Monday, December 30, 2013

Can it get much CAS than this? Scandinavian style.

Morning's nearly time for a New year to start.....what are your plans?
Do you make resolutions?
How long is it before you break them?  LOL.
My first New Years resolution should be to tidy this craft room and have a clear out.  The state it is at the moment really doesn't encourage the creative juices to flow.  Before I start it though I have a date baking with my eldest and a whole heap of ironing to tackle.

Thanks for all your well wishes and lovely comments after my last post.  I really appreciate it.  Both my youngest and I are fine now. 
I was away for blood tests this morning just to make sure my symptoms are nothing serious and now have to play the waiting game, but I am feeling much better. 
I'm not at work now till Friday and Saturday so I'm planning to catch up on jobs and friends, oh and it would be lovely to have a wee craft. 
We got a few new board games for Christmas too so planning on having some fun with the kids also.

The card today is very simple and the stamps are all by Waltzing Mouse.  I love the Scandinavian style which has been as popular this year as it was last.

I was thinking woolly jumpers whilst making this quick card before Christmas.  I think I could have blinged it up a bit more with clear crystals rather than a red one, hindsight is a wonderful thing!
In my defence it was flat to post and quick to make which was just perfect when so busy with work before Christmas.

How is the weather with you?
It's grey and dreich here in the North of Scotland but after the recent bad weather I believe the south have had the worst of it.  My thoughts are with you if you were affected and I hope you are able to get back to normal as soon as possible.  For some though it may be a long time. 

Right I better go and get my baking head on, enjoy the rest of your day.  x

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Staying warm.....hooker style!

Hi folks and it finally caught up with me, all the fun of the festive season saw me take to my bed yesterday rather than going into work.  (And I never take to my bed!) 
Then my wee man started in the early hours of this morning too.  Best paint a cross on door!
Actually he has bounced back quicker than me and was asking for sweets this afternoon as if nothing had happening in the early hours of the day.  Bless. 
On the upside I think both are unrelated so fingers crossed it stops there.

Rather than dwell on the unpleasant I thought I'd finally share the picture of my little baby crocheted hats I made for Christmas.

This is for my friends little girl Poppy, and the whole reason I was practising crocheted poppy's earlier in the year.  I do hope she likes it and it fits. 
I also made a slightly bigger one for my youngest niece the next size up from Poppy's.

Slightly different in size and shape but I have to admit my favourite is the red and biscuit one.

I really enjoyed making these although I had to have a couple of practise runs at crocheting in a round at first.  I was also introduced the wonders of using markers!  OMG how good are they?!
It's the simple things that make life easier. 

So what have you been up to this weekend.  We've had a quiet one, because we've had too. 
This afternoon was spent snuggled up on the sofa watching The Croods with my boys, what a great film, very funny indeed.
I have a mountain of ironing and other things to do but it can all will still be there tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back soon.  x 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone.

Oh well I didn't get a post up on Christmas eve or yesterday.  #Busy chilling in the real world.
Did he visit you?
He's been here.
Christmas eve was spent making sure I had all the last minute food bits and bobs, wrapping and delivering presents.
Christmas day was an early start in this house with the kids up at 6.  Excited!  Mind you my husband was up for a 12 hour shift also so it was nice to open the presents with him before he headed off for the day. 
I had a lovely walk on the beach with my best mate and our dogs, no snow here just bright blue skies.
Later in the morning we popped into hubby's work to see how his day was going before I came home and cracked on with the lunch.  The rest of my day was spent chilling, watching films, eating and drinking....a relaxing Christmas day.
I'll be back in the kitchen today as I have a big joint of beef from work for later, a family tradition, we always have beef on Boxing day followed by a walk along the beach or to the woods.

So what am I sharing today?
In the true spirit of Christmas I thought I'd share my Christmas cake with you.  I have followed Mary Berry's recipe this year and added a little extra brandy!

It even fits in my new glass dome.  Just!

Back to normal here tomorrow as I head into work both Friday and Saturday.  I think there will be lots of tidying to do after the carnage that is Christmas in the retail world.  It should be fun!
I hope you are enjoying the festive season.  I'll be back again soon.  x

Monday, December 23, 2013

MIA and not crafting in sight.

Hi all, bet you are wondering what had happened?
Probably not, as you are all in the same boat so to speak.
I have my last shift at work tonight after working full time for the last couple of has been a shock to the system!  Work has been all variations of manic! 
On the upside the time passes very quickly and there is always good food available to keep you topped up.

Along with that I have been writing my cards and wrapping presents together with all the other little jobs that this time of year brings.

Today I have my Christmas cake to ice and the rest of the presents to wrap. 
My food shop was done first thing this morning with a view to putting my feet up tomorrow and relax. 
With that in mind I hope to find time for a better post tomorrow for you all.

Meantime good luck with all your festive preparations and take care out there!  x

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What birthday card do you send to a man with a "chuck" business?

Morning all, missing in action again just late.  That's me got the next couple of days off after 7 days in work before the final Christmas onslaught from Thursday to Christmas eve.  You know what that means?
Over the next couple of days I want to wrap up Christmas, finish my shopping, wrap the presents, make my Christmas cake (yes, it still needs to be made) and write my Christmas cards!
I also have all the housework, ironing and food shopping and the cherry on the youngest boys advent tomorrow.  I think I'd be better off at work!  ;)
How are you getting on?
All organised?
Would you believe I am also still looking at making some presents as well!
On the Saturday before Christmas we are wearing Christmas jumpers to work instead of I'm afraid that is one thing I do not own.  So yep, you've guessed it, I shall be trying to come up with something on that front too before Saturday....I think that will be an evening job.

Back to today and just for a change I have a bespoke order I made recently for my BF.  The must have a chicken on it.
Now this card was for, I believe, the owner of Allarburn Dairy in Elgin.  If you haven't been to their farm shop or cafĂ© it really is a must.

I've had the die for the chicken for many years, it is a Quickutz die.  I can't believe it's taken me years to use it.  It might have to come back out for Easter now I've dusted it down.
What have you got planned today? 
I'm away now to put my Christmas cake in the oven....#lastminute!
I will get there I finish decorating the house too.
Have a super day and I'll be back tomorrow with more.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Have a jolly holly Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho, good afternoon all.  Back again today with another simple Christmas card on a similar theme to yesterdays.  This embossing folder was in a twin pack with yesterday folder and I could just not resist having a play with it too.

I have embossed the card then added ink on the leaves before dabbing with my green perfect pearls and red stickles.  The sentiment is by PI.

Today I spent the morning in work and this afternoon had my youngest boy's assembly.  This evening I hope to make some mince pies and my Christmas cake after tea so I better get moving.
Have a super weekend, I'm in work for most of it.  Take care and I'll catch up with you later on Monday.  x

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A little Christmas foliage, Tim Holtz Alterations style.

Back again with a wee post for you this evening, better late than not at all. 
This next card I am showing you I made at our Christmas crop a couple of weeks ago now.  A couple of days ago I was checking out my twitter account and found out that a well known crafter from the states had done exactly the same background as me, same colours, everything.  How spooky is that?!  Talk about being on the same wave length.  Bizarre!
Anyway here is my card.

The sentiment stamp is by Unity stamps and the embossing folder by Tim Holtz Alterations. 
I have added embossing ink to the raised area then silver Pearl ex.
Again another simple card.

I'm away now to put up my Christmas decorations! 
I'm going to try and get in the festive spirit, maybe a wee dram might help....ho, ho, ho!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

I had to share this on my blog as a friend posted it on Facebook and thought it was just magical and in the true spirit of Christmas.

Christmas tag.....your it!

Hi folks, another busy day at work today.  I'm such a lightweight and feeling positively weary this staying power.
Tonight I thought I'd share tags with you.  It's not fancy tags today but clean and simple ones for all the mountains of Christmas presents you will be sending in the next couple of weeks.  This is a great way to use up odds and ends from throughout the year with the simple addition of a couple of punches, bling/glitter, ribbon or string. 

Why not get the kids involved too!


I saw something very similar in a high end boutique recently and had a light bulb moment!
Those old punches that you don't use but keep for the kids to play with....get them out and have some fun with them.
I'm sure you'll agree it's a simple and easy way to use up all those scraps of card and can be easily co-ordinated to match any wrap.

I love the last one in the green.  Which is your favourite?
Why not have a go at this simple idea?

That's all from me today, my boys have drumming and then I have a crochet flower to make.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.  x

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ho, ho, ho......a very late post indeed....time for another CAS Christmas card!

Hi all and what a busy day I've had at work again today.  I thought I'd share a quick card with you this evening before I go and finish my second crocheted hat.  Yes the first one took a couple of weeks and the second a couple of nights, that's what I call progress!
So here is another CAS card for you this evening.

Another black and cream number.  The embossing folder is from sizzix and the stamp is by SU.
Nice and simple.
Well folks I'm signing off now to go and relax with a ball of yarn.  Another late post for me tomorrow with work during the day.  Have a good one and I'll hopefully catch up with you again tomorrow evening.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Anyone it would think it was Christmas?!

Morning all, how are you all?
How are your Christmas plans coming along?

I have failed miserably on the card front with only makes for immediate family, M & S are providing the rest, slap wrists!
I would usually beat myself up about this but you know what, why bother?
There is enough pressure at this time of year to create the perfect Christmas without worrying about what really isn't that important.  In my defence the new printer I got doesn't do what I want it to do so went back.  I am therefore resigned to hand writing everything until another new one arrives.  I usually print my news on the inside of my cards together with up to date photos...guess that won't be happening. 

How was your weekend?
A busy day for me in M & S Saturday....anyone would think there was a special celebration coming up soon! 
I don't mind being busy at all, the day passes so quickly and before you know it it's time to go home.
Sunday was a lazy day for me as I wasn't feeling the best, guess that's the shock of working more hours!  Part-timers.....just can't take the pace!
I seem to be better today so lots to catch up on, for a start I've still got all my cards to sort and my Christmas cake to make.  Better soak my fruit today so I can make the cake later this week.
I'm in work 5 days this week too so better get cracking with all things at home, whilst I do that I thought I'd leave you with one of the cards I made at the Christmas crop.

A none traditional coloured CAS Christmas card for you.  I love black and cream, such a classic combination.  The tree stamp is by Clarity stamps and the sentiment by Waltzing Mouse, the trees have been stamped in black and then embossed with iridescent powder, you can't see the sparkle with my photography, sorry.  The edging is a EK Success punch called plaid.
I must mention this all the time but I really am enjoying the less is more approach to card making just now, it's flat for posting too, that's got to be good for Christmas, no?!

Anyway I better go and crack the stick, kitchen decorating, ironing, housework is going to be a fun day!
I hope you have a super week and more from me later tomorrow.  x

Friday, December 06, 2013

Take one felt pattern and adjust.......what else can you do with it?

Where did yesterday go?  Did you miss me?
The busy time at work has started and no sooner am I home then the kids are too, then round 2 starts.  Yesterday evening there was a craft fair at my youngest boys school too so it would have been rude not to pop in for that.  By the time I was home I just flopped in front of the TV with my crocheting. 
And chillaxe!

Today another day in work and up early again tomorrow glorious food!
I thought I'd share yesterdays picture and todays in this post as I didn't get near the computer yesterday after work. 
I took the pattern from Percy, my earlier post, and adjusted slightly and this is what I came up with.....

A wee tweak and we have Robby the robin...and how about......

Olly the owl?
Just a few new decorations for the Christmas tree this year. 
Do you make your own tree decorations?

Short and sweet from me today.  Have a super weekend and wrap up's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....the weather has dropped quite a lot the last couple of days.
Take care and I'll be back soon with more.  x

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

We've had paper, card, wool and cotton how about a bit of felt today.

Afternoon it's a cold outside! 
It was freezing on the beach this morning, but I was awake by the time I got home.
I had a text yesterday asking if I could work the rest of the week so there was my planned Christmas card making out of the window.  Having said that I had a fun day at work today, the festive season is definitely in full swing, busy, busy, busy!  Everyone one was in good cheer with even a few festive songs....and more food than you could shake a stick at.  Ho, ho, ho!

Whilst I catch up on things I should have done earlier remember I mentioned I was making some felt wasn't nearly as exciting as bunting....I think Patricia guesses that was this little chap here....

Meet Percy the Penguin.

Every year I like to make something new to go on our family Christmas tree and this year it is Percy's turn.  I got this in kit form from my pal Karen a couple of Christmases' ago and hadn't had chance to make it up. 
Tomorrow I'll show you what I made when I altered the pattern slightly....can you guess?!

I had another evening last night crocheting then taking out more!  But then a miracle happened and I finally have a proper little hat now.....but it looks very small.  You can not imagine how chuffed I am....I'm sure a seasoned crocheter would have made half a dozen by now!  I shall have to take a picture and show you when it is finished.  Got the flower to make now and just the rim to finish.  I'm hoping to get to it later this evening.
Anyway that's all from me today back late again tomorrow after work, enjoy your Wednesday evening....middle of the week again already....where does the time go?!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

As wise as an owl, sizzix style!

Hi folks and a late post from me tonight....I really should be making tea but have just snuck away to update this.  Busy day today, mega food shop this morning and then a little boy home from school for lunch and a pal around this afternoon. 
I don't know where the day has gone. 
I also had a mad dash out this evening to pick up a new printer as mine gave up the ghost yesterday after one of my boys had been using it!

Today's card I am sharing is the one I made for my pal Irene who had a birthday at the weekend.  She has been helping me with my crocheting so it seemed only fitting to use this wise bird for the card.

I do love this sizzix die, I've also used a couple of embossing folders and googly eyes too.  Clean and simple again with a colour scheme that matches her room. 

Last night I had a bit of a mare with my baby hat again....took out more than I left in!  At this rate I could have crocheted at least another one.  Sometimes the instructions really are not very clear for a beginner....but I am determine to get there.

Anyway short tonight as I better get the tea sorted then I might just get around to unpacking my new toy!
Have a super evening and I promise I'll be back a little earlier tomorrow.

Monday, December 02, 2013

What do you call a gaggle of Christmas crafters?!

On Sunday just gone is was our annual Christmas all day crop and we had a full house.  We all brought food for lunch and goodies for later in the day and got to work crafting.
Great fun was had by all....mind you some were more productive than others.  I only managed 5 cards and 1/2 a dozen simple Christmas tags but one of the girls did all her Christmas cards.....way to go!

Here's a picture of the happy band of crafters just after can tell by the smiles!

It was also two of the girls birthdays....what better way to spend the day?  Crafting and cake!
A winning combination.

Thanks for a lovely day ladies and for all the fabby grub too.  A full tummy, lots of giggles, chat and crafting, a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Back to today and I have a couple of bespoke orders to crack on with first and a couple of postings for the other blog I am involved in.  Whilst I mention that you might like to pop on over and have a read.  It's a Creative world are running the 12 days of Christmas crafty inspiration with not one but two posts a day! 
I'm loving today's post by's so on my to do list before Christmas.  A great stocking filler!

The kitchen decorating has ground to a halt over the weekend as my other half is back on shift and I'm trying to get on top of Christmas before my hours at work increase. Will it be finished in time for Christmas?
I doubt it, but heigh ho....that's how things go when you are doing it yourself...or should I really say "ho, ho, ho!" 
We will get there eventually.

Last night when I got home I tackled my crocheted bonnet again.  I think I took more stitches out than I finished.....I was going great guns till I thought it didn't look right and decided to take it out and start again.  Still I think I have now got it....whatever "it" might be.  I'm hoping to finish it later in the day when I get chance. 
I have a boy home for lunch and another with chanter lessons later but do hope to sit by the fire in the warm and crochet eventually.

That's all from me today enjoy your Monday....not long now!
More from me tomorrow.  x