Sunday, October 06, 2013

Oh Sunday, Sunday...what have you planned for me?!

This post today is for Patricia who asked me on my last post what a Jamie Oliver party is.

You can find out more here.
My immediate boss at work has just started to work for Jamie and I love his cook books so I said I would have a party for her. 
I believe at the party the man himself will make an appearance too! 
Via video link of course but it should be fun. 
I have my eyes on a couple of the products and I'm sure it will be a fun night with a few friends.

It only remains for me to have a good old tidy up today leaving me time to do a little baking tomorrow and pop to town for some wine and nibbles.
The sooner I crack on the sooner I will be done and then I might even get a little crafty time in.

I had a super day at work yesterday, it was really busy but I really enjoyed the day.  Everyone seemed on good form, although one of my colleagues did manage to make me jump out of my skin twice my sneaking up on me in the warehouse!  LOL. 
I must have feet like an elephant as I couldn't repay the service!

Although the Harbour day in the village was missed by me I believe a grand afternoon was had by all.  In fact I met people at work late afternoon who had been and had a great time.  I've never seen my hubby so tired when I got home...he'd been on his feet all day!
It sounded worth it with lots of different local companies, charities and businesses taking part.

The cake stand had a roaring success as did the Lifeboat from Buckie.  The staff from Gordonstoun had all the sailing boats and fire engine out.  The ribs from Findhorn came over and did rides out. 
There was local beers from Lossiemouth, burgers, ice-creams and music.  I could go on naming everyone that made the afternoon a success but won't.
The event was to raise funds for work on the harbour in order that we can continue to enjoying the great facilities we have.  Lets hope it becomes a regular annual event then I might make it next year.

It only remains for me to wish you a very relaxing Sunday.  I'm away to walk the dog and then crack on with some household chores.  Boo!  x


Hazel said...

Erika, the Jamie party sounds like it could be fun. A mum at the girls school cooks loads of his meals, she does not work away from home, she is an artist so she looks in her cooking books chooses what she will cook for the so many meals gets every thing in sticks to her menu. I wish I was like that anyway she fines Jamie's meals the best to work with. I will have to tell her about the party thing.
Glad the harbour day went well our village doesn't do anything to help its self. It's sad.
Have fun doing the housework (not I hear you say) I am doing the same. Hazel x

Patricia said...

Good evening Erika,
Thank you for the heads up on the Jamie Oliver Party.
Sounds good, I like to watch him doing his 30min meals.

Glad the harbour day went well. Our tiny village used to have an open day in the village park. Unfortunately the man who organized it died la couple of years ago. I did try to keep it going but could not rustle up enough help or interest from all the oldies or even any of the younger residents in the village.
Although I have lived in the village for 18 years I feel I am still an incomer.
Have a great week

Patricia xxx