Monday, December 29, 2014

One down and one to go!

Well hello there, it seems such a long time since I last posted.  I've been busy working and spending time chilling out with the family.  I have actually done very little but after such a hectic run up to Christmas I refuse to feel guilty.  I am still full of cold, it seems to have made itself at home and nothing seems to be shifting it.  I am off work now till Saturday so hopefully that might do the trick.

Did you have a good Christmas?
Was Santa good to you?
I did very well although I didn't get anything crafty, I did get lots of sweeties, smellies and alcohol, so I shall look forwards to them.
My Christmas tree this year was thrown up last minute and I decided not to add tinsel or beads, so quite minimal for me.

And who was the most excited on Christmas morning?
That would have been Holly.  She sat as good as gold next to her presents, how did she know?
Then Grandad helped her open them.  I have never see a dog quite so excited about getting three balls!

"Come on Grandad, I know what it is!"
Too cute by far.
If only the kids were as happy with a couple of balls!

Christmas day dinner went well too courtesy of "Mr Marks and Spencer," although I did nearly have a melt down in the kitchen when I couldn't get everything in the oven.  How to make extra shelving in a hurry!
My youngest had a wee wobble at the table when Grandma tried to give him some onion, which was embarrassing.  But then when you get the family together at Christmas isn't it statutory to have at least one argument?!
By that point I'd started on the champagne and was chilling a wee bit!

Did you eat loads too?
I don't know about you but I can feel a detox on the horizon, lets just get the New Year celebrations over with first.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Good evening, where did the run up to Christmas go?
It has been crazy busy at work over the last couple of days, you'd think we were giving things away!
Time has now official run out so if you haven't got it, then it's tough!  ;)

I quite like this working lark, even though I am now shattered and full of cold.  Why?
Well yesterday I came home and my mum had made my table decoration for me.

Isn't it pretty, I wanted it to just be white and green.  One job less to do!
Then I came home today and mum and my eldest son had decorated my Christmas cake for me too.

We're going with a penguin theme this year.  Another job done and dusted for me.
Thanks to Elaine for the penguins, aren't they brilliant?

It only leaves me with a couple of presents to wrap and the table to set ready for tomorrow's dinner, then I shall put my feet up and maybe have a wee dram.  I wonder if Santa will be visiting us this year?
Better get the mince pie, carrot and brandy ready, not forgetting the oats and glitter to guide the reindeer into our garden.

Before I sign off I'd just like to say "Merry Christmas," may you and your loved ones have a fabulous festive season.  Thank you for all your support over the last twelve months, I do appreciate it.
Finally I'd just like to raise a glass and shout "cheers!"
Let the festivities commence!

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, sharing an oldie festive style!

Good morning, back into work again today and tomorrow, no doubt it will be crazy busy and all the customers will be full of festive spirit!
Considering it it the season of joy and peace there are a lot of stressed and angry people about, and it is only set to get worse as we enter the twilight zone next week.
Does it really matter if all the cards aren't done, that the house isn't decorated from top to toe, that the mountain of perfectly cooked food is ready and everyone is on their best behaviour?
Isn't it really about spending time with family and loved ones, whether you like them or not?
I do think half the problem at this time of year is that we are all seeking the perfect Christmas.  The best food, decorations, presents, cards when it should be more about chilling out and enjoy relaxing.
Or is it just me?
As for me I have half of my cards written and sent, all parcels wrapped, a cake still awaiting icing, a house half tidy and and ironing pile a little smaller, that will have to do.
My hubby and kids have plans for the weekend and I have my parents up tomorrow, so it will be a mad dash home from work to whiz around the hoover and put on fresh bedding before they arrive.

Enough of my fun and games, it's Friday again and the last one before I thought I'd share a spellbinding card with you.

I have used:
Spellbinder Nestabilities Grand scalloped circles and
Shapeabilities Holiday tags and 2011 Snowflake pendant.
The sentiment stamp is from Andy Skinners Christmas collection "Simply Angelic".
Papers and brads are MME Loss and Found Christmas.
Glitter from Martha Stewart Crystal course and pearl from K & Company.
Finally finished with Distress ink Vintage photo and ribbon from my stash.

This snowflake hangs in the centre of the card, just for a change!

Sharing an oldie each Friday is just for fun but I'd love it if you joined me.  Feel free to comment as all those who do will also get a visit, sharing the joy of crafting.  It is nice to look back at past work and see how fashion and styles change or indeed if they do!

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the coming weekend, I hope your plans for the festive season are coming together, but if they aren't don't stress, Christmas will still happen ready or not!
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's nearly Christmas, and I'm so organised. NOT!

Good afternoon, a busy weekend followed by a busy couple of days in work, where does the time go?
We had our Christmas crafty get together on Sunday and good fun was had by all.  Lots of crafting, eating and giggling!
I managed to get a small handful of Christmas cards made at last but decided to make an executive decision and bought the rest at work.  Time is so against me again this year.  So much to do and so little time to do it in.  I have my family arriving on Friday, at the same time my hubby and boys are off on an adventure!
Me, I'm working right up to Christmas but I'm grateful I am not doing the full shifts my colleagues are doing, I'm pooped as it is.
I'm off tomorrow and Thursday, then back in Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
If only I could find a magic pixie to do the housework so I can concentrate on Christmas.
My tree has been up all week but is still waiting to be decorated.  I thought my boys would like to do it but I guess I will be after finishing the Christmas cards.
My handmade cards are not Christmas coloured at all this year choosing to go with a white and kraft colour combo.

I have used my new die set and stamps from Papertrey ink together with fine glitter, white ink and a sizzix Christmas embossing folder.  I have cut through the card and the snow background is on the back of the inside.  I used "stick it" to add the sparkly snow scene in the centre, it's wonderful stuff working with dies, you so need some if you haven't yet used it!
Something just a little different this year for a change.

I'm away now to finish writing my cards, hopefully I shall get the tree decorated later too.  I have a long list of jobs and it's best just to start at the beginning and keep going!
Hopefully I will get there and everything will run as smooth as clockwork, if it doesn't then I shall have to just adapt and conquer by other means!
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, I'll be back tomorrow with more.  x

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Time for some Christmas funnies this Saturday!

Good morning, I thought I'd share some Christmas funnies this Saturday whilst I am snowed under at work (I have scheduled this and must point out that in saying "snowed under" I mean very busy and not digging my way through snow!).
I shall be needing a laugh when I get home, working in retail is such fun this time of year, I shall also be having a hot soak in the bath and a nice glass of something that makes you go "hick!"

Now you know this and I know this so what I want to know is, why do I always leave it till the middle of December to make my Christmas cards?   Next year I'll be more organised!  (I say that every year.)

Does this apply?

One of my boys had had the threat of coal on more than one occasion recently to which his response was "well at least I'll be warm!"
Why is it kids nowadays have an answer for everything?


Do you think the reindeer would be just like youngsters today, a sign of the times.  
Poor Santa will only get assistance once he has been humiliated on Facebook, Twitter and or You tube.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the weekend.  I have my Christmas crafty gathering tomorrow, maybe I might get some more cards made!  
Catch you soon.  x

Friday, December 12, 2014

Share an oldie this Friday....felt style.

Good morning all and how the devil are you this Friday?
For those of you who mentioned, yes, I have noticed the robot check at the end of commenting which is a bit of a pain, apparently it is something new introduced to the system to protect us from spam comments.  If you find out how to switch it off feel free to share, I am keen to know how you have done it, as all my researching up to now has come up fruitless.  It might just be something we have to learn to live with!

Back to sharing our oldies as it's FFFFriday, again, already!
Today as it is time for dressing the Christmas tree, mine is has been up since the beginning of the week but is still without lights and baubles, I thought I'd share my decorations.  Now I can't take credit for designing these wee beauties, the gingerbread folk I saw on Pinterest and just had to have a set myself, the others were received in kit form at Christmas as gifts.

First the gingerbread men.

My penguin.....

My robin, taken from the penguin and adjusted in colour combination.

And finally my reindeer.

Remember sharing and oldie is just for fun but I'd love to hear from you.  I will visit all who leave a message below and share in the love of all things crafty!
It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the coming weekend and thank you for joining me today.  x

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Putting the final touches to my kitchen, reuse, recycle style!

Good morning all and what a chilly one it is.  Our walk along the beach this morning was brisk in the wind, rain, snow and bitter cold.  Boy I'm grateful for my husbands buffalo jacket!
Winter is here.
How did you fair with the storm?
It got very wild and windy during the night but it seems to have settled a little this morning, for now.

I didn't get any where near finished with my jobs yesterday for those of you who think I run around like a mad woman!
I had a couple of visitors and a few interruptions along the way which meant I only ended up with one finished card and another 7 cut and ready to stick together.  Mind you I do tend to just do a couple of designs for my Christmas cards, that way once the design is done repeating gets quicker the more you do.
I also have a few bought ones I'd forgotten I had purchased, just in case, I guess I might have to send them too.  I also did find two batches of Christmas cards that my youngest made at school, I guess we can bling them up a bit and use them also.  I will get there by hook or by crook!

Whilst I was busy with all things Christmas yesterday my husband was putting some finishing touches in the kitchen, yes, a year on and it still isn't finished!
I just hadn't found the crates I had wanted for my wall storage but recently I came across a company in Coventry who made them and got very excited, sad I know.  Pinterest has a lot to answer for but I love the finished effect.

These are SO what I was looking for.  Rustic but solid.  This picture was me deciding what way around I wanted my hubby to put them up on the kitchen wall.

How is it that 10 wooden crates can make a girl so happy!  Strange but very true.  This is the way I decided to have them fixed and below is them filled with my cook books and kitchen bits.

I have seen a new kettle I fancy and a new bread bin and biscuit tin in Duck egg blue, you never know what Santa might bring!
I am really happy with my unit, what do you think?
I've just got a pelmet to make for my blinds now to hide the roll at the top then I think it might be done and dusted.

I'm working again tomorrow and Saturday, a dine in and Christmas, it's going to be crazy busy again.
Ho, ho, ho!
Don't forget to join me sharing an oldie, I'm away to pick something now to share with you.
Have a super weekend everyone and more from me on Monday.  x

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas is coming...getting ready, are you?

Good afternoon all, where has this morning gone?
No post from me again yesterday, another busy day with time just disappearing.
I am off work today and tomorrow and plan on doing a little card making, cake decorating and wrapping.  Whether that all happens only time will tell.
I don't think I shall get through everything but will be jolly chuffed if I do.  1 step nearer to Christmas, ho, ho, ho.
How much do I now wish that I had been making Christmas cards all year?  Lol.
Mind you I think a lot of folk are cutting down on card sending this year preferring to give money to charity instead.  I do think this is a super idea, heaven knows most charities need all the help they can get.
I am alone in actually enjoying getting Christmas cards especially from friends I only hear from at this time of year, with news from the past 12 months?
I am just not keen on the whole making the card on mass, writing them all, addressing and the news letter too, LOL.  I think it's the writing I don't like and the posting.  How naughty of me especially when I make cards?!
Anyway they won't get made chatting on here so I better make a move.
This is what I was up to this morning....

The next layer to my Christmas cake, mmmmm, marzipan!

Now I am no cake decorator, but I give it a go, all ready now for my icing decorating, I just need to leave it a couple of days and think about a theme.  I do have an idea.....can you guess what it is?
It won't be holly as that is what I decorated my cake with last year.
Watch this space and I shall share with you soon.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best this Wednesday before getting out my card stock.
I hope you are all staying safe and thinking of those of you on the west coast of Scotland as the weather bomb continues to cause problems.
All fine here at the moment, just wet and cold, a perfect day to stay in the warm and craft!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Bringing a little Christmas cheer.

Good evening, a late post from me today after the day at work.  I did actually finish at two but after picking up some shopping, both boys, walked the dog and started the tea, this is the first chance I've had to get on line.
How was your weekend?

I had a crazy busy day at work on Saturday followed by my staff disco, which was fun.  I also won two raffle prizes too!
Something I normally never do.  I did say to put one back in but was told no, take both.  I now am a proud owner of a bottle of one of our new Christmas drinks G&TEA, which has gold leaf in it.  I tried it recently at a tasting session and it was yummy and I don't like gin normally.  I also won a £50 gift voucher for M & S which will pay for some nice Christmas food, mmmm.  Whoop, whoop!
I would have liked to stay longer at the party but we took the boys and had both been at work during the day so everyone was tired.

Sunday I had a quiet morning then I took my youngest out to the cinema with my BFF and her family to watch Nativity 3.  It was a very funny film but I don't think it was as special as the earlier two, I did LOL a lot though.  It was nice to just have some time together.

Moving on to crafting, remember the white tin plant pots that I was asked to make into Christmas decorations for the party?
Here's the end result......sorry the lighting wasn't the best for taking photographs by the time I had them finished.

I also rescued a couple of baskets which arrived to work upside down.

So they also went out on the tables.
My boss liked them which was the main point and I had fun making them, plus sore fingers, holly and pine trees can be quite sharp!

Over the next few weeks my postings may start and get a little intermittent as we ramp up for Christmas at work.  I have more hours each week and lots to do at home, the usual and the added Christmas bits and bobs.  I still have cards to make!  Not got onto that yet, that is why I admire those of you who make them all year around.  I always seem to have something else to do first.
Anyway enough of my rambling I better go and see how tea is coming on.

Catch you soon.  x

Friday, December 05, 2014

Sharing an oldie this Friday.....Christmas style!

Good morning and how are you all today?
Whoops another missed post yesterday, Thursday's seem to be turning into my busiest day just now.
I had both boys to the dentist first thing for fillings, the youngest first one, so that was a little traumatic for him.  Mind you it doesn't help, and it is purely a coincidence, that we are reading The Demon Dentist at bedtime just now.  Even more scary we are just at the part where the little boy gets strapped to the dentist chair.  To say he was a little reluctant to go is an accurate statement.
After the dentist and whizzing them back to school I had my Christmas appointment at the hairdressers, the grey has again been tamed!
Then it was time to pick the boys up again for a trip to the opticians, new glasses required for my youngest.
We were fairly pooped after that and a little shopping so ended up at Scribbles, our local pizza restaurant for tea.
Once I got home the dog greeted me with such joy and we both had a lovely very dark walk together!
I'm sure that is a regular day for most of you but it was a busy one for me, I did enjoy then sitting down with a cup of tea and mince pie to watch I'm a Celebrity.

Back to the crafting and today I have an old SU CAS Christmas card for you.

Not my usual Christmas green but I'm loving SU's Old Olive ink and papers... oh and the tree stamp from the Seasons of Joy stamp range.  The ribbon I think I picked up in the states and the metal Christmas tree was in my stash.

What I find great about sharing these old cards is that I seem to have gone full circle, starting with simple cards and then getting more complicated, I have now gone back to a simpler style.  I guess time has a lot to do with it but I do personally prefer the less fuss approach.

Are you sharing an oldie with me today?  Don't forget to leave a message so I can pop to your blog and share the crafty love.  It is just for fun and the joy of crafting.
I'd like to say thank you to those who are joining me I do appreciate it, it only remains for me to sign off today and go and crack on.  I have dog walking, food shopping and then my Christmas decorations to make for tomorrows work Christmas party.  I think it is going to be another busy day! 

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Ruby, ruby, ruby!

Morning all and how are you this bright and sunny hump day?
Hasn't it got cold over the last couple of days?
I had a good day at work yesterday but what a light weight, having a wee 40 winks before tea!  Mind you it was a good thing as it meant I could get a few jobs done last night before sitting down to watch who was leaving the jungle!
We had our Christmas lunch at work too which was yummy, lots of Christmas food to sample in time for the festive celebrations.  I love our Christmas dinner sandwiches and sausage rolls but they're a tad high on the calorie front (As is everything that tastes good, in my eyes!).

Today I have my regular man mountain of ironing with crampons at the ready and a couple of films downloaded from sky, the time should fairly fly by.  Then a bit of tidying before maybe, if I'm lucky a wee bit of crafting.
Whilst I am keeping busy I thought I'd share this Ruby Anniversary card with you.

It's cream and red as I am always told by my mum you can't put red and white together, off white apparently is OK and cream is even better.  I have again used my die set from Papertrey ink, all the dies work together to create the shaker rather than faffing making it all yourself.  I really enjoy playing with this set and can see so many different ways of using it, all I need now is the time!

It only now remains for me to wish you all the best for this Wednesday, back tomorrow with more crafty fun and games, have a good one.  x

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

With a big thank you.....

Hello again, fancy meeting you here!
Today I want to share with you a card I made on Friday, I actually had time to play!
I forgot to mention last week that at our recent crop, we started with a SU frenzy, you know what is coming next now don't you?  Well, it would be rude not to purchase something and I had my eyes on two stamp sets.  Can you guess what I bought?

The card sort of gives the game away.

I have white embossed the SU butterfly before colouring with distress ink peacock feathers, a touch of glitter and some glass accents, with the sentiment by Waltzingmouse stamps.
Oh I think this might be my new favourite stamp!
The photograph isn't the best because it does actually look more white in real life rather than the off white you can see above.

I have made two of these cards both of which are heading out to two lovely ladies who have recently been very kind towards me, with an added wee surprise, as a token of my appreciation.  x

It goes without saying these were my purchases....quite reserved for me!  But then I have been real naughty of late.
Hubby has just asked me today what I'd like for Christmas, I said it's all done and dusted, I've got some lovely new crafty stash, thank you very much!

That's all from me today folks, have a good one whatever you are up to, more from me tomorrow.  x

Monday, December 01, 2014

A new grandchild, let the spoiling commence!

Good afternoon all, just.  How are you this Monday?
I had a busy weekend.  I was right about Saturday at work, a manic day, head down cracking on, the day flew by.  On the down side I did break my engagement ring!  Not what you want to do anytime but luckily I was wearing gloves so noticed something strange and didn't loose my diamond.  It was made over 19 years ago in Edinburgh so I think a trip maybe in order, I don't know whether I will manage that before Christmas now.  :(  It will have to wait.

Yesterday I was gathering Christmas foliage for the table decorations I'm making for the works Christmas party later in the week.  The pots have had another lick of paint and the foliage is soaking in preparation.  That will be my job this Thursday and Friday.

Today I have a bespoke card I made for one of my mum's friends last week as they're welcoming a new arrival, their first grandchild.  How lovely just before Christmas.

I have used embossing powder and a traditional rubber stamp (not a clear stamp) to create the wee feet imprint.  I do like this technique.  If you haven't tried it I recommend you use a strong card base, then you just add layer upon layer of embossing powder till you've done about 4 lots then quickly press in your stamp and leave to cool.  With the silver it almost looks like a metal embellishment at a fraction of the cost.   Alternatively if you have the ultra thick embossing powder you only need a couple of layers, I couldn't find my nice clean and tidy craft room!  :0

I don't know what to start first today!
I have my father's quilt to make and all my Christmas cards.  My hubby is on nights so unfortunately noisy housework is out of the question.  What a shame!
I am tempted to start Dad's quilt but I think making cards would be quieter.
Later I have the dentist with my boys, last one before Christmas.  My eldest is hoping for his brace to come off but I forgot his appointment last month, bad mummy moment, I guess he'll be keeping it on over the festive season.  How bad do I feel?
He handed me his school report as he left the house this morning, all weekend it's been in his bag.
It did make me a tad suspicious, drop and run, so to speak, but it turned out to be very good. Phew!
I do feel for him though as he has all his prelims after Christmas, bless!  Fancy having to revise over Christmas.
I wouldn't want to redo all that malarkey, I did get my exams but I can remember being ill throughout!

Time for me to leave you now and get my Christmas mojo working, ho, ho, ho!
Have a super Monday, more from me tomorrow, I shall be at work but I will schedule something creative for you.  Happy crafting!  x

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sharing a funny this Saturday.

I had a lovely crafty day yesterday, although I didn't manage to tick off everything on my to do list I did get on top of my orders.
I found these quotes last night and they did make me smile so as I'm beavering away at work I thought I'd share them with you.

So now you your crafting space all sparkly just now?  You must be making Christmas cards then.
I now know why I love glitter so much!

Remember last weeks quote about Pinterest and what a wonderful website it is?
Apparently now you can suffer from craftatonic.......sound familiar?!
Oh yes!
I think this is something I suffer from quite often.

Whilst writing this the dog is getting nearer and nearer to is treat time.  She is now licking my hand and has her paw over my other one.  I think she is trying to tell me something!
"Mum where's my treat!"
Best I go and get her one.

Enjoy your weekend folks, have a good one whether you are shopping, crafting, dashing about or chillaxing.  More from me next week.  x

Friday, November 28, 2014

Share an oldie this Friday.

Good morning, how are you this Friday?
It's that time of the week, how are you fixed for sharing an old crafty make today?
Today I am sharing another Christmas oldie with you and another card.


I love this SN stamp "Snow Cozy" he is such a jolly happy Snowman and a delight to colour with copics, glitter and glossy accents. 
Paper range:  Tis the Season by BoBunny (totally yummy!)
Punches:  Martha Stewart Vintage lace patp, SU Scallop boarder, SU circle & scalloped circle.
Doily:  Wilton enterprises, coloured with Glimmer mist silver & turquoise blue.
Stamp:  PI Paula Pascual "Essential Christmas".
Ribbon from my "local craft shop for local people!"
The little buttons are from Dress it up buttons and my snowflake I purchased on-line.

Today I plan on having some craft time, I have a few orders to complete and a few cards I need to make too.  Plus I'm early shift tomorrow and it will be another busy one, 4 weeks to Christmas, dine in and special offers a foot.  Yikes it will be a crazy day.
If that is not a good enough reason for an easy day today, I don't know what is!

Please to feel free to join me sharing an oldie this Friday, it's just for fun.  Do remember to leave a comment below so I know to visit your blog and share in the crafty appreciation.  
It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the coming weekend, whatever you have planned, have a good one.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's Christmas! Soon.....

Hi all, another brisk walk along the beach this morning in the cool crisp air but I'm afraid now it has got quite dark and dreich.  Boo.
The perfect weather for sitting in and crafting away.  Today's challenge is one from my boss at M & S, to convert these tin watering cans into Christmas table decorations.  Now I am not a florist so this could all go horribly wrong but I am going to give it a good go.  With a little advice from my pal Kate I plan on giving the pots a Christmas facelift!
Now if it was for me at home I would keep it simple cream and green for the festive season but I have been asked for traditional Christmas which obviously has to be red, green and gold.
Here is the tin I am starting with.

I shall be keeping you updated on my progress so watch this space.
(Lets hope all goes well then!)  No pressure.  ;)

The Christmas cards will have to wait a wee bit longer.

That's all from me today I am away to try and cover my selection of tins.
Have a good Thursday and more from me sharing an oldie tomorrow, yep it's that time again!
Happy crafting.  x

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

OOoo new crafty stash!

Morning all, how the devil are you this Wednesday?
It's another bright and sunny day here, although it's a tad cold, just perfect for a early morning walk along the beach to wake you up.  Brr!
I've had my annual check up with the nurse this morning and was a little shocked when she took my weight, gulp!  Now I haven't had my head in the sand as I know I have put a little weight on, I was just surprised as to how much.  Slimming world books back out at the ready, boo hiss.  It is just so hard at this time of year, too many lovely rich yummy foods as the festive season approaches.  I don't feel that I eat excessively either but I do know where I am going wrong.  It just seems to me that everything that is enjoyable and yummy to eat isn't fat free!  In the words of my youngest that is just not fair!  Boo!
I guess this means that I have to try and do better on the food front, yawn.

Moving on to today's crafty loveliness I promised last week to show you my recent purchases.  I think you best sit down.  I even checked out with Santa on Facebook how good I have been this year......73% naughty!
Gulp, coal for Christmas then?!  Still on the upside at least I'll be warm.
I guess these purchases come under the naughty but nice umbrella, on the upside, I am looking forwards to playing with them.

Mmmm look at all those dies!

Oh and a couple of other dies, an embossing folder and two stamp sets jumped in my basket at the same time.  How rude!  ;)

Finally I also got this lovely yummy threads from Patricia.

So kind, thank you and such beautiful colours.

I now just need the motivation to sit down and play, sorry I mean craft!
First, boo, hiss, I have a huge pile of ironing to tackle so I best make haste and get that sorted.  Enjoy your hump day folks.  x

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Single, double, treble, hooking time again!

Good morning all and how are you this bright and sunny morning?  It is cold up here in the north of Scotland but we have blue skies and sunshine, happy days.
The Christmas cake had to be hidden last night after comments from my eldest and hubby.
They both wanted to cut it straight away and it hasn't even been laced with more brandy or decorated yet.  I do hope it tastes as good as it smells because the house yesterday did smell all Christmassie.
Back to today and I have some more of the same with my crocheting, Christmas stocking fillers in full flow.
Remember I promised no more poppy's, whoops, just once more.  I think I mentioned that the wee poppy's would possibly make good hair slides.  I've had a little play with intentions of sending them to my friend for her little girl Poppy at Christmas.  My only concern with them is will they be robust enough for small finger?  I have used super glue to attach the flower and brad to the slide but if anyone has any better suggestions having made similar I'm open to your advice.

I have also made a couple of dishcloths, not a very exciting Christmas present but they are only extras and very useful.  I do like useful!
This first one is made with cotton yarn I bought whilst in the states earlier this year I thought it had Christmas all over it.

Ho, ho, festive is that!
The second is more traditional.  I was asked for this style of stitch rather than a fancy one as my chief tester says they make better cloths without all the fancy holes.

These have both be pressed and folded ready to be wrapped in tissue.  The top one is treble stitch all the way the bottom one is rotating a line of treble then a line of double, just for variety.

I'm no further on looking at my Christmas cards this week.  I have a list of bespoke cards to finish first and more housework too.  On the up side I am planning on going out for lunch today which will be nice.  Time to crack on, more from me again tomorrow.  Happy crafting.  x

Monday, November 24, 2014

Crafting with Ken.

Good morning all, and how the devil are you this Monday morning?
Did you have a good weekend?
I had a busy day in work on Saturday followed by a quiet evening chillaxing.  On Sunday I decided to pop over to The Papeterie in Aberdeen to meet the lovely Ken Oliver.  Last time Ken was in the country I couldn't make his class as I was at work, but I did get a surprised phone call from him via my PI boss Jan.  It was most strange as I was in a local DIY store looking for kitchen wallpaper.  We had a lovely chat and there was nothing else for it but I just had to have the paper I was looking at at the time.  Now every time I walk in my kitchen I look up at the walls and smile!
Getting back to Aberdeen and we had a lovely day, Ken told us all about his product "Stick it" and showed us his fabulous new papers and stamp pads.  Stick It goes in any die cutting machine attached to your card, it is repositionable until dry and glitter/gilding flakes work fabulously, with very little mess and no sticky fingers.

We had a lovely chat and quite a few giggles needless to say I came home with lots of ideas buzzing in my head, now just to find the time to play.

Thanks Ken for a super day and safe journey home, till next time!  ;)

I just had to add Stick it to my crafty stash but couldn't resist a few other beauties too.

This believe die cut was just fabulous in glitter.  Oh and a couple of other dies which caught my eyes.

I've been after a decent sized cracker die for ages, now I have no excuses but to make my own this year.  Another job to add to my list!  
The berries are for another crafty job I seem to have roped myself into for work, more of that later.
I still have my selection of goodies to share with you from the states too.....I really am bursting to open that parcel and play especially now I have stick it to make the job a whole lot easier.

It was lovely also to catch up with the gang over in Aberdeen who I haven't seen since I stopped demonstrating.  A big thanks to Pearl for my lunch, you are naughty!
Oh and a big happy birthday to the lovely Tina who celebrated in true crafty style yesterday, loved my cake.  x

Plans for my day then....get to crafting a.s.a.p!
That means getting off this computer and cracking on with the housework, boo, hiss.  I also have my Christmas cake in the oven this morning!
I have added an explanation mark to the above sentence because last year I made my cake a week before Christmas and it's not even December, happy, happy, happy on that front. 
Now if I could only make all my Christmas cards and write them too this week that would be that doesn't happen!  LOL.

Enough waffling from me, enjoy your Monday all and back soon with some more crafty gossip!  x

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's the weekend, what craftiness will you be sharing?

Good morning all and happy Saturday to you all.  I'm in work today so I thought I'd post a funny today.
My eldest boy also has his last pipe band commitment today, a Santa parade!  I'm sure that will be fun and I'm gutted I'm missing it.

Whilst we are busy I thought I'd just say a big thank you to Bibiana  for the mention on her blog this week.  I entered her challenge, Throw back Thursday, this week and got a mention.
I now proudly have a badge for my blog, whoop, whoop!
I am really bad for entering challenges, which I shouldn't be, but life gets in the way and I always seem to be playing catch up or have something else that needs completing.
Maybe that can be a New Year resolution for next year?
When I get the house sorted and am not working I shall make a point of joining in more.  x
You heard it hear first and I didn't have my fingers crossed either!

My first funny today is for the girls who come to my crafty gatherings and probably one of the reasons why I don't get as much crafting done as I'd like too.  I am easily distracted by lots of loveliness!

Tee, hee, how to solve the problem!
As for me sorting out the house, the worst room after the loft is my craft room.  I would say because now and again other stuff gets dumped in there until it can be sorted but really it is just because it is a tip.  A creative mind is not a tidy mind!  That's my excuse.

Does this sound familiar?
Mmmmm trying to have a craft cull is very difficult as you always need the item you've binned a fortnight earlier, or is that just me?

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the weekend, I hope you have something exciting planned or even some crafting.

Catch you next week with some more creativity!  x

Friday, November 21, 2014

Wishing you a Spellbinding Christmas, share an oldie this Friday.

Hello there and it's that day of the week again, sharing an oldie this Friday.  It's another week closer to Christmas and I'm only very slightly more organised than I was last week.
Today's oldie was a card to showcase the Spellbinder snowflake dies for a demo, I wanted to show that you could equally use the negative and the positive of an image.

The positive on the left and negative on the right, what better way than to show the difference side by side?  The only thing is, it makes for a rather large card!

For this card I used:  AC textured card and K & Company Winter Wonderland.
Spellbinder shapeabilities 2011 Snowflake Pendant, Create a flake 3 and
Ironworks Motifs.
Nestabilities Fleurs De Lis Square, Classic scalloped circles and Classic circles.
Sentiment by PI Lindsay Mason Grrrreat Christmas words.
Bling by K & Company.
Glitter by stickles Diamond.

I'd love if you joined me, just for fun this Friday by sharing any of your old crafting project.  
Leave a comment below and I will visit you all at some point over the weekend, sharing the crafty bug.  It would be lovely to hear from you.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the weekend, an early start for me at work tomorrow and no doubt as it gets nearer and nearer to Christmas it will be fun and busy!
Enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans.  x

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Posting a little chicken.

Good afternoon, again, this week is just flying by too.  Sorry for the missed post yesterday but if you are a regular reader you know Wednesday is my busy night ferrying around my boys to activities.  I also got a phone call from my BFF on Tuesday night saying she was travelling through to Inverness yesterday to do a little Christmas shopping and did I fancy going?
Now I really should have been catching up with things here but I thought no, we haven't been out together for ages on a day trip, I thought anything could just wait and went.  We had a super day, my pal always organized had a list and was ticking off as she went, me I just went with the flow and picked up a few stocking fillers.  Christmas happens whether you are organised or not and I always have a panic last minute!

Back to crafting and today I wanted to show you a card that my pal sent to another of her buddies as she was celebrating a big birthday earlier in the week.  Karena keeps chickens so I thought this wee chap could make an entrance.

The chicken is a quickutz die, remember them?  I'm taking you back in time.  They were the first style of dies I bought along with sizzix, before any other companies were about.

Today I have a long list of things on my to do list and it has started slowly, having had a lovely long walk with the dog.  Not a problem I hear you say, that wasn't, it was the sit down once back and the cup of tea, followed by another and another whilst I caught up on a couple of programs I've taped.  I need to step away from the TV and crack on, if only to warm up, winter is definitely on route.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best this Thursday and I hope you are joining me tomorrow when I share another Christmas oldie!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More bingo results!

Today I shall mostly be working so I have tried to be organised having typed this up yesterday.
This post follows on from what I mentioned yesterday with the last three cards in Anne's selection.
Today it is all about Christmas, ho, ho, ho!  Traditional all the way with a little red, green and gold.

Firstly a little robin.

There is a story behind this wee robin.  This robin featured in one of my first classes probably well over 10 years ago now....before we had the array of dies and matching papers that we have now.  It was a fun class ripping up paper which at that time, really wasn't the done thing!
Anne asked for a robin and although I hunted high and low in my craft room, could I find a robin?
Nope I couldn't.  So I put on my thinking cap and went back in time.  This is actually a great style to produce with kids as they aren't as scared of ripping paper as some adults can be.
The sentiment stamp is by Papertrey ink, holly button by dress it up buttons and paper from my scraps.

The second card...a traditional tree.

This is an Andy Skinner stamp embossed with green glitter with added pearls and a star.  To me this shout CAS Christmas card.  I love the shape of this stamp.

Finally I have been itching to used this poinsettia buttons for ages as I think they're lovely but then it is my favourite flower of the season.

I used my spellbinder circle die to make the frame.

That's all from me whilst beavering at work today.  I will photograph my new stash and share tomorrow with you, when hopefully the light is better.
Enjoy your Tuesday and happy crafting.  x

Monday, November 17, 2014

What do points make? Prizes, maybe?!

Good afternoon and how are you this Monday?
Another dreich day here in Scotland, the winter months are upon us, wouldn't you agree?
Did you have a good weekend?
It was busy this end with a mad day at work on Saturday and then a busy day crafting with my pals yesterday, we even managed a little SU stroking!  (It just had to be done).

To start with today I'd like to send out a big thank you to the lovely Patricia for the threads you sent me, wow I love them, can't wait to play with them.   All are beautiful, thank you.  x

Today and tomorrow I am sharing a few CAS cards I made last week for a friend at work.
This year is the 10th anniversary of our store and we are planning a bit of a knees up nearer Christmas.  In order to lighten the load we have been raising money all year towards this event.
My little part was to hold a M & S bingo session over a number of weeks, by jingo!  Instead of numbers I used M & S products, the first to 12 winning a bottle of bubbly and half a dozen handmade cards by moi!
The lovely Anne won and gave me some ideas of what she would like in her selection, over today and tomorrow I will share with you the finished cards.

Firstly a golfing card for her father's birthday.

I love this stamp and die set by Papertrey ink, using Distress ink Crushed Olive and a dress it up button.

Next a Rennie Mackintosh style card to send to a distant friend.

Firstly sorry about the photograph, it has been really dark and horrible over the last week and not the best for taking photographs.  This is a bigger die from Sizzix and I just used one side of it keeping the colour way very simple.
I am really loving the simplicity of this card with the die doing all the work, less is definitely more in my world just now!

Finally for today a Christmas card to Dad.

Anne asked for some traditional styled Christmas cards, hence the green and gold with matching tartan.  This stamp is by Waltzing Mousing, gold embossed and layered with coordinated cardstock.
Clean and simple.

Tomorrow I will share the other three cards, I do hope Anne likes the selection I made for her.
Enjoy the rest of your Monday. 
I have everyone home again today and lots to be getting on with, catch you again tomorrow.  
Just before I go my parcel of crafty goodness arrived from the States on Saturday, what a lovely surprise.  #exciting.
Do you want to see what I bought?

Back tomorrow.  x

Friday, November 14, 2014

Share an oldie this Friday, Christmas style.

Good morning all and it's FFFFriday again, where does the time go?
This weekend is a long weekend for my husband and boys so I have all my men at home, just me working Saturday.
The wee man got up feeling unwell again, just when I thought he was over the worst of it. Strange.
I will be keeping a close eye on him today.

On to the crafting and today's oldie I am sharing is another Christmas card.  This was made for my BBF as the wee dog on it looks just like hers, loving this LOTV image.

Papers:  Dream Street papers Wonderland Magic moments & Let it snow.
Dies:  Martha Stewart Vintage lace patp, Spellbinder Nestabilities small deckled rectangle & Papertrey ink ticket.
Snowflake purchased on line, glitter & satin ribbon from stash.  Image coloured with copics.

Do feel free to join me this Friday, if you are, all I as is that you leave a comment below. that way I can visit your blog and see what you've shared.  I'd love to hear from you.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for the coming weekend.  Have a good one, no matter what you have planned.  x