Friday, March 28, 2014

Patsy Clairmont-crafting Part 2.....there's also a chilly edge to today's project!

Good morning all, brr it was cold this morning out walking on the beach and wet, not my favourite walking weather but it seems to be brightening up now.

I wanted to share is this video.....the part two from yesterday's "I like to craft!"
When I listened to this yesterday I really did laugh out loud.  
Have you listened to it and  have you had a project like this?!
I have, I planned on making a wreath and loved the idea so much I bought a dozen more wreaths to make as Christmas gifts one year.
Guess how many I made?
Yep, one and I kept it, LOL.  It too so long to make, my hands were sore by the time I finished.....I must find a picture of the culprit and share it with you.....another watch this space!

Back to today's post, it is the last day of school before our local Easter holidays, I would say my last day of freedom for a while but the wee man has been off again this week.  Apparently there is a virus doing the rounds that seems to be lingering and returning.....he isn't really poorly but just off colour and not his usual self. Calpol to the rescue!
As the kids are due their break I have decided to take time away from blogging over the next few days and enjoy some quality family time.  If I do get around to anything crafty I will share it with you but I'm not promising anything.  I intend on getting out and about and having some fun.

Before I go today I wanted to share this with you.  This is a bespoke card made recently for a lady with a very specific brief.....a snowcapped mountain with skis, poles and boots!

I'll see what I can do......

                                                                                                                                .......and here it is.

I think I've fitted the brief don't you?

It only remains for me to wish you all the best over the coming days....if you have children at home, enjoy!
I'll be back soon with more crafty fun.  x

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm a crafty woman!

Morning all.  I've been missing in action in the early part of the week.  Lots to do before the kids break up this Friday and a few extra hours at work keeping me out of mischief.

I saw this clip on Facebook today and just had to share it.
At the moment I have to agree with this video............I own crafts just now! :D
It really made me this is to all those unfinished projects.
I'm sure you must have one or two too?

Enjoy your Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow with more.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Nifty at 50!

Good afternoon all, have you got that Friday feeling?
I haven't as I'm working all weekend but then I've been off during the week so you can't have it all!
Last night my BBF rang me and said any chance of a plain 50th card for a man for tomorrow?
And why not.  It would be rude not to.

A bit of tartan and layering, personalised and Bobs your Uncle.  Clean and simples!

I caught the dog napping on one of the boys bean bags yesterday, obviously more comfortable than hers. 
You can tell from the look she's giving me that she knows she is not were she should eye open!
Can you guess what she is saying, I reckon....."just ignore her, she'll go away....I'm not really here!"

So cute but then I'm biased.
Have a good weekend, I hope you are up to something fun or interesting.  
Happy crafting if you get chance.  x

Thursday, March 20, 2014

An artist by any other name.

A lovely walk along the beach today, dare I say Spring could be on it's way?  Best not.
The kitchen cupboards are all looking a lot cleaner and emptier after a mammoth chuck out....just the appliances to go now and then the larder.   I'm just doing a bit each day in-between other jobs.  Mind you today I have my rope and crampons out and at the ready.....can you tell what I'm going to be doing soon? Boo!

Today I am sharing a bespoke order for an artist who will soon be 70. This chap enjoys painting watercolour land and seascapes so this is what I came up with.

Lots to crack on with today, I will share more later!
I hope you have a great Thursday.  x

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crafting with friends.

Morning all, still on my knees in the kitchen today, these jobs are always longer than you think that they'll be, aren't they?
Today I thought I'd share a couple of photographs from the crop on Sunday.  Not so many of us this time but we still had a good craft and giggle.

Don't you think the girls look very productive?
We had sewing, knitting, crocheting and cross-stitching as well as card making and scrap-booking, basically anything creative goes.

As you can tell from the photos we like to bring a lot of stuff with us!
Three of us are missing as were behind the camera ooooing and arhing at Tracy's selection of papers that she brought in to share.  
To top it off we had a lovely selection of home bakes this session washed down with lots of tea and coffee, my perfect kind of day!

On that note I better get back into the kitchen.  :(

Monday, March 17, 2014

You hum it, I'll strum it.....can you name that tune?

Did you have a good weekend?
I had a busy day at work on Saturday and then watched the rugby, shame England lost the Six nations to Ireland but what a way for O'Driscoll to end his career in professional rugby.  It was a great competition this year with some very close run matches.

Yesterday I got together with some of my crafting buddies but more of that tomorrow.  Today I am concentrating on yesterday for another very special reason......
It was my eldest boys 15th birthday!
Where did that time go?
He had plans during the day as he has just started doing his Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme so was out with his mates walking and map reading.  He wants to have his friends over for a beach BBQ for his treat so I have suggested leaving that until the weather improves nearer the summer.
It felt really strange not dashing about organising a party of sorts and actually being out crafting too....but he wasn't bothered.  #Growing up!

I decided I would use a rubber stamp from LOTV I bought a while ago to make his birthday card of a little boy playing a guitar, he loves his music. However once I stamped it and coloured it I just wasn't happy with it.....I didn't feel it was grown up enough.  So what to do?
I had a limited time span to play so had a wee look on Pinterest for inspiration.
I must at this point thank Labullard for her inspirational card and set to work on my own version using my trusted dies.

I have used Spellbinder dies Classic circles and Labels 25, plus Sizzix egg dies and SU tag punch, framelits dies & stamps.  I've distressed the edges with tea die and embellishments from my stash. 

This card was great fun to make and I was really happy with the finished article but was was even better my son thought is was fab.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best this Monday I am away for a cup of tea and to make a bespoke card.  Then I have an appointment in the floor fitted at the weekend and the dust!
Kitchen cupboard cleaning time, yawn!  Can you tell how much I love housework?
It so gets in the way good quality crafting time.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

A good walk ruined.....CAS style again.

Evening all?
Why when I say that do I want to bend my knees or should I say demi plie and raise my hat?
Is it because I am the daughter of a copper?  LOL.  Ex copper.
Are you all ready for the weekend?

I've had a good day.  A busy morning in work today but I enjoyed the company and giggles whilst beavering away in the background.  This afternoon I have had a couple more family cards to make and my work tops have been at last fitted in my's really starting to come together, although at the moment there is dust everywhere!
Here is my card for my Uncle who is a very keen golfer, his birthday is on St Patrick's day.  It's another very simple card....just how I like them.

The stamps and dies are from Papertrey ink, Distress ink Peacock feathers, charm from Buttons Galore and ribbon from the craft shop in Forres.

I best go and check the dinner which is busy cooking why I'm typing, then I think I'll be cleaning the kitchen.
Have a super weekend and I'll be back!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

LIS on your 50th birthday

Morning all and what a difference a day the earlier part of this week the weather has been glorious, real Spring like feeling in the air.
Lots of washing done and on the line so that ironing pile has just grown again.  Today it is dreich and cloudy, perfect for hiding in my craft room and catching up with some orders.
It is my eldest cousins birthday tomorrow and it's a big one!
I haven't seen him now for over three and a half years but wish him all the best for tomorrow.  We've always had good banter between us both being the eldest on either side of the family (I must point out he is much older than me) and I'm sure if we met up tomorrow it would be just as we left things last time we saw each other.

My challenge at the moment with cards it to see how minimal I can get them!  ;)  It can't get much more or can it?!  
I am really loving the clean and simple phase I am having with cards just now, no fuss at all, just straight to the point, sign it and send it out.  

More cards to make this morning and then a trip to the hairdressers for a magical makeover, known as removing the grey!
I will have a trip into town later for a few messages and then hopefully a relaxing evening in front of the box crocheting.  I'm in work tomorrow and Saturday, then hopefully having some fun with my crafty buddies on Sunday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Not a crafty show in sight....

Hi folks did you miss me yesterday?
The day just flew by with my crampons out and rope climbing up the ever growing mountain that is the ironing pile!  Yawn!
Then in the evening sitting down to watch The Great British Sewing Bee, the perfect end to a productive day.
Love that show, weren't the dungarees cute....I love dungarees but I don't think I'd get away with them now. I lived in them as a kid and a teenager....but as a woman of a certain age?!

I have been plodding on with my crochet daisy chain on an evening.
Having found another couple of yarns I like the look of I've been making more flowers, even more colours to choose from.  NO!  Decisions, decisions.
This is me having done all my jobs and looking forwards to an evening crocheting.

However my hubby says that this is more realistic...

Well, really!  
Mind you I have to say earlier in the week I was trying to master a selection of leaves which included double stitches, double treble stitches, treble stitches and treble treble brain was hurting!  
So maybe at this point getting the calls of "Mmmmmuuuuummmm!"  Was not the thing to do.  LOL.
I do need to concentrate with a new pattern but once I've done it a couple of times I do get the hang and then speaking is allowed.  Is it just me?
I also saw this on Pinterest and it did make me smile....

I have a few bespoke cards I must crack on with later this week and a couple of family birthdays to make for.  Better try and get in my craft room and get a move on before the taxi driving to drumming lessons later this evening.  Enjoy "hump" day and more from me tomorrow.  x

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dress up your style.

Morning, and what a beautiful morning it is.  Blue skies and the sun is shining, still a nip in the air whilst at the beach but it definitely feeling more like Spring.

I love to make these hand bag charms for gifts, this one was for a teacher.

I really would like to make one for my own bag too but never seem to get around to it.  I don't know why?!

Did you watch the rugby yesterday?
What a cracking match.  I had planned to do a little crocheting after work but got engrossed in the match.  A nice lazy Sunday afternoon was had by all.  Isn't that what Sunday's are all about?

As for plans this week I am hoping to get my kitchen finished off by the end of the week, at long last. The work tops and sink arrive mid week, they will by fitted before laying the new floor....can't wait to see the finished room.   
I have a couple of card orders this week and the usual weekly, on that note I had noticed that quite a few of my friends have given up something for lent?
Have you?
How about this......

Now don't you think that is a better thing to give up than chocolate or alcohol?!  
With the added benefit of more crafting time.
It's a win, win situation, don't you think?  Definitely got my vote.
Enjoy your Monday, more from me tomorrow.  x

Friday, March 07, 2014

It's nearly birthday time again...looking back in time.

Good evening, I had a busy morning at work today followed by a mad dash home. I then headed down to school assembly for a rousting sing a long of "All things bright and beautiful!"
Home for tea and a full Sunday roast, I know, a couple of days early!  We always get side tracked on a Sunday and I'm working this coming one. Mind you I have got the day off tomorrow, hubby's birthday and my eldest has a music competition so I shall be busy with other things.
Do you have plans for the weekend?

Today I thought I'd share a card with you I made a while ago when my eldest boy turned into a teenager.....

The image is by Mo Manning, I love her digital images and this is so age appropriate....I'm sure anyone with a teenage boy will know this image!
Zone out and plug in!

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the weekend, I'm now away to pour a cheeky B & C and pick up my crochet hook....let's hope I don't make wonky daisies!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Another sewing bee day!

A late post from me this evening having had a busy day pottering again.
Today Irene and I got together for another sewing day although we did lots of chatting too.
I have started the material base for my crochet cushions today learning how to use an over locker machine.....oh I like!
Would it be wrong to want to make clothes after playing with this machine?  Such fun!

I've been set my homework to stitch the cushion squares together and add the zips.  I guess that it only remains for me to this space.

I have work tomorrow and my son's school assembly so I will probably catch you later again.
Happy crafting. x

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Baby 1st birthday.

Afternoon all, how are you this Wednesday?
Today has been a busy day, tying up loose ends.  With my wee man feeling better and back at school I managed into town this morning with a list of jobs to do.  I even managed a very good cup of coffee at the The Drouthy Cobbler and a mighty fine piece of lemon drizzle cake.  Nomn, nomn.
This afternoon I have been tatting around the house....major clear out under way or should I say a spring clean.  I don't venture in the boys rooms as often as I should, I have 3 black bin liners of old clothes today, one for the local rag collect and two with practically brand new clothes in.
That's before I start on the mountain of toys!
I really should do my craft room too which is probably worse!

Anyway enough of all this excitement did you have pancakes yesterday?
I made Scotch pancakes at lunch time which we had with sauce/jam and then at tea time I made traditional pancakes with a whole selection of toppings.  I like to stick to tradition and have lemon and sugar but the boys, well basically....put everything and anything on!
My mum bought me a pancake machine years ago and it's really sad that it only comes out once or twice a year.  I don't know why because they're easy enough to make and everyone enjoys them, every year at this time I always say we should do them more often.  The youngest came home from school today and said....please can we have pancakes again tonight? Bless.

Anyway back to the card I was asked to make this card recently for a little lady who is turning 1.

The brief was pink and girlie!
I even got my sewing machine back out.  
I'm loving the butterfly which is a Sizzix die I bought ages ago but just hadn't got around to using it...I'm glad I have now.

Anyway I better go and sort tea....drumming lessons are us tonight, back tomorrow with more.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A new baby in the family....clean and simples!

Morning, wet and cloudy here today and yes my washing is must be my fault then?!
I'm hoping that it will brighten later or it will be re-spun and tumbled, the excitement of it all!
How are you this Tuesday?
My wee one seems to be on the mend but is always left with a hacking cough that seems to take ages to clear, hoping to get him back to school tomorrow.

Today I am sharing with you a card.....I know.....don't fall over in surprise will you?
I have to say it's another clean and very simple card, I am so loving minimal just now.  Shame my craft room doesn't follow suit.

The die cut and stamps are from Papertrey ink and the button is from Dress it up.  Aren't the little buttons so cute?

Just a regular day here today, housework, jobs and maybe a little crafting later.  I could chat about it in detail but you'll be yawning....although my kids told me last week that it is a myth that you yawn when tired...apparently it's because you need more oxygen....QI has a lot to answer for!  (Love that show).
Enjoy the day whatever you have planned, back again tomorrow with more crafting.

Before I go don't forget today is pancake Tuesday....nomm, do you celebrate?
I saw these this morning and thought I know someone who would love not the kids....hubby of course!

May the force be with you this pancake day!

Oh and I nearly forgot, the castle in yesterdays post is Edinburgh castle.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Daisy's but not as you know them......hooking style!

Morning all, another dreich start here but then it was forecast today, the weekend was bright and sunny if not a little cold so we shouldn't complain.
How was yours?

Work was busy Saturday and Sunday with a lot going on, all the fun of the fair!
Yesterday afternoon after I'd finished work I met up with my crafting buddies and had some fun crocheting. With a chilled out night continuing my crocheting.  That was my weekend gone!
So I've got a daisy chain I would like to create in the colours of my room to replace the heart bunting I made in February.  I therefore would like to stick to a white, teal and biscuit colour combination.
These are my practise flowers getting to grip with the pattern and what size hook to use.

I've put them in the order I've made them....I'm preferring the forth one on a smaller hook but I think I like the colour combo of the second one....what do you think?
Decisions, decision.....I do have better things to be doing!
But not nearly as much fun.  
I will let you see the finished article when I've got it done and dusted.  
This week is will mostly be my evening project for in front of the fire!

Now did you recognise the chapel I got married at then?
Those of you lovely ladies who left comments, which I am always very grateful for, didn't get about I give you an easier clue......

You must have got it now?!
Especially those Scottish even bigger clue!
I shall leave that with you and be back tomorrow with more.  Have a good Monday.  x