Monday, December 29, 2014

One down and one to go!

Well hello there, it seems such a long time since I last posted.  I've been busy working and spending time chilling out with the family.  I have actually done very little but after such a hectic run up to Christmas I refuse to feel guilty.  I am still full of cold, it seems to have made itself at home and nothing seems to be shifting it.  I am off work now till Saturday so hopefully that might do the trick.

Did you have a good Christmas?
Was Santa good to you?
I did very well although I didn't get anything crafty, I did get lots of sweeties, smellies and alcohol, so I shall look forwards to them.
My Christmas tree this year was thrown up last minute and I decided not to add tinsel or beads, so quite minimal for me.

And who was the most excited on Christmas morning?
That would have been Holly.  She sat as good as gold next to her presents, how did she know?
Then Grandad helped her open them.  I have never see a dog quite so excited about getting three balls!

"Come on Grandad, I know what it is!"
Too cute by far.
If only the kids were as happy with a couple of balls!

Christmas day dinner went well too courtesy of "Mr Marks and Spencer," although I did nearly have a melt down in the kitchen when I couldn't get everything in the oven.  How to make extra shelving in a hurry!
My youngest had a wee wobble at the table when Grandma tried to give him some onion, which was embarrassing.  But then when you get the family together at Christmas isn't it statutory to have at least one argument?!
By that point I'd started on the champagne and was chilling a wee bit!

Did you eat loads too?
I don't know about you but I can feel a detox on the horizon, lets just get the New Year celebrations over with first.


Hazel said...

Poor you being full of the cold, Erika. Your tree looks lovely and sometimes less is more as we know with cards.

I have enjoyed doing very little, we went to oldest Daughters for Christmas lunch which was lovely, and we have been eating very simple things since. Oh yes diet will be starting, I only hope I can get these steroid tablets down over the next few months to help with the weight loss. If my leg wasn't playing up I could get out and do more walking. Any way take it easy and get rudolf the cold. Hazel x

marion said...

Owwww hehehehe, that sounds so familair with Holy and the presents, over here they were playing with their cats present as well, as if they knew which package had their toys hehehe, good for you to chill out with champagne, it is family and it has its bad times, Christmas or not, lots of hugs, Marion

Patricia said...

Aww!! Erika that's not so good. Nothing worse that having the cold, things never seem to go right when you feel so miserable.
Love your tree, I am a "real" minimalist. We have virtually nothing on our tree other than the lights, a few baubles bought on travels and things the kids have done for us.
Love the picture of your dad with Holly it's so sweet.
John & I wish and yours have a Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year. Hope 2015 brings you everything you wish for.

Patricia xxx

ForgedinPaper said...

Have a Happy New Year. Christmas always has one food argument ours are always roast potato based. Love the photos.

Lau W said...

Love your tree, less is more, superb !
oh and your dog, so funny ! My cat had a pink basket, a basket of princess, but she prefers ... the bed, the chairs, the sofa hihi !!!
What i love the most in Christmas is hot wine, miammmm ! And at the new year too, pfuitt haha !
Wish you a nice end of year my dear Erika !

Stamping With Bibiana said...

adorable photos. wishing you a great new year, may all your wishes come true, glad to have you met this year! I look forward for new things to share with wishes
and warm hugs from the USA