Monday, December 01, 2014

A new grandchild, let the spoiling commence!

Good afternoon all, just.  How are you this Monday?
I had a busy weekend.  I was right about Saturday at work, a manic day, head down cracking on, the day flew by.  On the down side I did break my engagement ring!  Not what you want to do anytime but luckily I was wearing gloves so noticed something strange and didn't loose my diamond.  It was made over 19 years ago in Edinburgh so I think a trip maybe in order, I don't know whether I will manage that before Christmas now.  :(  It will have to wait.

Yesterday I was gathering Christmas foliage for the table decorations I'm making for the works Christmas party later in the week.  The pots have had another lick of paint and the foliage is soaking in preparation.  That will be my job this Thursday and Friday.

Today I have a bespoke card I made for one of my mum's friends last week as they're welcoming a new arrival, their first grandchild.  How lovely just before Christmas.

I have used embossing powder and a traditional rubber stamp (not a clear stamp) to create the wee feet imprint.  I do like this technique.  If you haven't tried it I recommend you use a strong card base, then you just add layer upon layer of embossing powder till you've done about 4 lots then quickly press in your stamp and leave to cool.  With the silver it almost looks like a metal embellishment at a fraction of the cost.   Alternatively if you have the ultra thick embossing powder you only need a couple of layers, I couldn't find my nice clean and tidy craft room!  :0

I don't know what to start first today!
I have my father's quilt to make and all my Christmas cards.  My hubby is on nights so unfortunately noisy housework is out of the question.  What a shame!
I am tempted to start Dad's quilt but I think making cards would be quieter.
Later I have the dentist with my boys, last one before Christmas.  My eldest is hoping for his brace to come off but I forgot his appointment last month, bad mummy moment, I guess he'll be keeping it on over the festive season.  How bad do I feel?
He handed me his school report as he left the house this morning, all weekend it's been in his bag.
It did make me a tad suspicious, drop and run, so to speak, but it turned out to be very good. Phew!
I do feel for him though as he has all his prelims after Christmas, bless!  Fancy having to revise over Christmas.
I wouldn't want to redo all that malarkey, I did get my exams but I can remember being ill throughout!

Time for me to leave you now and get my Christmas mojo working, ho, ho, ho!
Have a super Monday, more from me tomorrow, I shall be at work but I will schedule something creative for you.  Happy crafting!  x


Hazel said...

Erika. Love your card it's beautiful. Well done to your oldest getting a good report. Like you I would hate to have to go back to doing exams.

Hazel xx

Patricia said...

What a fantastic card Erika,
I just LOVE those cute little feet. It amazes me how you do those wonderful sentiments, they are absolutely brilliant.
Glad your son got a good report.
Exams ... the Bain of my life they were.
I stupidly went on doing them in my job .... looking back I must have been off my head.
Patricia xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, beautiful card, love how your have made the little feet.
Gosh you are going to be busy, you've lots to do.
Well done to your son for having a good report. Shame about having to revise during the holidays, remember it all well, hugs Kate x

Jo said...

Beautiful card Erika, that's a fab technique......haven't seen it done for ages & it looks so good! Something else for my to-try list!
hugs Jo x