Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm a crafty woman!

Morning all.  I've been missing in action in the early part of the week.  Lots to do before the kids break up this Friday and a few extra hours at work keeping me out of mischief.

I saw this clip on Facebook today and just had to share it.
At the moment I have to agree with this video............I own crafts just now! :D
It really made me this is to all those unfinished projects.
I'm sure you must have one or two too?

Enjoy your Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow with more.


Hazel said...

That video is very good, and very true. You got the boys off for the next two weeks as well, snap and to think I spent a whole week clearing and cleaning Anna's room to walk in on Monday and thought I had imagined I had don't it , won't be going I there until after the two weeks . Have fun with the cleaning. Hazel xx

Diane said...

Thanks for the laugh Erika, I think she captured crafting making perfectly. Lots of great ideas very little completion.

Hugs Diane

Patricia said...

Forgot I recorded that for You Tube ...... !!!
Oh! Sorry was that NOT me!! I really thought it was ..... !!!
Happy cleaning oh! I meant crafting

Patricia xxx

Crafty Lark said...

Oh! Erika, this did make me giggle. Very true in my case also. xx Flora

Rachel said...

Pretty much spot on ;) x