Crowne Plaza...

What a super hotel especially for the SECC, you don't even have to go out in the rain!
A walk across the bridge and we were at the Science centre.

What a super place for kids and adults alike.  We had great fun trying different experiments and challenging each other.  My lot found the machine that made body noises the most fun.....I think it is a boy thing! 
We also really enjoyed this.....

Not the most flattering of photos!
It was good fun mind.  After the Science centre we went back to the hotel for a swim, sauna and Jacuzzi before enjoying a lovely meal.
Yesterday was spent here.....whoop, whoop!

The Christmas show and craft show at the SECC.  Whilst I wandered around the boys all visited the Transport museum and the rescue helicopter at my time was limited! 
I had a mad dash around the craft and hobby hall and the Christmas gift hall before meeting up with the lovely Cass and Susan.
Lots to see and so many people.  I did manage to get a few gifts for folk which I can't share in case they see them.  As for the crafty bits and bobs....I'm afraid I didn't find much I haven't already seen so this is what I came home with....

Wire, wire ribbon, ribbon and lace, bling, wooden buttons and glitter for cake making.  No stamps, papers or Spellbinders!  What is going on!!
I certainly wasn't going to fight to get at stalls but I nearly made a big purchase.
I very much liked the all singing and dancing sewing machines but chickened out of buying without doing a little more research first.  I don't as yet spend enough time on the sewing machine I already have but if I do to start to more, it will be top of my list.
Back down to earth with a bump today and off to work early tomorrow, another dine in weekend, it should be busy. 
I also have a SU party to look forwards to on Saturday night and a crop Sunday.
What a busy crafty weekend?!  Yippee!

It finally remains for me to wish you all the very best over the weekend.  Have a good one and happy crafting.  x 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can you guess where I am today...?

Today I am a little excited as I am making another visit.....can you guess where?
I'll be back later with a post....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hook, line and SINKer!

I did have a wee giggle to myself, easily amused, at my title today. 
If I have to it wrong?! 
A little hint....what I have been playing with and what this will be used for!

You've guessed it, another dish cloth but a change of pattern. 
I have used cotton yarn to make this....oh did I mention I think I am "hooked" on this new hobby?

I'm thinking ahead to Christmas now.  Useful Christmas present time? 
I don't know how well a dishcloth will be received but at least it will be put to work!
This is another prototype so will be living in my kitchen, when I finally get the kitchen decorated it will match beautifully.  Sad but true!  LOL. 

Today I am out and about again.
Did you guess where I was last night?
Yes it was my night to go and watch The Lion King.  WOW!  What an amazingly fabulous show, the costumes, the music.......stunning.  I can thoroughly recommend it, if you get chance.

Blown away doesn't come close!
More from me tomorrow.  Have a super Wednesday and happy crafting.  x

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Clean and by request.

Hi folks,  I have a very exciting day today, I will share all with you very soon but I will give you a clue...Hakuna Matata!!!

Have you got it?
Whilst I'm busy I thought I'd share "Jimmy's" other birthday card.  Now this looks very simple but I have done exactly as requested.  Game cards on a named card!

I had to sit on my hands so not to add more.  It seems so wrong just putting cards on a card!

Anyway I hope you have a super day back tomorrow with more.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting my hook on.....move over Granny and don't be's time for a little respect!

Hi folks and yep, Monday morning already.  Did you have a good weekend?
I had a good day at work on Saturday, not quite as frantic as normal but I had a couple extra pairs of hands out the back and it makes all the difference.  This was followed by a lazy evening in with a good meal and glass of wine.
Yesterday, I was going to do so much but then I got a bee in my bonnet or you could say a crochet itch and had to play instead.  Isn't that what Sunday's are all about?
As I have mentioned earlier I am making granny squares for cushions to go with my new chairs, unfortunately I have ran out of wool and need a trip to Aberlour for more so I decided to have a go at creating a poppy. 
My pal has a wee baby girl called Poppy and I thought it would be nice to crochet a wee hat and add a poppy as part of her Christmas pressy.

This is my first attempt, got a wee bit of tweaking to do I think but already had orders for 4 with just a mention on Facebook.  Many thanks to Amy for her pattern and getting my creative juices going, although I didn't follow 100 per cent it gave me the general idea.  You see and I'm admitting it here first, I do find written patterns a little difficult to all sounds foreign to me.  I took what I know and adapted!  #wingingit!

So what is on the cards today?
I have a card that I must make for a local lady and then you've guessed it, an appointment I put off yesterday, me and Mr Iron!  Boo.  I then have some house work to do and a trip out later this afternoon. 
Beautiful blue skies here today so I might just have to get that washing machine working hard first.
Enjoy your Monday, hugs.  x

Friday, October 18, 2013

A birdie and reflection!

Mmm a strange title but all will become clear as you read todays post, trust me!
Firstly a birdie, referring to this bespoke card I was asked to make recently for a chap who will be turning 80 and is keen on golf.

The plaid is by Joanna Sheen and buttons by Dress it up.  Card from The Papeterie and the 80 cut on my Cricut.

Now on to the reflection....this is what I bought at the Auctions....

Now I grant it isn't as exciting as the tea service but I have always wanted a full length mirror, every girl should have one!
There is no age to this mirror but I do like the is going to get a makeover.  The room it is going in has a silver, white and cream d├ęcor so it will be getting altered.  You'll have to watch this space to see how I get on......I have my Annie Sloan chalk paints at the ready!

This morning I'm off to visit a fella crafter Hayley for a wee catch up then I've promised the boys a walk in the woods with the dog later and some baking.  On the upside I ploughed through the ironing pile yesterday at great speed. 
Why then do we feel the need to get the washing up to date?  #Backtosquareone!  I just can't wait!
Anyway that's all from me today catch you again very soon.  x

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let it snow!

Well, guess what?  I won something at the Auctions again last night.  I've got to pick it up later so I will show you's a item ripe for a little altering!

I also have a few commissioned cards to show you too with a definite LIS feel to them but first today I thought I'd share another Christmas card with you....from times gone by.

For this card I have used a SN stamp Snow cozy, paper by Bobunny Tis the season, MS punch vintage lace, SU scalloped boarder, circle and scalloped circle punches.  Ribbon, buttons and charm from my stash.
This jolly snowman always makes me smile and he is really fun to colour.

Are you making your Christmas cards yet?
I know lots of you are.  I envy you but Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the mad rush in December to make all my cards....LIS definitely the way ahead!  Every year I plan to be more organised but end up getting later and later.

Today I have another order to complete, my auction item to pick up then an exciting afternoon planned with my ironing board.  The high life!
Have a super Thursday, back with more tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cooking up a storm with Jamie!

Afternoon to you and that's my visitors now left the building, beds to strip and remake and a wee splash of housework to do.  Firstly I am planning a quick trip to the Auction rooms to see what beauties are on sale this evening.....I wonder what I will find?  I was unlucky last week and didn't win anything I had bid on but you get weeks like that.  I will let you know how I get on.

I seem to remember mentioning that I would show you my goodies that I got for having my Jamie Oliver party.  I got the bowl, baking tray and book all at half price and the other items free!

Didn't she do well?
The gravy jug is just fab and has been used more straining my gravy.  The kids love the glass carafe which sits on the table with juice in at  tea time.....drinking more just now till the novelty wears off, which can't be a bad thing. 
Now which recipe shall I try next?
I can feel a cooking session coming on......

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spellbinders all the way, that's just rite!

Morning all, a lovely bright sunny morning here in the North of Scotland, long may it last. 
Today I am catching up on a few bespoke orders having done today's jobs then hopefully I might get in some crocheting later.
This is the card I made for my Aunt's birthday which was yesterday I am loving the range of Just Rite stamps that are designed to work with Spellbinder dies.

I have used card stock from The Papeterie in Aberdeen, A4 embossing folder Interlocking circles by Sue Wilson together with Spellbinder die Vintage labels two, Just Rite stamp set Live, love, laugh vintage labels two, bling and ribbon with a bow from my stash.

I love the simplicity of these cards letting the dies and stamps do all the work for you.

That's all from me today, short and sweet.
I'm away now to put my thinking cap on and crack on with a selection of bespoke cards. 
Enjoy your Tuesday.  x

Monday, October 14, 2013

Harley biker birthday time.

A late post today as we have visitors this week.  #Entertaining!
Eating lots, out and about too.  Lots of naughties to eat!

Yesterday it was my Dads birthday and if you read regular you would know he is a Harley biker. 
I've made all manner of biker cards over the years, so what to come up with this time?
A tough decision. 
As I was working last week I wanted something that I knew he would like but that wouldn't take all day to make.....I came up with this.

The Harley products are from EK Success and the card from The Papeterie. 
The embossing folder is by Spellbinder.

Also yesterday it was another family members birthday. 
Holly the dog was one. 
No we didn't have a party because she's a dog! 
But she did get a couple of presents, a new blanket, toy, bone and some treats.  How she has grown over the last year.  Don't take my word for it here's a couple of photos for you to compare.

Last Christmas.....

On the beach recently....

She loves to paddle at our local beach. 

What have you been up to today?
This morning I did the dreaded food shop then I had to get a tyre replaced on my car, it had a puncture, on the upside, I did manage lunch in Cruickshanks whilst I was waiting, nomn, nomn.    Now for the rest of today, cooking tea and hopefully some card making later. 
Enjoy the rest of your Monday.  x

Friday, October 11, 2013

So have you picked up your copy of the November issue Making Cards?

Good afternoon everyone and what a difference in the weather again today.  It's still cold but we've got beautiful clear blue skies and the sun is out.  A lovely walk was had with my pal and her dog this afternoon, when I should really have been doing some housework.  LOL.  My mother and father-in-law will just have to take me how they find me tomorrow as I shall be at work....the craft room is going to be out of bounds!
I had a very quick few hours in work this morning, emptying the lorry and then making up some sparkly boxes for display purposes, right up my street. 
I arrived home to two very huge boxes from my Jamie Oliver party from Monday.  I know, how quick was that.  I've even got half of it delivered to friends too.  I shall have to take a picture of what I got....all very nice and can't wait to play.

Back to today and as you can see from my title I am doing a bit of blowing my own trumpet today....not something I'm very good at normally but here goes.

This is my article in the November issue of Making Cards.  I sent it off around June time so I have been sitting on my hands ever since....not an easy thing to do when trying to craft as well!  ;)

Now I can share the card in the flesh, so to speak.

For this card I have used Spellbinder dies Classic square, Fleur de lis square, Ornate square and D-Lites Medallion together with the sentiment from Hero arts, ribbon and bling from my stash.

How about that then?!
That's a nice start to a busy weekend, with dine in at work tomorrow and then visitors arriving.
I hope this weather holds up too.
It only remains for me to wish you a very happy and productive weekend. 
Bye for now and happy crafting! 

Oh I nearly forgot.  I mentioned a while ago that the first person to see my article and mention it to me would win a wee prize.....the winner is Roz Souter....I shall be getting something in the post for you next week Roz and thanks for letting me know.  x

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.......

Are you singing along with me?
Back from work and today I brought home the Christmas food order book with me....drool, drool!  Where do you start?
This Christmas my hubby is working a 12 hours shift on the main day so I think it will be a quiet day in this house.  We might have to make up for it on Boxing day instead.  I don't know what hours I'll be working yet but the store is bound to be busy in the run up to the festive season.
Looking around other friends blogs I have noticed a lot of you are being so good and cracking on with those Christmas cards.  It is always a last minute affair in this house even though every year I say I'll be more organised.....every year I just get less!
I do think about it but then always seem to have something more urgent to do.  With that in mind I take my hats off to all of you out there who take the festive season in their stride mainly because you are so good at being organised.
I thought I'd share another oldie with you today, this is one of my favourite Hopeman Christmas cards, using mainly SU products.

I love this lighter colour of green rather than the usual darker shade.  CAS all the way at Christmas.

I spent most of my spare time on-line yesterday afternoon pondering on what to get my father for his birthday this weekend.  Decisions, decisions.  What do you buy folk that don't want anything.  I've done the food and drink, hampers, Harley products, balloons etc...the list goes on.  It always has to be postable too.  I've ended up with some fine film viewing and I shall pop a treat or two in the post too.
His card will follow shortly but I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet.

I was hoping to join in with Tim's Creative workshop this week but lots to do in the house first.  Visitors arriving next week and more to sort...the excitement is too much!
Yesterday I went to the auctions again and put bids on half a dozen items, what would I win this week?
Apparently nothing.  :(
Got my prices wrong this week.  Maybe next week I have to be brave and actually go and bid in real life rather than just leaving a maximum bid?  I'm always concerned I will get caught up in the moment....sit on your hands!!

Have a super Thursday and I'll be back again tomorrow.  x

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The north wind does blow....what a difference a day makes?!

Anyone else get up this morning and want to go back to bed?
It's horrible out there.  Dark and dreich, cold and windy.  What a difference a day makes?
It was beautiful yesterday and Holly and I had a lovely couple of walks along the beach in the sunshine.  Today it's a case of waiting for a gap in the wind and rain.....she's just like me, takes one look outside and then looks up at me as if to say, "well, if you think I'm going out in that, you're very much mistaken!"  Then she reverses back into the house and plonks herself back on her beanbag in front of the fire.  So sensible.
Popped into work this morning for a few hours just to help with the delivery and will be for the rest of the week.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
The cards are out and the wrap, plus the little gifts.  I wonder if it will be as crazy as it was last Christmas or is it just because that was my first Christmas?!  Only time will tell.

I was going to share my pots in the garden with you today, I attempted to go out and take photos but the weather is just vile.  The one thing I love about this year is the plants to go in the garden.  I normally don't fill all my pots up, just the ones out the front of the house.  The weather changes, not for the better and you don't seem to get out to enjoy them....that's my excuse! 
I love heathers, pansies and violas but my favourite is the ornamental cabbages like this.....

I think they're fab.  I have mine mixed in with white heather and purple viola this year. 
You've got to have a bit of colour especially when the weather is like it is today.

I had a lovely message on Facebook today from a friend in Inverness Roz to say she has got her November issue of Making cards and she likes my article!  I haven't seen it yet.
I would love to do more work like that, it's really enjoyable and a wee rush when it gets published.  #Excited!
My mum was out today looking for a copy, my biggest supporter. 
Anyway enough of this chat I have 4 birthdays coming up this weekend so need to get my "butt" in gear and get some cards made.  Plus I've got the usual housework and another visit to the opticians later in-between two drumming classes.  It's going to be a busy evening!
Enjoy your "hump" day and more from me tomorrow.  x

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Watch out Granny's theres a crochet hook out!

Morning, sorry I missed you all yesterday.  I was in M & S first thing getting wine and nibbles for my Jamie do last night, which went very well.  I had a house full of lovely friends, lots of giggles and great company, so thank you very much for coming.  x 
You all know who you are!!
I've got some lovely goodies coming my way, which I'll show you when they arrive and Jamie blew me a wouldn't it be kind to collect in person?  LOL. 
That sounds so wrong!
Even my boys watched and joined in and refused to go upstairs out of the way. 
Holly was centre of all the attention too and hubby and his friend Phil helped in the kitchen with drinks and food, which I was very grateful for, thanks to you guys. 
Phil makes a mean chutney and brought some round for me recently, it went mighty fine with the food.....our very own Jamie!  He even roped the boys into the kitchen making the salad and dressing. 
A right family affair. (He's Holly's human dad, if you know what I mean).

My afternoon yesterday was spent tidying the which my eldest boy said "Mum I've never seen the house so tidy!"
I don't know whether to be pleased, as a teenager, that he noticed or upset because the rest of the time the house isn't tidy?!*  :)
No one went into my craft room which is where I hid all the bits and bobs that usually get left lying around....I've had to climb in to reach this computer today so guess this room will be my next project!

Back to crafting and today I wanted to show you my recent Granny square, this time using lovely wool rather than cotton.  I know I was going to show you two or threes squares and see which you preferred for my cushions but my pal Irene was around recently and she picked the one I was edging towards, so job done.....this is the colour combo I am making my cushions out of.

Now you might think what a strange colour combo but when you see it next to my new chairs you will understand why....

Honest in the daylight the colours match really well!
My wool is from Three Bags Wool in Aberlour, oh it's a knitter and crocheters paradise.
The square was created using a size 5 hook. 
I now just have to get my skates on and produce another 17!!  Phew.

That's all from me today I have a few bespoke cards to catch up on this morning and then a couple of rooms to tidy...might as well carry on the cleaning whilst I'm in the doesn't happen very often! 
Have a super Tuesday and happy crafting!  x

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Oh Sunday, Sunday...what have you planned for me?!

This post today is for Patricia who asked me on my last post what a Jamie Oliver party is.

You can find out more here.
My immediate boss at work has just started to work for Jamie and I love his cook books so I said I would have a party for her. 
I believe at the party the man himself will make an appearance too! 
Via video link of course but it should be fun. 
I have my eyes on a couple of the products and I'm sure it will be a fun night with a few friends.

It only remains for me to have a good old tidy up today leaving me time to do a little baking tomorrow and pop to town for some wine and nibbles.
The sooner I crack on the sooner I will be done and then I might even get a little crafty time in.

I had a super day at work yesterday, it was really busy but I really enjoyed the day.  Everyone seemed on good form, although one of my colleagues did manage to make me jump out of my skin twice my sneaking up on me in the warehouse!  LOL. 
I must have feet like an elephant as I couldn't repay the service!

Although the Harbour day in the village was missed by me I believe a grand afternoon was had by all.  In fact I met people at work late afternoon who had been and had a great time.  I've never seen my hubby so tired when I got home...he'd been on his feet all day!
It sounded worth it with lots of different local companies, charities and businesses taking part.

The cake stand had a roaring success as did the Lifeboat from Buckie.  The staff from Gordonstoun had all the sailing boats and fire engine out.  The ribs from Findhorn came over and did rides out. 
There was local beers from Lossiemouth, burgers, ice-creams and music.  I could go on naming everyone that made the afternoon a success but won't.
The event was to raise funds for work on the harbour in order that we can continue to enjoying the great facilities we have.  Lets hope it becomes a regular annual event then I might make it next year.

It only remains for me to wish you a very relaxing Sunday.  I'm away to walk the dog and then crack on with some household chores.  Boo!  x

Friday, October 04, 2013

Time for tea?

Afternoon all.
No post again from me yesterday.  I had a few errands to run in the morning then I caught up with my pal Irene for my next crochet lesson.  By jove I think I've got it!  LOL. 
Then I had the delight of appointments for all of us at the opticians.
That was my day gone. 
I'm happy as my prescription hasn't changes enough to warrant new glasses, phew. 
My youngest has got new ones and mighty fine they are too, he looks quite intelligent in them.  He smiled when I said that. 
The other trip I went on was back to the Auctions in Elgin.  On Wednesday I popped to my local craft shop to see Kate and then to the supermarket for food, whilst passing the Auctions I had the desire to pop in.  I left a couple of bids on boxes of items and actually won one.
This is my new tea service.....

Don't get me wrong I have a couple of good tea services I've had since my Wedding but I don't like to use them....why do we keep things for best?!
I keep them because every time I use them something seems to get broken.  That is the main reason it only comes out occasionally.  With this set I can use it every day and not worry. 
A proper cup of tea in a china cup....just need some cake now!
I feel the need to bake.
I don't think there is any age to them but I do like the has teal in it!  What's not to like? 
I don't think that they're overly girlie either....cause I don't do girlie.  ;)
The other lot I was outbid on but such is life.  I just don't like being at the rooms when the auction is on, I daren't move in case I buy something I don't want.

Moving on...the card I'm sharing today is another CAS bespoke card with the brief this time being for a lady who gardens and had travelled the world cruising. 

I like the idea of the map being a poster on the wall as the plant pots are to be filled and watered.
That's my thinking behind the card anyway.
I have a Spellbinder die in there, a couple of buttons, a stamp from docrafts Seed packets and some Earth flower soft.

So what do you have planned for the weekend?
I'm in work tomorrow but my hubby is involved with our local "Harbour day".  If you are around Hopeman tomorrow afternoon between 12 and 4 pop to the harbour, lots to do and see, with home bakes, local beers and boat rides to be had, to name but a few.  It sounds as if it will be a super afternoon and the forecast looks good too.
No plans for my on Sunday as yet but as I'm having friends over Monday evening for a Jamie Oliver party maybe some house work will be in order.

Have a super weekend.  x

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Twin birthdays. Double the trouble.....or is it?

Morning, apologises for being MIA yesterday.  You know when you have a good week planned playing catch up on jobs with the hope of some free time to play?  Something always goes wrong, doesn't it?!
Well to cut a long story short, I wasn't too well Monday afternoon and yesterday, I had lunch out Monday before grabbing my climbing boots and crampons to start the ironing and came home, within an hour.....oh not good! 
I won't expand as it wasn't nice but I am unsure as to whether it was the food, me or a bug.  If it had been a bug I'm sure I would have been worse.  I'm hedging towards the fact that since dieting there seems to be certain foods I just now can't eat without feeling rough.  They don't tell you this at the diet clubs!
I find anything fatty or too sweet now just really upsets my system, anyone else had similar problems?
Needless to say I've only made it half way up my mountain of ironing having slept quite a lot the last day or two....#feeling very lazy. 
I like to be able to crack on with things and get frustrated with myself when I have a lazy day.

Anyway enough of this feeling sorry for myself today I wanted to share with you another couple of CAS bespoke cards, this time for twins turning 18.  The brief football for the boy neutral colours and pink and girlie for the girl.  I do like to make these simple birthday cards with big letters using my oodles of buttons I've collected over the years.

I have used my cricut for the numbers, embossing folders from SU and Cuttlebug, buttons from my stash.

So folks lots of boring things to catch up on today, food shopping, housework and ironing.....can't wait! 
Then drumming lessons later this evening.  Today is going to be fun or should I say #normal!
Might have to craft at some point just to keep my hand in.
Enjoy your Wednesday.  x