Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Not a crafty show in sight....

Hi folks did you miss me yesterday?
The day just flew by with my crampons out and rope climbing up the ever growing mountain that is the ironing pile!  Yawn!
Then in the evening sitting down to watch The Great British Sewing Bee, the perfect end to a productive day.
Love that show, weren't the dungarees cute....I love dungarees but I don't think I'd get away with them now. I lived in them as a kid and a teenager....but as a woman of a certain age?!

I have been plodding on with my crochet daisy chain on an evening.
Having found another couple of yarns I like the look of I've been making more flowers, even more colours to choose from.  NO!  Decisions, decisions.
This is me having done all my jobs and looking forwards to an evening crocheting.

However my hubby says that this is more realistic...

Well, really!  
Mind you I have to say earlier in the week I was trying to master a selection of leaves which included double stitches, double treble stitches, treble stitches and treble treble brain was hurting!  
So maybe at this point getting the calls of "Mmmmmuuuuummmm!"  Was not the thing to do.  LOL.
I do need to concentrate with a new pattern but once I've done it a couple of times I do get the hang and then speaking is allowed.  Is it just me?
I also saw this on Pinterest and it did make me smile....

I have a few bespoke cards I must crack on with later this week and a couple of family birthdays to make for.  Better try and get in my craft room and get a move on before the taxi driving to drumming lessons later this evening.  Enjoy "hump" day and more from me tomorrow.  x


Patricia said...

Good sunny afternoon,
Oh! Erika you did make me laugh re:- the dungarees. I used to make all my own clothes and had so many of these "jump suits" There lots in the shops again for summer. Can you picture the scene when in a rush to get to the loo!!! These days when a girl has to "go" a girl has to go......!!!
Love those little quotes and the badge.
You will need new Crampons soon the amount of climbing the "pile" you do.
Good luck with the ironing

Patricia xxx

Shazza said...

lol at your pictures Erika. have not seen any of Sewing Bee yet :0(
Tough times just now, will not make Sunday, maybe 30th. Sending hugs x

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, love your little pics, I'm not into the Sewing Bee, used to make my own clothes and curtains, but got rid of my sewing machine a few years ago.
I've bought new yarn though to make another cable cushion and this yarn has nettle fiber in it, it's so soft it's going to be lovely to work with, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika I hope you managed to reach the top of that mountain. The trouble is once you have climbed that one there is another one waiting!!! Love your quotes. Been teaching the girls to knit these past two days, if I hear " I have done something wrong" I think I will scream, thank goodness the school haven't got back to me about teaching the kids. The girls are getting there and their first squares will be special, Hazel x

Unknown said...

Crochet is still difficult for me to master. I bought a kit to crochet a handbag a couple of years ago using an amazing thick hook and jersey fabric strips thinking it would take days to make but once I mastered the stitch it was made in a day.

Wilma x x