Saturday, December 13, 2014

Time for some Christmas funnies this Saturday!

Good morning, I thought I'd share some Christmas funnies this Saturday whilst I am snowed under at work (I have scheduled this and must point out that in saying "snowed under" I mean very busy and not digging my way through snow!).
I shall be needing a laugh when I get home, working in retail is such fun this time of year, I shall also be having a hot soak in the bath and a nice glass of something that makes you go "hick!"

Now you know this and I know this so what I want to know is, why do I always leave it till the middle of December to make my Christmas cards?   Next year I'll be more organised!  (I say that every year.)

Does this apply?

One of my boys had had the threat of coal on more than one occasion recently to which his response was "well at least I'll be warm!"
Why is it kids nowadays have an answer for everything?


Do you think the reindeer would be just like youngsters today, a sign of the times.  
Poor Santa will only get assistance once he has been humiliated on Facebook, Twitter and or You tube.

It only remains for me to wish you all the very best for the weekend.  I have my Christmas crafty gathering tomorrow, maybe I might get some more cards made!  
Catch you soon.  x

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Hazel said...

Erika these are brilliant loved the middle one!!! Poor you having to put up with all those mad shoppers that think the shops will never open again. Hazel x