Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Breaking news.....a wee crafting interlude.

Good evening all, how are you this Tuesday?

Another busy day in work today, still no sign of replacing a member of staff who left recently.
There are jobs out there!
It's crazy I thought there are people out there who want to work.  Bizzare.
Hopefully we will get someone soon giving us chance to get them trained up before the Christmas rush.

The reason for today's title is the glorious weather we have had today.  I was most certainly not doing housework or crafting after work with the sun shining as it was.  Instead a took a fine book and cuppa out into the garden and enjoyed a little peace before the boys came home.
I haven't been sleeping the best of late so a wee afternoon catnap was in order!  LOL.  This girl has no staying power without her full sleep quoter.
As it was such a lovely evening I have decided to share another couple of local photographs.

In the background you can see Daisy rock again, I have mentioned that in previous posts.  In front of them are the Hopeman hutties.  Now these are like rocking horse ****!
It is very difficult to get one.
There is a waiting list and I know folk who have been on it for years and years, and years.
What I find bizarre is for all they're difficult to acquire you will only ever see a couple in use when out walking.
Surely if they were so hard to get hold of people would be using them?
Strange but true.

Basically if you have one, use it, because you are so very lucky to be one of the few.
I do think they're great though and a real feature of the East beach.
Can you imagine having one as a little crafty retreat, I'm sure you'd be really inspired by the view and the surroundings?  How fab would that be?
I've more chance of moving into hubby's shed.  I think I'll keep my cosy room instead.

I hope you have all had the beautiful weather we have today.  The sun is just going down now and the sky is amazing.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.  I'm now going back to my crocheting.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A little more hooking, can you tell what it is yet?

Why is is when I say "can you tell what it is yet" I always want to say it in an Australian accent?
If you are a similar age to me you will get the reason why, it stems back to watching TV as a child.
Do you know which program?

Starting with a puzzle doesn't really seem fair does it?
Let's start again, how was your weekend?
Our coffee morning went down a treat with none of my cakes left by home time on Saturday.  The boys and the Manager all survived their leg waxing too.  I missed all the action as I was too busy out the back but caught up with a few of them at lunch time.

It was another rugby weekend in this house.  England had a great first half against Wales but I don't know what happened at half time but they came out a different side for the second half.  It was poor or should I say Wales had the better second half.  Scotland played brilliantly winning another match and putting them at the top of their table, gosh, that doesn't happen everyday, loving the splash of tartan on their new kit too.  Hubby said only a woman would say that!

After a crazy mad day on Saturday, Sunday was quite relaxing, I managed a little more crocheting in between jobs and rugby.  I also made a proper roast beef dinner which I don't do every week.
The beef was lovely but I'm sure my boys would just love a plate full of homemade Yorkshire puds.
Today's picture is therefore another work in progress, can you tell what it is yet?

Mmmm.  I'm not giving much away am I?

Back into work again tomorrow and Wednesday for now but I'm sure there will be extra on the cards too.  Today is all about catching up on the boring old housework, I have a man mountain of ironing to tackle first, crampons at the ready I'm away to climb it!

Enjoy your Monday, more from me later in the week.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Time to tickle that creative funny bone again, it's the weekend, feet up and relax.

Good morning to you, how are you this Saturday morning?
It's an early shift for me at work today but an early start means an early finish.  This means I shall only miss the first of the rugby matches today, managing to get home before the afternoon and evening ones start.  Yeah!
We have lots going on at work today.  We have the dine in as usual but we also have a few things going on with it being the Macmillan coffee morning yesterday. 
On that note I had a lovely gin and tonic cupcake made by one of our fabulous bakers Nicola.  Nomm!
Today at lunch time, around 12.30 five of our male staff including the new manager Mark are having their legs waxed to raise some more money for the Macmillan cancer charity.
Unfortunately I will probably be too busy to watch but I'm sure I shall hear all about it.  I might have to just sneak to the shop floor for a quick look. 
Will I be able to hear the screams from where I'll be working?

Whilst I am away I have the following crafty quotes for you, hopefully they will make you smile?

Does this sound familiar?
It is definitely me.  How many projects can you have on the go at any occasion?
How many would be too many?!
As the saying goes "variety is the spice of life!"  But every now and again it would be good to finish something.

I like the idea that PJ's can be my uniform.  It is not something that I personally do, I like to get dressed, just in-case someone pops in.  But I know plenty of crafters who stay in PJ's!
I have a very artistic zone in my house.

Finally another scissor quote for you, again Tina, why do I always think of you when snip, snips are mentioned?
That is about as dangerous as I get.
Scary I know, you think that I could come up with something a little more exciting or dangerous especially on the weekend.
That's my crafty quotes for this weekend, work and then rugby and possibly a fine glass of wine will be the order of the day here.  Maybe a little crocheting depending on how exciting the rugby is or indeed how much wine is consumed!
Have a super weekend, more from me on Monday.  Happy crafting.

Friday, September 25, 2015

BANG, what's that? It's an old cracker!

Good morning to you and how the devil are you this Friday?
Can you believe that's another Friday under our belt, the dreaded Christmas is getting nearer.
I know it is as all the stock has started to drip feed into work, the biscuits, sweeties and things like mincemeat and brandy butter, soon to be stocked on a shelf near you.
We've also got another good dine in on this weekend with a few new ranges from our Gastro range.  Nomm, nomm.  It doesn't help me watching my weight, well I am watching it......increasing rather than decreasing!
Today I will have a busy morning lots going on with the Macmillan coffee morning and a visit too.
One thing is for sure it will be a quick shift and then I am on earlies on Saturday. 

Getting back to the crafting and today as it's Friday it is time to share an oldie. 
It can be any old project you have made yourself just for fun, it would be great if you joined me, just leave a wee message below and then I can visit you too and see what you have picked to share.
I shall look forwards to my wee blog hop when I get in from work.
As I have quite a few Christmas ideas I have personally decided that I am sticking with the festive season, you can share whatever you would like.
Today a have a little cracker for you.

The inspiration for this card came from the lovely Kara at an SU event a few years ago.
It was a favourite at the demo in Elgin with all the ladies.
I have used MME Lost and found kit and brad plus Martha Stewart punch Traditional Scallop and Spellbinder Nestablities Classic circles.

To create this "cracker" of a card you will need a 12 x 4" strip of card.
You will need to score at 2" and 4" at each end.  (Positioned as you look at it above).
Then you will mark the 6" point at the top and bottom of paper with a pencil.
Now this is where the fun starts.....
Score from the top 6" point to the bottom 2" point on both the left and right of the cracker, then reverse so you take the bottom 6" point to the top 2" point left and right.
This should give you a diamond shape in the middle and the legs should sit either side like a table.
I have then used my MS punch on each end plus added a further 3 x 4" strip of co-ordinating paper to each side to extend the cracker shape.
The centre is decorated with a 2 1/4" square and the my embellishments are added on top.
Simples squeak!
I'd love to hear how you get on with this card.
That's all from me today, back later to see what you have shared, in the meantime enjoy your Friday folks. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Macmillan coffee morning, a little edible break.

Good evening to you and a very late post from me today.
A busy day off today.  A trip to the hairdressers first to get my natural colour put back into my hair, I don't know where all this grey sparkly stuff is coming from but it has been removed!
Then lunch with my boys before starting today's bake for the Macmillan coffee morning at work tomorrow.
I have made my version of a Victoria sponge in muffin form.

Then a chocolate tray bake split up into individual portions.

My kids were funny, ooh mum what you baking, can we have?
No they're all for work fingers off!
Although with the tray bake I did have a few ends that they managed to smear in the left over icing, going away happy bunnies.

I'm in work tomorrow so I am hoping to also find an oldie, whilst watching the rugby.  Lets hope the game does not get too exciting or it might be a very interesting post!

I hope you manage to visit a Macmillan event near you tomorrow.
I'm away now to see if my cinder toffee has set, hammer at the ready!

I shall be visiting you later in the day tomorrow after work with the usual, a fine mug of tea.
Enjoy what's left of this evening.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

And now for something completely different! NOT!

I am smiling at the title because I seem to have had a bit of a run with this stamp over the last week.
You know when you haven't used a product for a while and you start to use it and then realise how much you've missed it?  Or am I just a bit weird?!  Don't answer that one.

Today it is another dreich and dreary day and it's off to work I go.  Excited for later mind as Japan are playing Scotland around 2 p.m.
I finish at two so it will be a quick dash home and feet up to watch the game.  Japan have issued a warning to Scotland to say they're going to run their legs off and I believe them, it should make for a good match.

I got a little crafting parcel yesterday, finally my accessories for the Tim Holtz birdie stamps have arrived.  I can now finish of the birds I have ready and waiting.  Can't wait to have a play with them.

Back to today and as you can see this flower stamp has had another outing, hence the title.
The brief a floral card for a mum hitting the grand old age of 80.

Again I have used scraps of card with my Hero arts flower and the 80 is from my cricut.
The bling in the centre of the flower is by craft buddy and just the perfect size don't you think?

I am running out of time so I better head into work.  I shall be back later to comment on your blogs when I have more time to sit and read them.
Have a super "hump" day and happy crafting!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A bit of a book worm.

Good morning all and how are you today?
The weather is pants today, wet and dreich, I'm glad I'm heading into work.  Mind you it would be the perfect day for crafting or the dreaded housework.
I managed to get all my cards and jobs sorted yesterday ready for my busy week ahead.  As I said yesterday, so not like me.
Today I am sharing one of the bespoke cards I have made, I was asked for an 80th card for a gran who is really into her reading.  This is my take on the request.

The books are made using my cricut machine and cartridge Locker talk.  The background paper is by Crate paper (love their quality of paper) and the spectacles are made with some wire.
It isn't a very feminine card but it meets the brief and I am happy with that.

Have you got any exciting plans today?
I'm away into work now to see what today brings.  Then afterwards I have no plans as yet, a dog walk of course, hoping the weather clears as I got well and truly soaked last night.
Then maybe a little ironing or crocheting, my project is coming on.

Enjoy your Tuesday folks, I'll be back later today to see what you have been up to, when I have more time and a nice hot cup of tea in my hand.  Bliss.  It's the simple things in life!

Monday, September 21, 2015

What a rucking weekend!

Morning all, how are you this Monday morning?
Did you have a good weekend?

It's another fine and sunny morning here in the North of Scotland although a little cooler than the weekend, still a bonus as we head into the autumnal months.
I had a very short shift Saturday at work followed by family viewing of this event.....

Oh my, did you see any of it?
I love rugby as do all my boys, my eldest boy is back playing it after a couple of years off and is enjoying it, my youngest comes and goes.
I have to say the best match of the weekend was the Japan against the South African Springboks.  Oh me, oh my, it was edge of the seat stuff!
Who knew Japan could play such fast and efficient rugby?
Even the dog got excited, that may have had something to do with me shouting and jumping up and down!
She ran and got her ball as my obvious excitement meant playtime.
I did think it would be a no-brainer of a competition, England and Wales played well as did Samoa, France and Italy was a little scrappy and I thought at one point there was going to be a fight.  When I mention no-brainer it is with reference to the All Blacks.  I have watched them at Murrayfield and they are SO incredibly impressive normally but yesterday it was, how can I put it, a tad disappointing.  I thought they'd come out and romp home but if nothing else the competition looks wide open now.
One thing for certain I shall be dashing home from work on Wednesday to watch Japan play Scotland.

With all the rugby going on you can imagine I didn't achieve much crafting at the weekend.
I've got a little further with my crocheting, counting crocheting is hard with the excitement of a top class match!
Other than that it was a craft free weekend.
My boys all went to Airsoft again yesterday so I took the opportunity to finally shampoo my front carpet and rug.  I've been meaning to do it for ages before the winter months kick in.
I also got my food shopping done in-between matches, beds changed and then most of my ironing done.  Why so productive?
It is so not like me.
I am working the rest of the week except Thursday when I have a well needed trip to the hairdressers and some baking to make for work. Every year at this time we support the Breast Cancer charity.
We have folk in bag packing, we have special pins and cakes on sale, and this year a couple of the lads have agreed to get their legs waxed in store too.  Ouch!  (We won't tell them how itchy it will be when it grows back, will we ladies?!)
We also have our own cakes, raffles and games going on in the background.
Lots of fun.
Back to today and as I am busy the rest of the week I am planning on getting all my card orders done and dusted today.  You never know if I achieve that I might even get some playtime!

Enjoy your Monday, more from me tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

It's Saturday time to tickle that creative funny bone.

Whoops a bit of a late post from me today.  I was supposed to be off this weekend but one of my colleagues was sick yesterday so I popped in this morning for a quick shift to cover.
Now I'm back home, time for a cup of tea and a selection of crafty funnies that tickled my funny bone this week.  As last week I am in "a material world" again today.

Now my hubby wouldn't dare enter a Haberdashery with me, he knows me too well.  "Best leave her to her own devices!"

I just love this woman's response, I need to remember this quote!

This one is for my pal Tina, we always mention Tina when scissors are involved.

Finally in honor of the last series of Downton Abbey starting back up this weekend, for a final series, boo, I found this quote and it just seemed appropriate.

The very idea indeed!
Although I have to say my good scissor are always disappearing in this house as other "parties" borrow them for various jobs.  If I catch anyone they get the third degree to find out what they're going to be cutting.  Is that wrong?!

I was hoping that once I got home my kids would be dressed and we'd go out for lunch or maybe enjoy a nice walk in the sunshine.  First I have to prize them off the electronics, wish me luck.
Before I go did you watch the rugby last night?  What a match.
I'm not a fan of football but I do love a good game of rugby, here's hoping we keep up the good work.
Enjoy your weekend folks and have a good one whatever your plans.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ding, dong, merrily on high it's time for a Christmas oldie.

You've guess from my title that I have at last decided to start with the Christmas oldies on a Friday.
That doesn't mean you have to follow suit as long as you are sharing an old project with me I'd love it if you'd join in.  Don't forget to leave a short message to let me know you are joining me or I won't know to visit your blog and share the love of crafting.

My choice of Christmas cards today starts with this easel card.

Back in 2011 the punch around the pages by Martha Stewart were the next big thing but there was a knack to using them.  I decided to see if I could make a rectangular shape using them and make it into an easel style card.  At the time there were lots of square easel cards about but I wanted to have a go at something a little different.  What I would say is that the card attaching the two rectangles together is the key to getting the card not only to sit up as photographed above but also to lie flat in a rectangle for posting too.  The fold is not where you would expect!
As well as the PATP I have used papers by MME (My mind's eye) and elements from their Christmas kit, finishing it with distress ink vintage photo and a satin red ribbon.

Feel free to join me sharing an oldie today, the more the merrier.
I'd love to hear from you.

This morning my hubby is treating me to breakfast out after getting the boys away to school, then hopefully I won't be too stuffed to crack on with a little housework, maybe if I do I'll get chance for a little crafting later. Enjoy your Friday, more from me tomorrow with some more crafty quotes for the weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What a yarn, can you tell what it is yet? More hooking adventures.

Good afternoon all, a day off for me today, yeah!
Once everyone else was sent packing to work and school the dog and I enjoyed another lovely walk along the beach in the sunshine, long may this weather continue.  This morning I checked out the new craft channel and I agree with those of you who mentioned it looked like the previous QVC presenters.
I remember it well, back in 2011 I thought my crafting career was going somewhere when I went to London for a screen test with the lovely Julian for QVC.  All went well except it was the time of the riots in London so I spent far too long at the airport.  I passed my test but then came the sticky point when I told them how far away I lived.  The cost of travelling far outweighed the job unfortunately.
I did have a very enjoyable day though and I even have a scrapbook page to show for it, although looking at it now it could do with an update.

I have to say my biggest test was going to London on my own and travelling across the city.
Lots of people and crowds, not my idea of fun.  I guess I am more used to the quieter life up here in the far north but I wouldn't have missed the challenge for the world.  It's just a shame it never came to anything.
I certainly enjoyed the shows this morning with my cup of tea, I managed to catch the crochet section and the Viva decor section....step away from the furniture!  I have the urge to paint something and distress it.
Whilst watching a little of the show I managed to crochet a little more of my next project.
This is what I have so far....

Can you tell what it is yet?
Maybe I'll have to do a little more for you to guess?

Back to the rest of this week, I have quite a few bespoke orders lined up in my order book so I need to get my head into gear and my crafting mojo on.  The sooner I get on top of things the sooner I can get creative for the fun of it.  I also have the usual housework to do, yawn, I certainly wasn't programmed for domestic duties, LOL, please tell me you all see it as a necessary evil too and not an enjoyable pastime?
I need a rocket to get moving.
Crafting is just so much more fun!
Enjoy the rest of your day, more from me tomorrow with oldie time again, can you believe it's nearly Friday again?  I think I might start with a little Christmas oldie tomorrow....watch this space, I hope you will join me?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Art is my Hero again!

Good afternoon, oh me that was a busy one at work today, phew, I need a cup of tea!
Dog walked too, very nice down on the beach this afternoon, warm and sunny, got to love an Indian summer.

How are you this Tuesday?
I hope you are all fit and well.
Today I have used the same stamp as yesterday, paper piecing again but a totally different look.
This week it is my colour challenge over at The Great Scheme of Things, this is what I have picked......

Nothing says challenge more to me than the colour pink.  I am so not a girlie girl, still I have added a little duck egg blue and green to ease the pain.  ;)

This is what I have made, another CAS card using yesterdays Hero art stamp Big Flower patterns and a little paper piecing.

Would you believe that is the same fuchsia pink card in both photographs, what a difference a day makes to the lighting.
This time I have used an A5 card but folded it long ways for a change.  I have matte and layered with pink and then 3D foamed the flower, leaves and finally a little bling to the card.
CAS yet again I'm afraid ladies.  It really seems to be my theme just now.
Why not pop over to our Facebook page of The Great Scheme of Things and join in with this weeks colour theme?

That's all from me today I better go and start tea and all the other bits and bobs that need doing.
I also started another new crochet project last night and had a little helper, can you tell what it is yet?

I haven't given you much of a clue have I?
More will be revealed soon.  Holly definitely seems interested but truth be known she was just after some Mummy cuddle/treat time.
That's all from me today, catch you again hopefully tomorrow.  It will be another late one as I am in work.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sorry you're leaving.

Good morning all, how are you this Monday morning?
I had a crazy day at work Saturday, we are short of staff just now with five part time jobs up on the website, lots of work not enough pairs of hands!
Folk say there are no jobs about but nobody is applying for them either.

Harbour day also seemed to be a success too although the weather could have been a little better, it did mainly stay dry which was a bonus.  I unfortunately didn't make it down as by the time I got home, got washed and changed and put the tea on the event was winding down.
My little one then decided to throw up all over his bedroom, which was nice!  Too much "rubbish" whilst down at the harbour I think as he has been fine since.  He has had a bit of a cold of late so maybe it's just the tail end of that.
School rules are that they stay off 48 hours after being sick so I have a little helper today!
The joys!
Back tomorrow mind as I am working tomorrow and Wednesday.
Yesterday was a quiet one as the eldest boy was working and the little one not great, lots of chilling and a little reading plus the bonus of getting all the ironing done and dusted.

On to today, late on last week I got a phone call from my BFF asking if I could do her a leaving card for the following day.  Anyone else I would have asked for more notice but she always has my back so I shall always have hers!

It was an A5 card so that all the employees can sign it.  The image is paper pieced using Hero arts set Big flower pattern.  I love this flower set and have used it loads and loads.  It really is great for paper piecing.  I've used scraps of pearlescent card to create the flower and added some bling in the centre by craft buddy.
A quick CAS card.

I had planned to get a little creative yesterday but I am really into my reading just now, once I start a good book I find it really hard to put down.  I am reading The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, book four finished and sitting on my hands trying to avoid ordering book five.  I really want to.  ;)
I must get some orders completed today first and I also need to think about Christmas, scary but very true I am adamant that I will not be rushing around last minute again this year.  (I know it will happen, it always does, there are just not enough hours in the day!)

That's all from me today, I'm away to print some colouring in pages for the wee man in the hope I can crack on with my jobs.  Enjoy your Monday.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

It's that time again, Saturday is crafty tickle bone time.

Good morning, how are you this Saturday?
A busy day for us today, I'm working the early shift in work and hubby had his harbour day in the village later on.  Praying for good weather today, although the forecast isn't the best.  As long as it stays dry so that folk can get down to the front and enjoy the activities on offer.
With a such a busy Saturday I think Sunday is going to be a chill out day!

Now onto today's crafty funny quotes with a material theme, here's what tickled my fancy yesterday....

This made me giggle and could refer to any crafting products.  To put simply for all husbands out there, never ask full stop.  NEED has and will never have anything to do with it, us crafters just appreciate mighty fine crafting products like other women appreciate shoes and bags.

Keeping things equal this is one for the boys.

How cool is that machine if you have "trekkie" tendencies?

Finally keep your look out for this naughty person this weekend........

You really need a drum roll after that pun, which could be done for you in this house by either of my two musicians.  Take it from me, it was loud.  #savingyoureardrums.
So folks that is all from me this weekend, have fun whatever you get up to.  More from me next week.  

Friday, September 11, 2015

How did that happen, it's really Friday? It must be time to dig out an oldie then.

Good morning, can you believe it is Friday already?
Where did this week go?
I haven't even blogged much this week. 
Sometimes real life can just get in the way of on line fun.
It has been a busy time at work and I'm back in tomorrow for more fun and games.
Today I have the day off and I am definitely planning on doing some crafting especially as I am at work tomorrow.  The housework can wait!
Mind you I do have a few card orders so I better start with them before I can have some real fun.

As it's Friday you all know the drill by now.  Share an old crafty project with me, leave me a message so I know you are playing along.  I will visit you too.  It's all just about sharing the joy of crafting and should be fun, fun, fun!
I'd love it if you join in too and thank you in advance if you do.

Today's card for you is this one from a couple of years ago.

I have used Spellbinder dies...nestabilites Decorative labels one and D-lites Medallion three.  The card is black and white pearlescent with ribbons and pearls from my stash.
I love making black and white combo cards letting the dies do all the work keeping the style simple.

I hope you like my oldie today, I can't wait to see what you have chosen too.  I will be back later for a look.  It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for this weekend.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A thistle by any other name would be prickly.

Good morning and how are you this Wednesday?
A quick post from me before heading into work.
First the weather, what can I say, we have the "haar" in today, not good for now but if it burns off later it should make for a lovely afternoon.

No post from me yesterday.  I was going to sit down later in the evening but never got around to it.
Having climbed my mountain of ironing along with all the usual daily chores I had a wee bit of time with my nose in a book out in the sunshine.  Oh you so have to make the most of the good weather at this time of year, #stockinguponVitaminD.
What crafting did I get up to?
I had another couple of friends ask me to make them these.

Well it would be rude not to, don't you think?

Short and sweet from me today.  I better get myself organised and get into work.
Enjoy your Wednesday.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Trying my hand a watercolouring, old bird style!

Good afternoon, how are you today?
It is beautiful here, bright blue skies and not a cloud in sight, so what did I go and do this morning?
Food shopping!
It was a case of needs must.  After working Saturday and cropping Sunday I came home to bare cupboards together with moans that there is nothing to eat in this house.  That not strictly being the case, what was meant was there was no biscuits, crisps and sweeties or anything that could instantly be picked up and eaten, of course excluding a good selection of fruit (as that doesn't count!).

A busy weekend was had although I did manage a little reading on Sunday morning before packing my crop bag like a mad women with about 15 minutes to spare.  Should I start my Christmas cards, no, where would be the fun in that?!
In the end I decided to enjoy the time with like minded crafts playing with a little watercolouring.
I guess it must be me but folk with control issues must have difficulty with watercolouring, why?
Well, the colour does tend to do what it wants to especially if you add too much water.
With that in mind I have been trying to master the art, or playing at it, would be more accurate.
This is what I spent all afternoon doing.

I have used Tim Holtz stamps Bird crazy and Perspective and distress inks Cracked pistachio, Mermaid lagoon, Fossilized amber, Abandoned coral, Peacock feathers, Twisted citron, Crushed olive, Blue print and Ripe persimmon.
Not a lot to show for an afternoon's work is it?
Not even one card, and the wee birdie bottom left still to finish!
In my defence I found it very relaxing and I did consume a few cups of tea and slices of cake too.
Not forgetting the chatting and giggles, although I wasn't on top form as normal but I guess the last week has been a bit like that.

Back to the present and what is on the cards for the rest of the week?
I have the lovely housework to complete and the ironing from hell, a normal week then.  I have a couple of extra shifts in work Wednesday and Thursday, plus my normal Saturday.  I also have a short list of bespoke cards on order to complete over the next couple of weeks and a couple more thistles to finish.
Then and only then will I hopefully get some time to play.  Better get a move on then.  I just hate to be in doing the housework when the weather is so good outside.  Maybe a cup of tea in the sunshine before I start will help?  (That's my excuse!)
Enjoy the rest of your Monday, will I get any crafting done before tomorrow?
I guess you will find out soon enough.  Happy crafting.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Tickling that creative funny bone again this Saturday.

Back again this Saturday with some funny creative quotes for you.  
I'm starting the day with a little creative encouragement.  We can always do with that now and again, the start of a new project or when things aren't going as planned.

It's the trying that counts!

Now recently I mentioned that we upgraded our broadband, however this left us with a week without any signal at all.  We were promised a straightforward switch over!  Right.  
Nothing is ever that easy is it?
We had one whole week without Internet coverage.  One teenager and one nearly a teenager without out WIFI, not to mention Mum and Dad.  I think only the dog seemed not to be phased by the prospect.
I am pleased to report we lived through it, just, but why am I sharing this information?
I saw this.....

Now I do have beads, it is a crafting product!  
I don't tend to use them much at the moment but what made me smile with this quote is that the house was much tidier without WIFI.  The boys found other things to do.  We had conversations, board games and went out for walks.  Far healthy don't you agree?
Sometimes it is easy to get into a rut, electronic gadgets are big ruts in this house.  
Oh to have a happy medium.   

Finally this made me smile as I plan my next project.

I have not had chance to do much crocheting later and I am missing it.  Maybe it's time I started thinking about Christmas presents getting organised?  
Shock, horror, that just doesn't happen in my world normally, what is going on?
Best I sit down first and have a cup of tea.

I'm working today but on the upside it's cropping time with my fella crafties tomorrow.  
Time to get creative.  
I am really looking forwards to catching up with everyone.
Enjoy your weekend too, more from me on Monday.  

Friday, September 04, 2015

Dig out your oldies and give them a good airing!

Good morning, how are you this Friday?
Can you believe it, already, doesn't time just fly by?

It's oldie time here at Snappycrafts, time to share a previously loved project, why not dust down an old make too and join me?
All I ask is that you leave a wee comment at the bottom of this post in order that I know that you are joining in with the crafty fun.  It is purely for selfish reasons because I would love to see your old projects too, I will comment on all that I know of.

Today, as it is the week it is, referring back to yesterday's cryptic post I have picked an appropriate card.  Now I may have shared this card back in the early days of sharing an oldie, for those who have been with me from the start I apologise.  I just thought the sentiment was perfect for the occasion so I have gone with it.

For this card I have used:
Martha Stewart PATP Vintage lace.
Hero arts Clings stamp Silhouette flower and Treasure the moments.
Zva creative bling in a wheel black.
Plain white card stock and American craft textured card black.
StazOn black ink.

A little black and white number for you.

Short and sweet today as I am at work, time to sign off and wish you all the very best for the coming weekend.  
Thank you in anticipation of joining "sharing an oldie" today.  I look forwards to seeing what crafty project you have picked too.  Happy crafting!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

A little horsing around crafty style of course.

Good morning?
How are you all this Thursday?
It's dreich here today, wet, cloudy and miserable.  Time to get on top of the housework and maybe a little crafting later.  I am working a couple of extra shifts this week so back in work tomorrow and Saturday, hence getting as many jobs out of the way today as I can, is a must.

No post from me yesterday, I really didn't feel in the mood for writing.
The 2nd of September is a dark day in our world, I don't really want to discuss it here but needless to say something happened 9 and 20 years ago.
Time is a healer and life does go on but it does stop you thinking of folk on the anniversary of their parting, for those who they left behind and especially because they were taken far too soon.
Every year at this time the words I had with one chap in particular, around 21 years ago, go round and round in my head, not realising at the time it would be the last conversation we would ever have.
I guess the environment that I was involved with and worked in, you could say some incidents/accidents are inevitable.
It doesn't make it any easier when you know the people.

Back to crafting!
On a lighter note today's card has been made for one of my colleagues at work who's friend has reached the big 50 milestone with the request anything horse related.

I coloured the horse with my copic markers and made up the rosette using scraps of red card.
I haven't used my copic markers for such a long time so it was a really nice change to sit in the garden, in the sunshine blending.  Wouldn't that be the life, spending days in the sunshine colouring images!

That's all from me today, don't forget it's oldie time again tomorrow, how did that happen?
I better go and get my skates on and get the boring jobs done before I can play.  Enjoy your Thursday.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A little something to put back the sparkle in your life!

Good morning all, how are you today?
Weather forecast....after a beautiful day yesterday it seems we have now got what everyone else had, it is raining and pouring this morning and it doesn't look like it will be stopping very soon.  A nice day to stay in and craft, unfortunately I have an appointment to keep at work, maybe later?

Today I have a Get well card to share with you.  The brief with this one was "to add a little tartan".

I think that is the brief full filled.  :)
Who doesn't like a little sparkle to brighten up your day?
It is also something that can be removed and recycled.  The bling is from the Handcrafted card company, oh me, oh my they have some lovely embellishments for card making.
The rest of the card is straight forwards with the printing done on the computer and the ribbon and card from my stash.  I personally love CAS cards like this, don't get me wrong I do appreciate the work in a more elaborate card.  Isn't it funny how your tastes change so much over the years?

Anyway that is all from me today, short and sweet, I better go and get my little one to school and then off to work I go.  Enjoy your Tuesday, I hope you have better weather than we have?  Still on the upside you can stay in the warm and craft!