Friday, January 31, 2014

Hooking part two the revenge of the heart!

Good evening all.
I've had a lovely day out with my pal Irene in Inverness today....a girlie shopping day.
Not much on the crafty front purchased, just material, thread and zips to finish my granny square cushions.
I did manage to get a few girlie bits in M & S and a new purse from Ness to match my bag Santa brought me.  Plus a lovely lunch out and a bit of browsing too.

Remember yesterday I showed you a heart I'd been having a go at?
With little success.
Here is number two which is a little better.  Practise makes perfect!

This is the start of some Valentine bunting and is from a pattern here.  With a big thank you to Happy berry for sharing such a fab pattern.  
Hopefully now I've got a couple under my belt I might get better at's the magic circle that's the fun part, it does make the design a bit fiddly.  However Happy berry does say if you can master it, it is a useful trick.  
I shall keep practising.  You really should go and have a look at the pattern because her bunting is beautiful.

I have a day off tomorrow and I'm planning on stocking up on more paint and maybe a little baking.  I did mention it would be nice to have a family day out but none of my lot seemed interested!

The snow looks as if it might be good at the moment on our Scottish mountains although we don't have here, maybe I can persuade them to have a day out weather permitting?

Have a super weekend what ever you have planned and I'll be back next week with some more crafty exploits.  

As I'm not at work tomorrow I think I might leave you now and go and pour myself a cheeky little B and C! 
Cheers everyone and a happy weekend all round.  x

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A little more hooking even Mollie is crocheting too!

Hi folks and missed the sunshine for another photograph today....there seems to be a very small window at the moment.  Got to love January weather, although I am grateful we haven't had the rain or snow some of you have...not yet anyway.
Today I have been trying my hand at a magic circle and reading one of my new books I bought with some Christmas pennies.

I am having more fun on the reading front than I am on the magic circle!
With the boys now busy playing upstairs and hubby painting in the kitchen I think I might just sneak in a bit more practise.  I feel some heart bunting coming this space......
Have a super Thursday. 
I have a day out planned with another pal tomorrow, a little crafty shopping might be in order.
I will catch you later in the day.  Bye for now.  x

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Loving these images, just perfect for colouring.

A late post today for you as I've been out and about with a close friend today.  I've not managed to photograph what I wanted to show you so I thought I'd share an oldie with you instead.
This is a card I made for my oldest boy who is now a teenager because the image so reminded me of him as a youngster.
So without further ado......

This image is by Sugar Nellie and it from the Adorable range called Nathan.  It is my son's double although he would have probably carried a dinosaur or dog rather than a teddy.....he won't thank me for mentioning that!
Short and sweet from me today I'm away now to do a bit more crocheting, have a super evening and I'll be back with more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What a difference a day makes!

Afternoon all and it's a dreich day here, grey, wet and windy, yeuk, not nice at all.  The dog walk along the beach today not quite as much fun as we both came back a little wet and bedraggled.  It's on days like this that I firmly believe that my hubby should do the dog walking!  LOL.

Food shopping done plus some housework it's now time to update my blog. Today I have a bespoke card made last week for a 70th birthday, the brief being.....pastel colours, a5 with some flowers.
This is what I came up with.

The paper is by Prima and is called Jack and Jill.

I have some card orders to make and some more jobs around the house to do but it's so cold and wet today I think it might be an evening to crochet in front of the fire instead.  I do love a craft for the winter that takes you away from a cold room to sitting by the fire.  
I'm now working on the backs of my cushions and getting there slowly.  
I've had three new crochet books lately with lots of lovely ideas to try, I just need to add some speed to my hook now.

I'd like to finish today by sending my love out to a couple of good friends who are going through a rough time just now.  Although I don't see you both very often my thoughts are with you at this time.  Take care.  x

Monday, January 27, 2014

Loving a good sentiment stamp just now......"just be!"

Morning all, I hope you all had a good Burns weekend? 
A few sore heeds about maybe?! 
Lots of haggis, neeps and tatties washed down with glugs of whiskey, followed by a few reams of Scottish dancing.  We missed our Burns supper this year as it was Friday evening and I had to be up at 5 Saturday morning.  I don't think that would have been a good mix, do you?

A nice brisk walk along the beach this morning, dodging the tide coming in! 
It was high today and not much beach left but we managed not to get wet feet by moving quick.  My Dad got caught last week whilst out....can't move as quick as he used to.  He came home wet to the knees, bless.  I know we shouldn't but Mum and I did smile, both him and the dog stood at the doorstep covered in water and sand wanting a towel.

Back to today and I spent Friday afternoon in my craft room with a view to tidying it and preparing for Sunday's crop in the village hall. 
I got side tracked!
So many lovely crafty bits and bobs I couldn't help myself playing.  I even found a pizza box under the desk which I'd forgotten about full of new papers.....mmmmm.  Very strokable! 
(You none crafters will not understand that and probably think I'm a tad weird, but all you crafters out there will smile and nod in agreement.  You know exactly what I mean!)

So what did I get up to on Friday then?
I got my gel plate out to play with and some acrylic paint and this is the card I made.

The saying is from Unity stamps and I love it

"Go for long walks,
Indulge in hot baths,
Question your Assumptions,
Be kind to yourself,
Live for the moment,
Loosen up, scream, curse the world,
Count your blessings,
Just let go,
Just be."
I wanted to create a seaside background to the saying, then distressed the card and mounted on black.
I think I might like this new toy and look forwards to having more fun creating my own backgrounds.
This saying reminds me of a very wise man called Jim who's teachings, patience and advice has changed my life. 
It is sometimes difficult as we all get wrapped up in the mad pace of life, family, friends, home and work....he taught me that you need to take time out for yourself, listen to your body, relax, have quiet time, "breath" and just be!
We all need time to stop and relax, meditate, craft....whatever takes your fancy but just do what makes you happy.
On that note I'd like to wish you all the best for the week ahead.  I plan on doing lots this week, housework, crafting, decorating, walking the dog....but lets just see how the days pan out.  x

Friday, January 24, 2014

Another little black number! Funky style.

Afternoon all and how are you?
All ready for the weekend?
I'm working tomorrow morning and then crafting with my pals Sunday afternoon, with a night out planned Saturday evening, I think it's going to be a busy one.
Back to today and still tidying going on in my craft room, lots to do and I think eventually I will need to have a bit of a clear out as space seems to be at a premium just now.
Today I thought I'd share this card with you which features an adorable image from Funky kits.
I love colouring these images, so easy and a joy to do.

This card was for my mum and another simple cream and black combo.

I'm away to get my crafty stash sorted for Sunday or what I should really say is unpack my bag used before Christmas and repack it!  The truth hurts.  Then my desk is going to get the treatment!
Have a super weekend and I'll be back with some more recent work next week.  Enjoy.  x

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A little black and white number!

Good morning all, the weather has caught up with us this morning and it's a grey and cloudy start to the day, boo, hiss.  I'm back in my craft room with the hope of being more constructive than yesterday which ended up with just more tidying.  You think I would be getting somewhere but it really is debatable.
I have my hubby home painting the kitchen today getting ready for me to attack it with sandpaper and my little one off sick, again.  Mind you he has bounced back already this morning!  Mmmm!

I have an appointment with the hairdressers this afternoon which I am looking forwards to I go for a new style, that is the question? Decisions, decisions.

Today I thought I'd share a little black and white number with you whilst I'm beavering away.  I don't think you can beat black and white when it comes to a classic style of card.  This is created using Hero art stamps and a PATP by Martha Stewart.

Nice and simple!

That's all from me today and I'll be back again tomorrow with more crafty fun.  
Have a good hump day!  x

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little gingham style!

Afternoon all and another beautiful sunny day in the North of Scotland, blue skies ahoy!
Anyone would think Spring is on the way but I believe the forecast for the end of the week will put us back in place, brrrr!  It isn't looking good for the weekend.

I didn't get near my cards yesterday still tidy up in operation, if I do a little bit at a time it doesn't seem so daunting.  That's my excuse anyway.
Hoping to crack on today but I have two drumming lessons later and a meeting.

So what am I sharing today?
This is for a special pal who is having a rough time just know who you are.  Sending you big hugs from me, hoping all works out for the best.  x

Gosh I do love a bit of gingham.  Don't you?
This wee image is by Funky kits, I just love her matching wellies and brolly.

I hope this finds you all fit and healthy today, may you have sunshine too as it makes such a difference to the day.
I'm going to sign off now and try and get creative.  Wish me luck.  x

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How I caught the spellbinding bug.

Afternoon all, confession sounds ominous!

Still busy just now tidying the craft room and tatting in the kitchen amongst other daily duties so today I thought I'd share one of the cards that got me started on the Spellbinder die front. 
Before demonstrating for Personal Impressions I had very few of the thin dies to my name choosing to purchase Sizzix thicker dies which I also have used to cut other materials like felt and metal.  Little did I know that introducing me to Spellbinders would lead to such an obsession!

I was used to creating very simple things go around in circles as I am enjoying this style again just now...I therefore had "such fun" in layering up this style of card. 
Never one to shy from a challenge I set to work and here is my version of a Wedding card originally designed by Becca. 
At this point I would like to thank Stacey and the team at Spellbinders for the inspiration in making this card.   I'd also like to give a special mention to Becca who's work for Spellbinders is always fabulous and inspirational, you can find her stunning work here.

I have used the same die to create the oval background and a similar colour combination as it is just perfect for a Wedding celebration. 
At the time I wasn't keen on this style of card but I can honestly say...spellbinder dies started something at that point and I have never gone back. 
I now love the product, I really enjoy playing with the dies and trying to use them in many different ways. 
My only wish is that some days I had more time to play!
What's your favourite product just now? 
Did you like it the first time you used it or like me have you grown to love it way more that you thought you would?
Moving on and finally today I thought I'd share a couple of beachy photos with you.  I keep mentioning the fine walks I have with my dog so today I thought I'd show you what you are missing.  These were taken yesterday at tea time just as the sun was going down.

Do you love where you live?
I do.

Time for me now to leave you today, happy crafting.  x 

Monday, January 20, 2014

A little bit of SKULLduggery!

Hello there.  What a beautiful day we are having in sunny Scotland.  I had a lovely walk along the beach this morning with the dog after a frantic hour getting the kids up and out to school.  They're always up early on a weekend but not during the week.  Surely that should be the other way round?!
This morning has been spent catching up on some house work, boring!  
Still I did manage to get in a couple of rounds of crochet too as I watched something taped from last night. Well it would be rude not to have a coffee break!

Onto this afternoon, I have ventured in my craft room.....what a midden!
I have nearly cleaned the floor but still got all the desk space to do.  I could be some time.  I can't make up my mind to stay in here and tidy or go and distress a bit more of the kitchen.  Decisions, decisions!  It's a tough one.
Today I thought I'd share something I saw on Facebook recently which really made me smile.  The ex-navy in my fully appreciating this comment.....can't beat a bit of rum!

A'ha me hearties!
If I have a wee drop of rum it's usually nearer the 10 p.m. time....which apparently makes it alright. Yippee.
It did make me think of this card which I made for my father it was to be on a Harley biker theme with a little pirate, for good measures.

Back to the kitchen and this distressing lark is a slow process.  The regular walls and paint work are all decorated and finished, I have now moved on to the pantry cupboard...which was a swine and then to the other cupboards.  Why a swine, well the procedure requires, painting a darker colour then a couple of white layers.  This is then waxed.....sanded and then waxed again.  
Trust me to start something on a small scale...on the up side I think I might have the idea of distressing once the kitchen is finished!
Here is how the pantry is coming on....

I have a teal blue under the white.  Do you like my "fork handle!"  That always makes me smile as it reminds me of the Two Ronnies sketch...Four funny.

That's all from me today I hope you are having a good day.  Back tomorrow with more. 
Happy crafting.

Friday, January 17, 2014

I think this might be a new addition to my crafty stash too.

Hi folks, busy yesterday painting my kitchen, should be doing it today too but I'm enjoying time with the family instead.  I have decided to repaint and distress my kitchen to a French shabby chic style using Anne Sloan paints.  I hope it will look fab when finished but there is a lot of layering and wiping back, so is taking a bit longer than a straight forward paint job, but hopefully will be worth it when finished.  I will take some photos when finished so I can share.

On to today and I saw these as part of the releases for CHA 2014.....I've still to get their hexagonal one which I think is also really neat but loving these too.

I was lucky enough to win a couple of these punches a while back on Facebook, I got the buttons and circles.  I find them great to use on cards as embellishments and you can add corresponding papers that work with your projects.  I think it's a really neat idea and love the ones I already have.

I've actually got a day off tomorrow and hopefully I might get some crafting in at some point.  I've still not got to tidy my room yet....still on the to do list but as some of you commented....I know where everything is whilst messy.  If I tidy it I can guarantee I will loose stash cause I won't remember where I've put it! 
Do you find that?

Anyway I'm going to sign off for today, enjoy your weekend folk and hopefully I'll be back next week with some craftiness.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New crafting products.....which would you choose?

I mentioned yesterday that this is the time of year that all the big crafting companies start to share all the new products....coming soon to a craft shop near you.  CHA has just finished in the states and Stitches is next month in Birmingham.  Exciting times and the calm before the storm as we eagerly await new toys!
So what do I like the look of?
Lets start with one of my favourite brands.....Spellbinders!

Oooo I could have some fun with them!

On to Tim Holtz new products and I can't wait to get my hands on these two beauties.....a new blending tool and a spritzer.

As I mentioned earlier....playtime!  LOL.  #craftystyle.
What have you seen recently that you can't wait to get your hands on?  Keep it crafty!  :)

On to today and what have I got planned?  
The simple answer is I don't know.....I'm going to spend some quality time with my family.  
Have a super day and I'll be back soon with some more.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hooking progress report......

Hi folks and how are you all?
Sorry I've not been about, lots to do in the real world!
The kitchen is slowly taking shape but that was always going to be the case with us working around everything else too.
My parents rang yesterday and are coming to visit today so mad panic....#housework frenzy!  LOL.  I haven't really got on top of things since the kids went back to school but needs must.  It's amazing how much you get done when on a time schedule!
I've still got the boys rooms to do and my craft room (the less said about that room the better!) plus a mound of ironing, I guess that's going to be today's jobs sorted.  That being said I shall then have my jobs done and be able to enjoy the time with my parents, and the icing on the rang and have told me to take this weekend off!  Yippee!
Surely I will manage to get some crafty time in?!
Maybe if I can tidy my craft room so I can get in mojo might kick in to action and I can have some fun.
Talking of fun have you been checking out all the information on CHA in the states.....oh my, there are some lovely new goodies that are going to be hitting the crafty streets later this year.  I'm thinking I might do a round up of some of my favourites....things that will definitely be on my wish list.  Watch this space!

On to today and the photo I am sharing is more of a work in progress...remember my lovely new chairs?
And my granny squares?
With Christmas I had to put my own crocheting to one side so it has been lovely of late to sit in front of the fire late at night and plod on with this project.

I am making two cushions and this will be the fronts, on the back I am going to be doing something give me a choice of sides.  They're slowly coming on, don't you think?
Slowly but surely.

Anyway I best be getting on with things here....will catch up with you all again soon.  Take care and happy crafting.  x

Thursday, January 09, 2014

A little bit of gingerbread fun!

Back again, a little later today after spending a lovely day crafting in Elgin with a lovely know who you are. 
It is always lovely to share a hobby with like minded people and there is always something new to learn.

So what am I sharing today?
This is a little something I supervised before Christmas.  I was going to make one of these from scratch myself but I found these smaller kits in Allarburn Dairy and thought they were just perfect for the boys  to make rather than a full blown house.  With the busy run up to Christmas I saw this as a couple of hours fun with the boys perfect for a little mummy time.
We had to make up the icing sugar but everything was in the kit for them to work with.  I did smile looking back at the photographs.  The first one is by my youngest and as you can see from the photograph.....he ate as he went along. 

This is all his own handy work I just helped to keep the house upright as he slotted it together.

Now on to my oldest boys house, note the difference in sweets!

I did have to laugh at the older boys humour.....see if you can spot what I mean.  I give you a clue....look high!
How many sweets too?
Still is was a couple of hours of fun and they got to eat the house after we had finished, which I'm sure they'll point out was the best bit. 
These houses also came in plain biscuit and chocolate flavour if your child is not keen on Gingerbread. 
The company is called Village workshop and the kits can be found here.
"Such fun!"

Back to today and I've got the dentist shortly with my eldest then back home for tea.
Later I hope to get in a little crocheting, all being well.
Back tomorrow with more.  x

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

This is the kind of Rudolph that I think will go down well with men.

Afternoon all.
I'm back.
I've got lots going on in the background just now, catching up on things after Christmas and planning more of my kitchen redecoration.  In fact yesterday I spent the whole day ironing....which was really exciting.  Not!
Back to normal now, kids back to school and hubby and I back to work, even though we've both worked days over the festive season we've also had some family time too.  We've had a couple of good nights out with close friends playing all the new board games that Santa brought which was a giggle.  Now to go through the house and have a major sort out before Spring clean time.

I did get a gel plate for Christmas but it has yet to be opened.  I'm hoping to create some spare time to play next week, that's my theory anyway!

On to today and I will be honest I saw this next picture on Pinterest and thought what a great MAN idea for Christmas.

Rather than sending Christmas cards to my team mates at work I decided to send the men a bottle of Windswept beer, a local brewery from Lossiemouth, the next town to ours.  For the ladies a little bottle of wine.  I made them up just like this picture but in my usual I didn't take photographs. 
I would like to give credit to the person who came up with this idea but I've followed it back to source and no blog has been mentioned.  So to whoever you are thank you very much for sharing.
I attached tags on individual bottles with a note "Have a drink on me this Christmas!"
With work as busy as it was in the run up to Christmas, the drinks went down very well with my colleagues. 

That's all from me today, back soon with more.  I'm away into Elgin tomorrow morning for another one to one card lesson and am looking forwards to some crafty fun.  Take care and happy crafting to you all.  x

Friday, January 03, 2014

HNY part 2 my favourite crafting exploits from 2013

Hi all and whilst I'm back to work beavering away I thought today I'd share with you the second part to my favourite crafting projects of 2013.

Yesterday I shared from January to June so today I shall start with July.....and it's Christmas!
I know that's crazy.  I was sat inside working on Christmas cards for demonstrations whilst it was beautiful sunshine outside, one of the joys of sharing what products are coming soon in the craft world, is working ahead of the game.

The demonstrating was something this year that I decided to stop doing......I know I must be CRAZY as I loved doing it. 
Unfortunately my other job got in the way, but I am going to try and keep my hand in. 
More about that later this year!
I don't mind admitting that I do miss it and all the lovely ladies that used to visit the shops on my demonstration days throughout the North of Scotland.  If only it was possible to have two Saturdays a week and maybe lose a Wednesday instead?!

Like that is going to happen so lets move on to August....this month was it was a hard decision as to what to choose.  I had a couple of cards I really liked, then my jam, which disappeared too quickly, note to self, must make more next year.  In the end I settled on this project, a box using Spellbinder dies....

For more details see here.
I love the classic style of white and navy.
On to September and another crafty retreat in Aberdeen, this is a card from another of my classes again Spellbinder style....

Details of my post are here.  Purple, black and white another classic combination.  I love keeping the cards simple and letting the great stamps and dies do all the hard work for you.

On to November and I couldn't not mention my poppy's which as a newbie to crocheting this year I decided to raise funds for the British Legion for Remembrance Sunday.  I am thankful to all my friends who supported me in this venture raising over £100 for the cause.

You can find out more details on this post here.
I made the poppy's using cotton rather than wool and added a second layer to the original pattern.

Finally, didn't that year pass fast, on to December......again I couldn't make up my mind on last months it's Christmas I've picked 3. 
First my little felt owl from here.

Then my Christmas cake with thanks to Mary Berry for the recipe.  I am currently munching my way through it!

And last but not least my crochet hat for my pals little girl at Christmas, the reason behind all that poppy making in November.  Basically for no other reason than I was chuffed to bits it worked having been my first pattern I followed.

So that's me for 2013. 
It was a busier year than originally planned I did however get to spend quality time with good crafting friends usually talking about crafts! 
I learnt to crochet, to make corn related crafts and I ran the local crop with like minded folk.  I had some work published in the middle of the year and taught at two crafting retreats.  Finally finishing the year with food coming out of my ears at work!
What will 2014 bring?
I'd like to further my crocheting and get my machine out to work on material based projects plus more paper crafting.
And the resolutions for this year....more exercise, de-clutter the house and tidying my craft room.  Not to mention finishing some projects...the kitchen being the main one.
It's going to be another busy year, now just to get off my backside and crack on.

Happy New Year to you all.  x

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year everyone........and my favourites from 2013!

Happy New Year all!

Good afternoon everyone and nearly back to normal.  Work again tomorrow and Saturday and kids back to school next week.  Sad but true.....I'm looking forwards to getting the house back to normal and giving it a good clean and tidy.  (Must be feeling ill!)
Did you have a good festive season and New Year?
My youngest started to flag at 10 p.m. on New Years Eve so I took him home early and rang in 2014 in front of the TV whilst my older boy and husband stayed out.  Then my older boy wasn't well New Years day!  Oh the joys!
I feel as it this festive season has been spent totally relaxing and doing very little.  Mind you I have worn my nurses hat a little to often for my liking.  I'm so glad we didn't have any concrete plans or visitors.
Anyway back to today's post and I thought I'd share my favourite work from throughout 2013. 
Lets start at the beginning with January.....

This is my version of Tim's January tag in 2013.  I started the year with good intentions of following his 12 tags of 2013 and actually got to about April! 
Sometimes real life just gets in the way of crafty fun and I'm very much the type of person who prefers to play after getting on top of things....maybe that should change this year?!

In February my choice is a card that I made for The Sugar Bowl challenge, you can see my post here for more details. 
And the card.....

In March I had promised a pal I would make her a felt poppy after she had admired the one I was wearing on my coat.  So guess what?
The poppy is my choice from my March projects.

On to April and at this time I was involved with a crafty retreat at The Papeterie in Aberdeen.  My favourite from this month is one of the cards that we made in one of my classes, all details are here.
And the card......

I love this colour combo and the Hero art stamped sentiment. 

On to May and we are fluttering through the year with this card, my all time favourite colour!

Details can be found here.  I love the 3D aspect of this card.  You can't been MME 6" paper pads for card making. 

On to June and we're already half way through the year.....doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!
For this month I have chosen a canvas project which had in fact come about from a card which I had wanted to keep (Having made earlier).  The stamped image is by Molly Blooms and as we live by the sea close to beach huts I could not resist this piece of rubber!

More details on this post are here.

So that is my first 6 months of the year complete and totally different projects in my selection.
I hope you have enjoyed the first part of my journey through 2013.....I shall be back tomorrow with the latter half of the year.

Have a good day all.  x