Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A wee progress report....hooking style.

Good morning and how are you this Tuesday morning?

I have a day off today and it's a beautiful day, my walk along the beach with the dog this morning was lovely.  The sun is out and it is warm enough still for a t-shirt.  #lovewhereyoulive
It was so nice I did even contemplate finding a nice rock to sit on for a while to enjoy the sunshine and view.  (Meet Scotland's answer to Shirley Valentine...."Hello rock!")
The only downside being, today is my only day off this week apart from Sunday, therefore I have a list as long as my arm of jobs and tasks to achieve instead.  This working lark really eats into crafty time! Even my crocheting on an evening has been slow.  My "staying power" is obviously weak with hubby on shift, work and all the usual everyday things to do, where does the time go?
It will be Christmas before we know it!

Today I thought I'd show you how slow my progress has been with my crocheting.

Only 190 left to make and then stitch together!  I might have to stitch and go I think.  The thought of having 196 to stitch in a oner is a little scary.  I think it might have to be a long term project especially if I am going to make some gifts for Christmas too.

I was also looking at patterns for poppy's last night.  Do I use one I've seen, do I use last years or do I make one up myself.  Decisions, decisions.  I have seen some beautiful ones on Pinterest but if I am going to do them again for Remembrance day I need it to be good but not too complicated.
I am drawn to the beautiful yet complicated ones....force of habit, but I need to get my sensible head on instead.
I mean look at this one....


Or this one.....


I would love to rattle these off but I know my limitations.  Don't you think it is stunning work?
Mine will not be as complicated because at the end of the day I shall be wanting to make as many as I can to raise funds for the British Legion again. 

I guess you can say I've got the next few months mapped out, now all I need is some willpower, more energy and a few extra hours in the day!
Catch you tomorrow.  x


Patricia said...

Beautiful day here as well. Walked the boys to school this morning, they were just wearing their t-shits.
Loving your crochet pieces, really like those colours. The shawls I am working on have to be joined as I go along.
Never mind it will be a nice cosy blanket for the winter months
Hope you find just a little time to "play"

Patricia x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, beautiful crocheting, hope I get to this level at some point. Found a tutorial on youtube and have started on a chain, but finding it awkward holding the hook and yarn. practise, practise, I guess.

Erika can I ask you a favour, would you crochet a white poppy for me, obviously I would send money. I do remember with the red poppy, but I also like to wear one for peace. If it's not possible don.t worry.

I've a bit of news, I've adopted a lovely cat today, photo forthcoming when he has settled in. He's a pretty shy boy, but I hope to tease him out, he is gorgeous though, hope you get to find time to do a bit of crafting im amongst all your chores, hugs Kate x

Lau W said...

Oh superb work !!!

Shazza said...

boy do I know how you feel :-). Still think you are brave tackling 196 of those gorgeous little things...good luck with the stitching. The poppies look amazing, I won't be tackling those either. Hope the rest of your week goes well x