Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A wee progress report....hooking style.

Good morning and how are you this Tuesday morning?

I have a day off today and it's a beautiful day, my walk along the beach with the dog this morning was lovely.  The sun is out and it is warm enough still for a t-shirt.  #lovewhereyoulive
It was so nice I did even contemplate finding a nice rock to sit on for a while to enjoy the sunshine and view.  (Meet Scotland's answer to Shirley Valentine...."Hello rock!")
The only downside being, today is my only day off this week apart from Sunday, therefore I have a list as long as my arm of jobs and tasks to achieve instead.  This working lark really eats into crafty time! Even my crocheting on an evening has been slow.  My "staying power" is obviously weak with hubby on shift, work and all the usual everyday things to do, where does the time go?
It will be Christmas before we know it!

Today I thought I'd show you how slow my progress has been with my crocheting.

Only 190 left to make and then stitch together!  I might have to stitch and go I think.  The thought of having 196 to stitch in a oner is a little scary.  I think it might have to be a long term project especially if I am going to make some gifts for Christmas too.

I was also looking at patterns for poppy's last night.  Do I use one I've seen, do I use last years or do I make one up myself.  Decisions, decisions.  I have seen some beautiful ones on Pinterest but if I am going to do them again for Remembrance day I need it to be good but not too complicated.
I am drawn to the beautiful yet complicated ones....force of habit, but I need to get my sensible head on instead.
I mean look at this one....


Or this one.....


I would love to rattle these off but I know my limitations.  Don't you think it is stunning work?
Mine will not be as complicated because at the end of the day I shall be wanting to make as many as I can to raise funds for the British Legion again. 

I guess you can say I've got the next few months mapped out, now all I need is some willpower, more energy and a few extra hours in the day!
Catch you tomorrow.  x

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A wee giggle for the weekend.

Well, it would be rude not to have a wee giggle!
Hi, how are you?  How is your weekend going so far?
I can't wait to get home after work, have my tea and then chill out with my boys.
Whilst I am busy running around this morning I saw this funny yesterday and thought I'd share it, it made me smile.  Ever had this feeling?

Maybe that is why my room always looks like a bomb has gone off?  That's my excuse anyway.

Then I saw this stamp and really did giggle, although I have to say I would seriously scar my boys and the neighbours if I did this, not to mention how chilly I would be.  :0

Now there's a challenge for you folks!
I'm glad I'm at work.  Not something you'd want to Skype either!
Have a super Saturday and more from me on Monday.  x

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's that Friday feeling again, how about sharing an oldie with me?

Good afternoon, I did mention yesterday that I'd be posting slightly later today.  I've been into work with my goodies, wish I was staying today, one of the girls has even set up a chocolate fountain! Nomm.
Let's hope that the gang all enjoy the different nibbles today.
After popping into work I had a couple of messages to do and a bit of food shopping followed by my appointment.  It was a mighty fine appointment and a wee treat after all the extra hours I have clocked up in work, it was a hot stone massage!  Oh my how fine it was.  The only problem is I was going to spend the afternoon catching up on some housework but I'm to sit quiet and relax.  I don't need telling twice, although the blue cheese biscuits were so popular here yesterday I have promised to make more for the boys before they come home from school.  Compared to cakes they don't take too long it's just the cheese is a tad smelly!

Back to today and the oldie I am sharing with you is in honour of the Aberdeen craft retreat which starts today.  I did take a few classes at the retreat before I started with M and S but haven't made it for the last couple.  I'm sure all the ladies will have a super time as I normally enjoy my weekend at the Papeterie.  It is always a good giggle with plenty of banter from the regulars.
So to my oldie this was a grunge class I ran for the girls to make their own corsages.
They could either do A or B.

For this class we used Grunge paper 12 x 6, it is easier to cut than the board and just as flexible but still as tough.  The metallic stains used are Antique bronze, Brushed pewter and Tarnished brass, together with Hitch fasteners from Tim Holtz and brads supplied by PI.  The Hero art stamps sets are Layered flowers and  Big flowers pattern, great crafting staples, so to speak, I used them lots!
I have edged both flowers with Distress ink Brushed corduroy and to finish, shaped the grunge paper.  Girlie grunge....my style!

I'd love for you to join me in sharing an old crafting project today, it can be anything you've made yourself.  
Please link to me here and leave a comment, purely for selfish reasons on my part, I'm nosey and would love to see your projects too.  I will visit all who do and share in a little crafty love!

Normally I would now wish you all the very best for the weekend but I remembered to photograph the goodies I should have shared yesterday, want to see?!

We have orange and dark chocolate chip muffins on the left and toffee apple muffins on the right.

In the brown bags we have American blue cheese and spring onion biscuits and cinder toffee in front.

These were to raise funds for today's Macmillan coffee morning at work.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the coming weekend folks.  I'm in early at work tomorrow, it's another dine in weekend so I expect it will be a busy one.  Then on Sunday I have promised my boys a trip to the cinema whilst their Dad is working.
Have a good one!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Did you guess correctly?

Good evening all, I was going to have a lovely post today with lots of yummies to show you.
I have been in the kitchen all day baking getting ready for our charity coffee morning at work tomorrow.
I have made cinder toffee, toffee apple muffins, orange dark choc chip muffins and American blue cheese and spring onion biscuits.
By the time I had put the finishing touches to the cakes and got things ready to photograph the light was going, which is a shame.  Plus I had to keep my lot away from all the lovely smells!
They hate it when I bake because it's usually for me to take elsewhere.
Well, I would eat it if it stayed in the house!

We really are heading into autumn now as the nights are drawing in, boo, hiss, with the joys of winter to follow.
I'm not fond of this time of year, darker mornings, darker nights and cooler days.
I'm a Spring bird!
I love the flowers poking through the ground, the lighter mornings and nights and the promise of better weather.
I will get my camera out in the morning before I take the goodies to work and share with my oldies tomorrow.

Now as to my question yesterday, did you guess correctly what I was showing you.
A couple of you got it right so well done guys.
It is a Rolls Royce Griffin rocker cover from a Shackleton aircraft.
My husband used to fly on this aircraft before the Nimrod, both now are no longer in service.

It's an old aircraft!

That's all from me today, don't forget to join me tomorrow in sharing an oldie.  
I shall probably be posting mid day as I have the goodies to deliver first thing and an appointment to go to late morning.  

Catch you tomorrow.  x

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Can you tell what this is?

Good evening, another busy day at work and music lessons galore this evening, keeping my lot busy and out of mischief.

Today I have a picture for you, for a change, this is a project my husband wants to do but I thought I'd share it with you.
Firstly can you tell what it is.....

He wants to clean it up and use as a base for a coffee table, I will keep you informed of his progress.
There is a big clue written on it but do you know what it is?
He seems to have been bitten by the same bug as me for reusing and recycling.  I think it will look fabulous and unusual polished up but will he do it?!

Don't worry I won't make you wait too long before I tell you what it is, how about tomorrow's post?

Short and sweet for me tonight as the GBBO starts soon so I shall be pouring myself a cuppa and getting out my crochet hook before sitting down comfortably and chillaxing.  Have a good evening. 
More from me tomorrow.  x

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bespoke time again.

Good afternoon all, how are you today?
A couple of you guessed correctly yesterday, I've always wanted to make one.  I did think once I'd made it I would love to do more but if stuffing certain parts of it is anything to go by I might not be doing another one.

I'm back from a short shift at work, boy it goes quickly.  I've just time to post here before starting the tea and today I have a bespoke card for you that I was asked for recently.
My brief this time was a gentleman who is 60, he comes from Montserrat, was in the Royal Navy and supports Gillingham football club.
This is what I came up with.

 I think that is all bases covered.  Don't you?

After finishing work today I grabbed a quick bite for lunch and then it was time to get the boys, since then it has been "mum, mum, mum."  I wonder why I don't get things done!
I'd like to get around to a bit of crafting later so I guess I better go and start the tea.  The sooner I start the sooner I will finish.

Before I go can you believe a customer asked me today if we had any mince pies!
Ho, ho, ho.....it's coming don't you know!

Monday, September 22, 2014

And now for something completely different.....I'm becoming a material girl!

Good morning all, how the devil was your weekend?
I had a busy day at work on Saturday and was shattered by home time, part-timers, you just can't get the staff!
I enjoyed a quiet evening in with my boys as hubby was on nights, finished off with a glass of wine, just for me, and a sleepover!
Sunday morning was spent packing for my afternoon crafty get together with my pals and ironing uniform ready for school again today.
I had a super afternoon crafting with my like minded pals.  For this occasion I took a kit I was supposed to do as a class a couple of years ago through in the Sewing room in Alford. Unfortunately Irene and I didn't make it through for the class due to bad weather and the kit has been sitting in my craft room ever since.
Can you tell what it is going to be, it is only half finished and the challenge for me now is to leave it alone till we next meet, so I can finish it with Irene, when actually I am itching, and I mean itching, to finish it now.

Can you guess from that picture?
How about this one?

Why is it with the second one I am singing "Ding, dong the Witch is dead" from the Wizard of Oz?!
That is not a clue by the way it's just the strange way my mind works sometimes.
It is a work in progress, as you can see, a couple of threads need trimming there!
I can't wait to get it finished.

Meanwhile back in the real world after a busy week last week and extra days in work again this week I better crack on with the less interesting things around the house.  I have an ironing pile from hell, crampons required my Lord!  (To climb that mountain!)  Not to mention the regular housework, boo, hiss!  In amongst that just to break up the monotony I have two trips to the dentist today!
Yes, I said two.  One myself at lunchtime and another one in the evening with my eldest, who is dearly hoping to have his brace removed, we will see.
That was a bit of good planning on my part, NOT!
I guess that will be my day in a nut shell, what have you got planned today?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I just want to drink tea, create stuff and take naps!

Hi folks and the weekend is upon us again.  I'm sure the weeks get quicker as the year goes on.
Today I thought I'd share this picture I saw on Pinterest yesterday, why, well, simply because after a busy week in work this sounds like my idea of heaven.

This is a download from Etsy, see here for more information.
One day when I get my craft room tidy and decorated how I'd like it.....maybe even as tidy as this one, I will get some lovely quotes like this to add to my walls.
I love it.
Mind you the likelihood of me getting my craft room even tidy is a tall ask especially in the run up to Christmas.
A girl can dream and wish that a magic pixie will turn up and tidy it for me.  Why?  It's no good me doing it I'm too easily distracted by all the yumminess!
If you craft too, you will understand.  :)

I am hoping to get a little crafting time tomorrow afternoon with some of my like minded pals, looking forwards to it.

For those of you who asked whether I was happy with Friday's result, I am.  It is purely a personal decision, I thought too many questions were not answered, it also means I get to stay in a place I love. Hubby might have had to move with his job.
There has been lots of talk on Facebook from both sides of the fence, happiness, sadness and lots more to boot, one thing I will say, take note politicians in London, this as a wake up call. Nearly half of this country is not happy about how it is run, now is the time to listen and make the changes you have promised.  Regardless of the result I think change will happen and if it doesn't watch out 'cause the people in Scotland are watching!
You have this opportunity to make a difference.

On that note, it only remains for me to wish you all the very best for your weekend.  Catch you with some more crafty fun next week.  x

Friday, September 19, 2014

Share an oldie this Friday.

Go on you know you want to join me in sharing an oldie today.

Now you must excuse me but as I am at work today, I have written this Thursday evening in preparation for Friday.

If you have been living on another planet the last couple of weeks you may be excused for not knowing of the momentous occurrence yesterday in Scotland.
We voted as to whether we wanted to go independent from the United Kingdom......quite a big decision with many, many questions unanswered by the politicians.
By now whilst you are reading this we will know what is happening as all the votes should have been counted, yes or no, no matter which way you vote there is one guarantee, at least half of the country won't be happy!
I've heard all too much over the last few weeks, "it's too close to call!"
Whichever way it goes we shall now just have to wait and see what happens and how things change.

Back to my oldie and in honour of Scotland today I thought a wee bit of tartan would be appropriate.

This is a real old post for me and was a Doodlebug house challenge at a crop I used to go to in Elgin.  I wanted my "wee hoose" to have a Scottish feel.
Mind you looking at it now there are lots I would do differently, but that is the fun of looking back at your earlier work.

Do feel free to join me in sharing an oldie today and don't forget leave me a message below so I can visit your crafty spot, sharing the love of all things creative.
I shall be making a cup of tea and parking myself down after work for a cyber wander!

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best over the weekend, I hope you have some crafting fun.  Catch you soon.  x

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vroom....get on your Harley and ride!

Good evening all, bend of the knees, you know me so well by now as to what comes next!
Another late post today and another busy day here.
I am just settling down for the evening before another fun packed day again tomorrow.  It was really busy at work today for some strange reason, lots of food.  We also have a "friends and family" weekend coming up, which are always busy too.
It should make the next couple of days fly fast!

Today I have a bespoke card for a couple of bikers who have set up their own Harley Davidson business near my parents.  My parents asked for a card to wish them all the best with their new venture.

I have used Harley papers by EK Success, the stamp is by Stamps Happen and is "Cruising" coloured with my copics.  I have added chain and embellishments which I picked up on line.
I wish them every success and hope they like their card.

It only remains for me to go and put my feet up and chillaxe, although I did promise a colleague at work some cinder toffee as she leaves work tomorrow, guess I better do that first.
Enjoy your evening.  x

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A wee keepsake book.

Good evening and what a busy day?
I hope you have had a good one?
I've been working today and then the usual jobs and running around after the boys, all rounded off with a walk along the beach with my youngest and the dog, before settling down to watch the Great British bake off.  Oh I'd like some cake now!

With that in mine and my crochet hook waiting, I thought I'd share this wee book that I made for my Mum, with photographs of the boys as a keepsake for her handbag.

It is a very simple book and about 4" square once folded together.  The album is by Deja views.

The baking has started on the TV so I am away to drool.  Enjoy what is left of your hump day and hopefully I will get to you a little earlier tomorrow.  x

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A little hooking! My new project to keep me busy in the evenings.

Good afternoon all and what a lovely afternoon it is!
I can even admit I am looking forwards to my evening walk with the dog, it's so warm and sunny.
I had a good day in work today, it is never quite as frantic during the week as it is on a weekend, which is nice.  Back in again for me tomorrow for a bit more of the same.
On to today and I am sharing my next crocheting project with you.  I should really be making poppy's ready for Remembrance Sunday like I did last year but the urge hasn't grasped me yet!
I thought I would start a blanket for my front room, this is my colour combination....

I think I need 196 of these beauties!  Phew, it could take some time averaging one or two a night.
I guess you could say good things come to those who wait!  ;)

What have you been up to today?

I have a card to make this evening, tea, walking the dog and then a little ironing before sitting down to relax and crochet. I think I better get a move on.
Have a super evening, more from me again tomorrow.  x

Monday, September 15, 2014

Today I am planning on being cinders!

Afternoon all and how are you this Monday?
Not great weather outside again today, misty and a tad dreich.  A perfect day to craft!
Today I wanted to share a little something I made over the weekend.
I have been watching a show on BBC 2 called Sweets made simple, it is a great show where confectioners Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood rediscover the best of British sweets.
They're a hoot to watch and make the art of sweetie production look very simple and straightforward. You can guess what came next then?
I bought myself a high sided pan and decided I would give it a go.

The first trial was cinder toffee.
My best pal Gill warned be to be very careful as you can easily get burnt as when you add the bicarbonate of soda, lets just say it goes a bit wild!

My efforts waiting to set.

And once finished.

I took a bag to my pal, one into work and my family demolished the rest.  I have to say the very small bits left when you attack it with a hammer are delicious on top of ice-cream.  I am now having big ideas of making my own ice-cream again, but it is so not good for the waistline, mind you neither is Cinder toffee!
I also thought it would be a fine treat for Halloween....maybe even dipped in chocolate? Mmmm.
Oh I do love my food!

What is on the agenda this week, well, I might be a tad quiet on here as I am in work for the rest of the week and then crafting on Sunday, hopefully.
Aye, you heard me right, I'm in work all week!  Oh how will I last?  LOL.
I better crack on then as I'd like to get housework done and dusted today and I have a couple of card orders due.  The food shopping is done and dusted this morning which will hopefully just leave the neverending pile of ironing.  The excitement!
Have a super Monday all and hopefully I shall be back with more crafting tomorrow.  x

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A crafty quote or two. Which one applies to you?

Good morning all and again whilst I am beavering away in work I saw these quotes earlier in the week and had a wee giggle.  How can I not share a giggle with you, it is the weekend after all.

This first one made me smile as it is so true of my craft room.  I don't think I've ever finished a day tidying it. I always find something I've forgotten I bought and start playing.  Is that just me?

This is so me too.  I started with a small box and now I have a room and it is still bulging at the seams.  You just never know what you will need for a project, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

This final one made me giggle the most.  I can just see my hubby's face if I made a pincushion like this one.

I love this cartoon, the look on her face says it all!  Tee, hee.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get chance to create something crafty!  x

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sharing an oldie this Friday.

Good morning all and don't Fridays come around too fast?
It's that time again, come along and share an oldie with me today.
Today I have another card for you, so without further ado.....

For this card I have used SC image Little Ladybug together with papers by MME Miss Caroline.  The sentiment stamp is Inkadinkado Thoughts for the day and I have used Spellbinders Edgeabilities Classic Scallop together with Decorative labels 22.  The image is coloured with copic markers and Distress stain Vintage photo with pearls and ribbon from my stash.
The card has been created using two pieces of 6 x 12" textured cardstock scoring at 1" (but then cut tight with the Edgeabilities), 1 and 1/2", 2", 7", 7 1/2" and scalloped at 8".

A nice girlie card for you today!
Don't forget I'd love you to leave a comment below so I can visit your crafty place and check out your oldie too.  I will be working today so will pop by later and say hi.

Before I go I'd like to say how much I am grateful for you taking time out to comment on my blog I always enjoy reading your feedback.  Recently I had a comment from Mar G, to let you know Mar G, I am unfortunately able to return the favour as your blog link isn't working. 

Take care this Friday and have a fun packed weekend.  x

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How's this for a jar full of fun?!

Good morning, how are you this Thursday?
A day off for me today before working tomorrow and Saturday.  A trip to the hairdressers is planned later then maybe some baking and housework.
I wanted to show you this today, earlier this week I bought this from my lovely work colleague Roma who is a Jamie at home consultant....how cool is it?

It is a Jamie Oliver product and you can see it here.
It is huge and fab for making up drinks for the kids and storing in the fridge or how about when having friends around?  I'm thinking cocktails or maybe iced tea?
I just think it is so retro and fun, guess you could say I am looking forwards to using it especially for the alcohol!  Is that wrong?

When I made the dog quilt last week I also mentioned another fleece colour.  Can you remember what colour?
I'll give you a clue....It's a colour I don't use very often at all.

I hope this dog realises I am getting in touch with my feminine side as she is the only other female in the house.  I find pink scary!  LOL.
I have enough patchwork left to make a second blanket the same size but with a pink background.  I will keep you informed of my progress.  I should also have enough green and pink fleece left to make a couple of plain blankets to match.  That should mean the dog is sorted for a while as long as she doesn't take to chewing them!
The boys think I prefer the dog over them now and have insisted that they'd both like quilts for the winter months.  Better get my thinking cap on.

Well, that's all from me today folks, enjoy your Thursday and don't forget to join me tomorrow in sharing your oldie.  I shall be at work during the day but will check in with you later.
Happy crafting.  x

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Now it's time to congratulate Mum and Dad.

Good morning all.
I'm off into work today so I thought I'd share the last of this families congratulation cards, this time it is for Mum and Dad.

This is a square version of an earlier card I made, with I feel, a more modern feel.
I personally like this style of card so decided to reuse it again tweaking it slightly.
The die and stamp are from Papertrey ink.
Clean and simple all the way.

Wishing you all the best this Wednesday and hoping that I manage a little crafting later.  Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A wee baby for Grandma.

Afternoon and what a beautiful afternoon it is too.
Today my best pal and I both managed a day off together, which is becoming harder since we both started back working.  We had a lovely walk with the dogs this morning and a catch up, then lunch out with a wee bit of shopping too.
A great start to the day but as I'm working tomorrow I need to get moving here and get organised this afternoon.

Today I have another baby card for you, this time for Grandma.

Another CAS card in a traditional style, a stork with blue and white gingham.  The wee tag die I got from the lovely Elaine, yes Elaine I've finally got around to using it!  Me likie too!  ;)

That is all from me this Tuesday I better go and get motivated, only an hour to go before the kiddiwinks come home, where does the day go when you are having fun!

Monday, September 08, 2014

It's big brother time!

Good morning to you all and how are you this Monday morning?
I had a busy weekend in work including lots of fun and games yesterday!

On to today and the dog and I have enjoyed a brisk walk along the beach this morning and both boys are at school, yippee.  Time for me to catch up on jobs and maybe even a little crafting but first I have a few errands to run.
Whilst I'm busy I thought I'd share this card with you.
The request I received for a CAS card for a little boy who has become a big brother.
Talking of Big I watched that film with the boys last night after work.  I'd forgotten what a great film it was, mind you, what film isn't with Tom Hanks in?
I love the part where he is in the toy shop playing the piano with his boss and trying out all the toys. That toy shop looks the best shop ever.
I recently watched him on a chat show and they'd set up a piano keyboard on the floor and asked him could he remember the tune.  I was impressed he got up and just rattled it off probably nearly 20 years on.

Back to the card.

I love these cute buttons, carrying on the baby theme but with a modern twist and colour.

Did you have a good weekend?
I hope you managed some craft time?

Short and sweet for me today as the sooner I crack on with things the more chance I will get time to play, sorry, craft later.  Enjoy your Monday.  x

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Are you following the crafter's rules?

Good evening, how has your Saturday been?  
It was dark and wet when I went into work this morning but as the day has gone on the weather has brightened.  It looks quite nice out now.
Another dine in day at work which has meant it was another busy day and I'm back in tomorrow till lunchtime.  The beauty of the dine means I too get to bring a good quick meal home for tea, roast beef all around tonight, yum, and it's not a Sunday!

I thought I'd share this with you today.  I was checking out Pinterest, it's so addictive, after checking my daily emails and came across this.  How many numbers do you qualify for?
I have to say that apart from number 10, because it's a American set of rules, all apply to me.  
It did make me smile.

So you heard it here first, it is your duty to craft.  I don't need telling twice!

I'm away to sort my uniform for tomorrow and then chillaxe in front of the box with a wee glass of something nice.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend,  x

Friday, September 05, 2014

Share an oldie this Friday. You know you want to!

Good morning all and thank you for joining me in sharing an oldie this Friday.  Today I have another card for you and I have coloured it with my favourite colour combination.

Can you guess what colour it will be?

Did you get it right?

Bet you did!

Here goes.....

I have used Rachael from the Simply Adorable range of digital stamps, by Sugar Nellie.  
I have coloured her using copic pens and prisma pencils and the papers are by SU, just my shade!
The Spellbinder dies are Classic round and Labels Twenty four.  Embellishments from my stash.

Remember if you are joining me in sharing your older work, link back to me and leave a message below.  
Purely for selfish reasons, of course, that way I can visit your blog and have a wee nose at your crafty work. 
I will return the "love of crafting" with you, which basically means leave you a comment too!  
You've got to love plain speaking, don't you think?!  
As my mum would say "say it as it is!"
It must be a Yorkshire thing.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the weekend.  Have a good one whatever you have planned.  x

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Getting you hooked on a right yarn!

Good morning, it appears that you think my crate idea, fuelled by Pinterest, will be a good idea.  I agree with your comments that they'd be fab in a craft room environment too.  First my kitchen, I want to get my cookbooks back where they belong and my dining room tidied.
I shall just have to wait and see how many I can get my grubby fingers on!

Back to today and my youngest is a lot better than he was but has kindly shared with me. How generous!
Felt rough yesterday but hoping to improve today as I am in work tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.
Having missed going in on Wednesday I can't let the side down again, especially at the busiest time of the week.

I have a few minimal bespoke cards to share with you but as yet they've not been picked up. It would therefore be rude to share with you first.

Today I have got some more crocheting for you.  I'm building my stock up for gifts.

A couple of different styles of dishcloths in white cotton yarn.  Not the most exciting of gifts but useful and I am a practical girl that does like useful!

That's all from me today, I have a couple more cards to make and a little light housework to do.
I guess as I'm working tomorrow I better have a hunt for an oldie too.  I do hope you'll join me?
Enjoy your Thursday.  x

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A wee tartan Wedding!

Good morning all, it's "hump" day already this week.  Why does the time go?
I was supposed to be working today but my wee one still isn't right, although he is much better than he was yesterday.  Hopefully if he keeps improving I shall get him back to school tomorrow.

Today I have a Wedding card for you.
I was asked by a friend in the village last week could I make a less is more style Wedding card using the tartan that was to feature at the event.
Here is my take on the request.

I have to say this isn't the best photograph of the card but it was all done a little last minute and the lighting wasn't the best.  It looked better in the flesh!
It was Sam and David's Wedding on Friday, I hope they had a super day.

Now what to do today now I am not working and my wee man is feeling a tad better?
I have a few bespoke cards to crack on with which I didn't get to yesterday as I had the urge to iron.
I know, the urge to iron!  :0
I certainly couldn't pass getting that over and done with, could I?
It doesn't happen very often.
Now I just have to put it all away, my least favourite part of the job.
The excitement of it all!

My hubby has been away in London this week having some health and fitness check ups for work.
I should find out later today how he got on.  What a pair we are just now!

I thought I'd leave you with this picture I saw on Pinterest last week, it made me giggle.

That's all from me folks today, enjoy your Wednesday and I'll be back again tomorrow with some more crafty fun.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A chip off the old block! Reuse and recycling time.

Good evening all, again, a bend of the knees in a police uniform required!
In answer to your question...yes just a little bit.
And the question......are you mad?!

This is what happens when you have a sick child at home and you should be working, stir crazy just about covers it.  I freely admit that I would make a terrible nurse.  I'm more of a crack on with it till you can't possibly, or die quietly, kind of person.  Still my wee man is a lot better than he was first thing and hopefully with a good nights rest and some more medicine he will be even better tomorrow.
I guess it's that time of year, back to school, germ bombardment!

Back to today and isn't it strange what gets you, dare I say, excited!
I'm going to now come across even weirder, if that is possible?!
I blame Pinterest.
In order to put the finishing touches to my kitchen, I have been looking for crates to put on one wall. Last week hubby was given these for me.

This one is my favourite.

Now all I need is about a dozen of them and I can finally get my finished look in the kitchen.
I haven't been able to get apple crates locally but I think these port cases would work equally as well.
This is the idea I am wanting to try for my wall, for all my cookbooks and jars.

Or something very similar.
I have my reuse, recycle head on!
What do you think?

That's all from me today I best go and put my nurses uniform back on!

Monday, September 01, 2014

A little material time, doggy style!

Good afternoon all and a beautiful warm sunny afternoon it is turning out to be here in Scotland.  In total contrast to the back end of last week.  Another busy day at work Saturday followed by a trip through to Huntly for Pipes in the Park and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.  Oh my, the weather was bad, the rain was lashing down and I mean lashing down, such a shame. Muddy and wet, I felt like a true festival goer!  So not my scene I'm afraid to admit.  Don't get me wrong, I love the music.  Too many people, wet, cold and muddy.  The band however, were fabulous as always.
Yesterday I was back into work for the morning and then spend the afternoon chilling, fairly worn out after all the fun at the weekend!
Today I wanted to share with you my first finished quilt.
Yes, I finished my dog quilt for Holly, she appears to like it too, which is a relief.

Proof in the pudding, look......

She snuggled in to my eldest and he put it over her before going up to bed and there she stayed.  Bless!
Today I am having a quiet day after a busy weekend, even though I have plenty to do.  I have a few bespoke cards to crack on with which I think might be an afternoon job after my youngest comes home for lunch.

For those of you who haven't heard the Red Hot Chilli Pipers here's a link for you.  Magic!

Enjoy your Monday and more from me tomorrow.  x