Thursday, September 25, 2014

Did you guess correctly?

Good evening all, I was going to have a lovely post today with lots of yummies to show you.
I have been in the kitchen all day baking getting ready for our charity coffee morning at work tomorrow.
I have made cinder toffee, toffee apple muffins, orange dark choc chip muffins and American blue cheese and spring onion biscuits.
By the time I had put the finishing touches to the cakes and got things ready to photograph the light was going, which is a shame.  Plus I had to keep my lot away from all the lovely smells!
They hate it when I bake because it's usually for me to take elsewhere.
Well, I would eat it if it stayed in the house!

We really are heading into autumn now as the nights are drawing in, boo, hiss, with the joys of winter to follow.
I'm not fond of this time of year, darker mornings, darker nights and cooler days.
I'm a Spring bird!
I love the flowers poking through the ground, the lighter mornings and nights and the promise of better weather.
I will get my camera out in the morning before I take the goodies to work and share with my oldies tomorrow.

Now as to my question yesterday, did you guess correctly what I was showing you.
A couple of you got it right so well done guys.
It is a Rolls Royce Griffin rocker cover from a Shackleton aircraft.
My husband used to fly on this aircraft before the Nimrod, both now are no longer in service.

It's an old aircraft!

That's all from me today, don't forget to join me tomorrow in sharing an oldie.  
I shall probably be posting mid day as I have the goodies to deliver first thing and an appointment to go to late morning.  

Catch you tomorrow.  x


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, you've been busy, busy today by the sounds of things.

I guessed right then. I didn't realise your hubby is a pilot, must be wonderful to fly those planes.
I wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force when I was at school, then I found out they didn't let women fly, different nowadays. Hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika, I showed the photograph you had up of the rocker cover to Anna's piano teachers husband ex RAF. Tech. He was sure it was from an old aircraft and it was a rocker cover, but asked me to ask off of which aircraft, I will let him know next week. Enjoy your charity day at work.

Hazel x

Lau W said...

Héhé ! ok !!! cool !!