Saturday, December 28, 2013

Staying warm.....hooker style!

Hi folks and it finally caught up with me, all the fun of the festive season saw me take to my bed yesterday rather than going into work.  (And I never take to my bed!) 
Then my wee man started in the early hours of this morning too.  Best paint a cross on door!
Actually he has bounced back quicker than me and was asking for sweets this afternoon as if nothing had happening in the early hours of the day.  Bless. 
On the upside I think both are unrelated so fingers crossed it stops there.

Rather than dwell on the unpleasant I thought I'd finally share the picture of my little baby crocheted hats I made for Christmas.

This is for my friends little girl Poppy, and the whole reason I was practising crocheted poppy's earlier in the year.  I do hope she likes it and it fits. 
I also made a slightly bigger one for my youngest niece the next size up from Poppy's.

Slightly different in size and shape but I have to admit my favourite is the red and biscuit one.

I really enjoyed making these although I had to have a couple of practise runs at crocheting in a round at first.  I was also introduced the wonders of using markers!  OMG how good are they?!
It's the simple things that make life easier. 

So what have you been up to this weekend.  We've had a quiet one, because we've had too. 
This afternoon was spent snuggled up on the sofa watching The Croods with my boys, what a great film, very funny indeed.
I have a mountain of ironing and other things to do but it can all will still be there tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back soon.  x 


Shazza said...

aw sorry you are feeling rotten, get well soon. Love the hats, you are clever

Patricia said...

Aw! Erika here's a few (((((hugs))))) hope they help.
Nothing worse when you are feeling under the weather.
Working just a bit too hard me thinks!!!!!
Hope the wee lad is better.
Love your little hats they are beautiful my favourite is the white and pink.
I am struggling with the shawl I was doing. Had to take it all back, really messed up. It was so,lacy I could not pick it back to fix the mistakes I made.
Having to rethink what I will make.
Off to make a cuppa hopefully I can make that without making a mess

Patricia xx

Kat said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill Erika. Hope you're feeling better now.

Love those little hats. I can just see my Poppy wearing a hat like that!

Now that Christmas is past I'm going to relax with some knitting and crocheting.

Kat xx

Hazel said...

Not good feeling ill and having to deal with your wee lad being ill, why do children get over it quicker than us?
Love your hats. Take it easy. Hazel xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Erika, so sad you are poorly and your wee boy too. Hope you are on the mend. Adore your hats cannot choose what one I like best as they are both beautiful..

Take it easy and speedy recovery.

Wilma x x x

Rachel said...

Lovely poppy hat...get well soon x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, working too hard, and your little one too, hope you bounce back as quickly as he has.
your crochet hats are beautiful, well done, I love the poppy one, my kind of colours.
Loads of hugs, Kate X