Thursday, January 30, 2014

A little more hooking even Mollie is crocheting too!

Hi folks and missed the sunshine for another photograph today....there seems to be a very small window at the moment.  Got to love January weather, although I am grateful we haven't had the rain or snow some of you have...not yet anyway.
Today I have been trying my hand at a magic circle and reading one of my new books I bought with some Christmas pennies.

I am having more fun on the reading front than I am on the magic circle!
With the boys now busy playing upstairs and hubby painting in the kitchen I think I might just sneak in a bit more practise.  I feel some heart bunting coming this space......
Have a super Thursday. 
I have a day out planned with another pal tomorrow, a little crafty shopping might be in order.
I will catch you later in the day.  Bye for now.  x


Patricia said...

Looks an interesting book, I have a few crochet books, I used to do the really fine stuff. I have all the gear but just can't get my head round the patterns now.
Enjoy your day with your friend, don't spend too much!!!!

Patricia xx

marion said...

Have fun reading and looking, perhaps even try crochet, Mollie's books are fabulous, love them also, hugs, marion

Kat said...

I read Mollie Makes but I've not got any of their books. Looks interesting. If you're talking about the magic circle for crocheting I'm not sure I can get my head round it. I tried doing it when I made the elf for Catriona before Christmas. I tried lots of different instructions and diagrams before it eventually clicked. Not sure I could do it again though!

Enjoy your day out tomorrow.

Kat xx