Monday, January 20, 2014

A little bit of SKULLduggery!

Hello there.  What a beautiful day we are having in sunny Scotland.  I had a lovely walk along the beach this morning with the dog after a frantic hour getting the kids up and out to school.  They're always up early on a weekend but not during the week.  Surely that should be the other way round?!
This morning has been spent catching up on some house work, boring!  
Still I did manage to get in a couple of rounds of crochet too as I watched something taped from last night. Well it would be rude not to have a coffee break!

Onto this afternoon, I have ventured in my craft room.....what a midden!
I have nearly cleaned the floor but still got all the desk space to do.  I could be some time.  I can't make up my mind to stay in here and tidy or go and distress a bit more of the kitchen.  Decisions, decisions!  It's a tough one.
Today I thought I'd share something I saw on Facebook recently which really made me smile.  The ex-navy in my fully appreciating this comment.....can't beat a bit of rum!

A'ha me hearties!
If I have a wee drop of rum it's usually nearer the 10 p.m. time....which apparently makes it alright. Yippee.
It did make me think of this card which I made for my father it was to be on a Harley biker theme with a little pirate, for good measures.

Back to the kitchen and this distressing lark is a slow process.  The regular walls and paint work are all decorated and finished, I have now moved on to the pantry cupboard...which was a swine and then to the other cupboards.  Why a swine, well the procedure requires, painting a darker colour then a couple of white layers.  This is then waxed.....sanded and then waxed again.  
Trust me to start something on a small scale...on the up side I think I might have the idea of distressing once the kitchen is finished!
Here is how the pantry is coming on....

I have a teal blue under the white.  Do you like my "fork handle!"  That always makes me smile as it reminds me of the Two Ronnies sketch...Four funny.

That's all from me today I hope you are having a good day.  Back tomorrow with more. 
Happy crafting.


Diane said...

Very fun saying Erika, The distressed pantry is coming along nicely. Enjoyed your fork handle very cleaver.

Hugs Diane

Kirsti said...

Kitchen looking good Erika...have you taken the doors off to do some point I would like to tackle ours but I actually hate the cupboard door design:0( Have a so are couple in the loft so will need to practice first.x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, the distressed door is fabulous, I do like the fork handle too. It's all going to look wonderful when it's finished, hugs Kate x

Unknown said...

Years ago my hubby brought back a flagon of Navy Rum from Gibraltar and boy was it good. One of our friends used to call in some mornings for a "wee tot" to get her into the mood for housework. Those were the days.

Love your fork handle can't wait to see the end result.

Wilma x x x

Shazza said...

you must have the patience of a saint Erika, don't think I will be tackling my kitchen x

Patricia said...

Good evening Erika, really looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed kitchen. Love the "fork handles".
I have a couple of chests of drawers I fancy giving the "shabby chic" look to. They are in the garage at the moment. I would probably have to work out there so will wait for warmer weather.

Patricia xx

Hazel said...

Erika, your cupboard is looking good, yes a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end. Hazel xx