Wednesday, December 04, 2013

We've had paper, card, wool and cotton how about a bit of felt today.

Afternoon it's a cold outside! 
It was freezing on the beach this morning, but I was awake by the time I got home.
I had a text yesterday asking if I could work the rest of the week so there was my planned Christmas card making out of the window.  Having said that I had a fun day at work today, the festive season is definitely in full swing, busy, busy, busy!  Everyone one was in good cheer with even a few festive songs....and more food than you could shake a stick at.  Ho, ho, ho!

Whilst I catch up on things I should have done earlier remember I mentioned I was making some felt wasn't nearly as exciting as bunting....I think Patricia guesses that was this little chap here....

Meet Percy the Penguin.

Every year I like to make something new to go on our family Christmas tree and this year it is Percy's turn.  I got this in kit form from my pal Karen a couple of Christmases' ago and hadn't had chance to make it up. 
Tomorrow I'll show you what I made when I altered the pattern slightly....can you guess?!

I had another evening last night crocheting then taking out more!  But then a miracle happened and I finally have a proper little hat now.....but it looks very small.  You can not imagine how chuffed I am....I'm sure a seasoned crocheter would have made half a dozen by now!  I shall have to take a picture and show you when it is finished.  Got the flower to make now and just the rim to finish.  I'm hoping to get to it later this evening.
Anyway that's all from me today back late again tomorrow after work, enjoy your Wednesday evening....middle of the week again already....where does the time go?!


Patricia said...

Brilliant project love this.
Here was me thinking you had created a whole banner using the penguin!!!
I have knitted for years but this shawl almost had me tearing my hair out. Got it now!! Growing very quickly.
Good luck with Crochet this evening.

Patricia. xxx

Hazel said...

Erika what a great idea making something for your tree every year, love this little fellow.
Hazel xx

~ Ali Robertson ~ said...

Loving Percy, I'm creating with felt too at the moment can't share just yet though

Percy is a winner

Ali x

Lau W said...

Oh he's cuuuuuute ! SUperb creation aigain my friend !

Juls said...

Fabulous!! Hugs Juls