Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hook, line and SINKer!

I did have a wee giggle to myself, easily amused, at my title today. 
If I have to it wrong?! 
A little hint....what I have been playing with and what this will be used for!

You've guessed it, another dish cloth but a change of pattern. 
I have used cotton yarn to make this....oh did I mention I think I am "hooked" on this new hobby?

I'm thinking ahead to Christmas now.  Useful Christmas present time? 
I don't know how well a dishcloth will be received but at least it will be put to work!
This is another prototype so will be living in my kitchen, when I finally get the kitchen decorated it will match beautifully.  Sad but true!  LOL. 

Today I am out and about again.
Did you guess where I was last night?
Yes it was my night to go and watch The Lion King.  WOW!  What an amazingly fabulous show, the costumes, the music.......stunning.  I can thoroughly recommend it, if you get chance.

Blown away doesn't come close!
More from me tomorrow.  Have a super Wednesday and happy crafting.  x


Shazza said...

you lucky thing, would love to see it. Great cloth by the way, think I need the pattern to get meself a new one rustled up x

cuilliesocks said...

Never have even seen the movie Erika, but so pleased it was so good, but live performances are always good.

Well I think this is to lovely to be a dishcloth, it's great and I love the colour, hugs Kate x

Patricia said...

Glad you enjoyed the show, would love to do that one.
Now as for your "dish cloth" I would be happy with that only thing is .... It's the wrong colour, I need Cerise Pink!!!!!
I have some very fine Crochet Cotton it you ever need it......
Happy Crafting

Patricia xxx