Monday, September 22, 2014

And now for something completely different.....I'm becoming a material girl!

Good morning all, how the devil was your weekend?
I had a busy day at work on Saturday and was shattered by home time, part-timers, you just can't get the staff!
I enjoyed a quiet evening in with my boys as hubby was on nights, finished off with a glass of wine, just for me, and a sleepover!
Sunday morning was spent packing for my afternoon crafty get together with my pals and ironing uniform ready for school again today.
I had a super afternoon crafting with my like minded pals.  For this occasion I took a kit I was supposed to do as a class a couple of years ago through in the Sewing room in Alford. Unfortunately Irene and I didn't make it through for the class due to bad weather and the kit has been sitting in my craft room ever since.
Can you tell what it is going to be, it is only half finished and the challenge for me now is to leave it alone till we next meet, so I can finish it with Irene, when actually I am itching, and I mean itching, to finish it now.

Can you guess from that picture?
How about this one?

Why is it with the second one I am singing "Ding, dong the Witch is dead" from the Wizard of Oz?!
That is not a clue by the way it's just the strange way my mind works sometimes.
It is a work in progress, as you can see, a couple of threads need trimming there!
I can't wait to get it finished.

Meanwhile back in the real world after a busy week last week and extra days in work again this week I better crack on with the less interesting things around the house.  I have an ironing pile from hell, crampons required my Lord!  (To climb that mountain!)  Not to mention the regular housework, boo, hiss!  In amongst that just to break up the monotony I have two trips to the dentist today!
Yes, I said two.  One myself at lunchtime and another one in the evening with my eldest, who is dearly hoping to have his brace removed, we will see.
That was a bit of good planning on my part, NOT!
I guess that will be my day in a nut shell, what have you got planned today?


Patricia said...

Have you managed to climb that mountain???
I have one here from the washing yesterday plus what's out at the moment.
Think your project might be a "Tilda" Santa ...... !!!
Hope all goes well at the dentist

Patricia xxx

Hazel said...

Oh i am thinking the same as Patricia ref your project. I have one of those mountains too. As for Anna and her ring, she and I have the same taste funnily enough- edging on plain and simple, she like Celtic too. Hazel xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
I too have mountain to climb after todays washing.
Mine is always done very early in the morning, as the only place I can iron is in front of my DH desk as my steam iron sets off the fire alarms, everywhere else.
So I iron while he is still in bed asleep.
Haven't the faintest what you are making.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Juls said...

fabby .... well they do look like witches feet :-) xx

Lau W said...

Can't wait to see this creation, ohhhh i know this doll ? will be a beauty !

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, hope you managed to make some head way into your mountain of ironing, I was doing that this morning.

Well, I would say it's a doll of some kind, the two legs and feet give that much away. Can't wait to se it revealed, hugs Kate x