Saturday, September 05, 2015

Tickling that creative funny bone again this Saturday.

Back again this Saturday with some funny creative quotes for you.  
I'm starting the day with a little creative encouragement.  We can always do with that now and again, the start of a new project or when things aren't going as planned.

It's the trying that counts!

Now recently I mentioned that we upgraded our broadband, however this left us with a week without any signal at all.  We were promised a straightforward switch over!  Right.  
Nothing is ever that easy is it?
We had one whole week without Internet coverage.  One teenager and one nearly a teenager without out WIFI, not to mention Mum and Dad.  I think only the dog seemed not to be phased by the prospect.
I am pleased to report we lived through it, just, but why am I sharing this information?
I saw this.....

Now I do have beads, it is a crafting product!  
I don't tend to use them much at the moment but what made me smile with this quote is that the house was much tidier without WIFI.  The boys found other things to do.  We had conversations, board games and went out for walks.  Far healthy don't you agree?
Sometimes it is easy to get into a rut, electronic gadgets are big ruts in this house.  
Oh to have a happy medium.   

Finally this made me smile as I plan my next project.

I have not had chance to do much crocheting later and I am missing it.  Maybe it's time I started thinking about Christmas presents getting organised?  
Shock, horror, that just doesn't happen in my world normally, what is going on?
Best I sit down first and have a cup of tea.

I'm working today but on the upside it's cropping time with my fella crafties tomorrow.  
Time to get creative.  
I am really looking forwards to catching up with everyone.
Enjoy your weekend too, more from me on Monday.  


karenlotty said...

Visiting your blog on a Saturday is one of my favourite things to do. Everything you show makes me smile and are always so, apt. I'm still hunting the web sites for that brilliant mug you showed - "I like big balls and I cannot lie"
Your oldie was beautiful and an just about to post mine

Barb said...

I enjoyed reading your quotes. We live in a village and have been waiting since April to be upgraded. Listening to your story perhaps we should just be content.... I've been blogging since February this year and since then haven't made as many cards proving your point I think. I don't know if we'd be much tidier though! Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

Hazel said...

Another great selection Erika. X

cuilliesocks said...

Great quotes Erika, i know what you mean, I'm now spending too much time on the computer with blogging, facebook and pinterest, so many other activities getting neglected, note to self, lay off the PC, Kate x

Patricia said...

Erika, you always manage to find fantastic quotes.
Love these
Enjoy what's left of the weekend
Patricia x

Carol said...

Another great selection of quotes Erika...we may have to downgrade our wifi if we move, that could be interesting!! Enjoy your crop. Carol x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Lovely selection of quotes today Erika. Enjoy your crop tomorrow.