Thursday, July 31, 2008

More vouchers for you this time for a hairdressers in Elgin. Not a great pic as I had the flash on but you get the general idea.
Today I want to send out a couple of messages for my friends:
Firstly to Pam who is having a rough time just now, I'm thinking of you, remain strong (I know you are). Here's hoping for much better things around the corner...meantime can I comfort you with a batch of orange muffins?!!***
Secondly I'd like to wish Karen all the very best in her new business premises, you are going from strength to strength and I think it is fab. Can't wait to visit.........
I would have loved to have come in to assist but with two loons in tow I think you are probably grateful I haven't.
In true Erika style how about a regular supply of muffins instead?
For those who don't know me that well you can see a trend in the above comments.
Anyone else for a muffin??!!*****
Which leads to another question for you, what is your favourite flavour of muffin??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I just keep coming back......

The gaps are getting wider when I post.

When we start a blog it gets regular updates....then......less and less, does this therefore mean we have a life??!! Or just can't be bothered? (Answers on a postcard to.....just leave a comment, but keep it clean, no smacking aloud!)

Anyway I have attached a pic of some recent vouchers that I have produced for a local beauticians in Elgin. The request was to keep them classy and simple and her colour scheme is silver and turquoise, as you can tell!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not only have I not posted for a while but I haven't even been taking many pics of what I've been making.
If anyone finds my lost marbles please return them soon, I miss them!
Last week I was asked my my biker mum to provide a couple of cards for a new addition to the Geordie Chapter, here's one of them.
I have also recently purchased some of the newer Sugar Nellie stamps from and am looking forwards to having a play later in the holidays. I am going to play!!