Monday, February 29, 2016

Arh, Mr Grumpy we have been expecting you.

Good morning and how the devil are you today?
Another Monday in full swing but today it is my 5th official Wedding Anniversary!
In truth we have been married for twenty years, it seems longer.  ;)

The boys and I have a nickname for my husband, can you guess what it might be?

Tee, hee.  Well, you'll know from previous posts that I don't really do mushy, lovey dovey cards.
He tends to call me the present Mrs G!
Such affection in this house.
Mr Grumpy is a colouring page I have re sized and coloured with copic markers and glossy accents before cutting out and layering on my card.  The ribbon matches beautifully the blue and green of Mr Grumpy and the wee charm is about as gushy as I get.

We are planning having lunch out as my eldest boy has a few things on this evening, I also got my favourite perfume, some flowers and a lovely necklace (I will have to take a pic and show you later this week.)
I guess you could say I am feeling a little spoilt this morning.

Did you have a good weekend?
I had a very productive day at work on Saturday, I've never been so far ahead since I've been there.
A first!
Then home to see Scotland win a rugby match, yippee, at long last, well done to the team.
It was long overdue as I think they've been playing well since the world cup, they just don't seem keep up momentum for the whole match.
To top it off then England won too, could the evening get any better?  Yes it could my husbands pal took hubby into the kitchen and showed him how to make an authentic Thai curry. It was delicious. We had spring onions and chillies to sprinkle on the top, I quickly had to put the chillies to one side, wow to hot, hot, hot, for me.  #numbmouth, no staying power!
The curry was very yummy though, thanks Phil.

On to Sunday, the day of rest.  I love a Sunday as it comes and goes and not much happens.
The best way to describe yesterday is that I pottered all day, some jobs, some cooking and some crocheting, plus some TV catch up and reading.  Basically just as a Sunday should be.

I'm in work tomorrow and Wednesday, with a few things going on with the boys this week.
It should keep me busy, have you got anything exciting planned this week?
More from me later tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

It's Saturday, time for another yarn or two.

Good morning and how are you today?
A busy day at work for me today followed by any rugby still to play and a lovely evening meal.  That's my day sorted, how about you?  Are you up to anything more exciting this weekend?

You know the drill by now, Saturday is all about sharing a few funny quotes I have found during the week.  I have a right "yarn" for you this week.

Next time my hubby asks about my crafty stash I can use this as a very valid excuse.

I am definitely hard wired to collect fine crafting products.  :)

This mug made me laugh.  I've never thought of myself like this but it's all in the best possible taste!

It certainly would be a conversation starter.

This final one made me smile as I picked up my hexagon shapes for my blanket yesterday, only 157 left to make!  I have taken advice, it being my first blanket and am weaving in the ends as I go.  I can only imagine how depressing it would be to get all the shapes made and then have to finish them all at the same time.  I think if I didn't weave in the ends whilst making the shapes I would certainly be pulling the bottom face and that is just scary!

Lorraine I agree with you on your comment too, I think I might start and crochet them together once I've decided on the pattern combination.  My original idea was to have it as a lap blanket for the front room so it maybe doesn't need to be as big as my pattern I am following. 
Lets see how many more I can make before the urge to create something else gets too strong!

That's all from me this Saturday, enjoy your weekend.  I'll be back next week for some more creative fun.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Good morning and how are you this Friday?

It's that time of the week again.  It comes around all too fast for my liking.  For those who are joining me for the first time sharing an oldie on Friday, it is for fun and I encourage you to re post an old craft project, it can be anything you have made yourself.  I love to share our crafting journey, how styles have changed or how we have.  All I ask is that you leave a wee comment below, I can then link to your blog and see what you have picked as your oldie today.  I will visit all and comment back. 
To those of you who join me on a regular basis I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for doing so.  I do enjoy my wee hop over the weekend to see what project you have picked.

This is my choice for today, it was a card I made for my Mum who is a Biker Grandma!

I have used Harley papers, embellishments and stamp by EK Success, fancy tags by Spellbinder, cogs by Tim via Sizzix cut with grunge board and inked with distress metallic stain, SU stamp set Label love with matching die and fire stencil by Crafters workshop with black embossing powder. 
The bottom of the box has fire all the way around too and I have distressed all the edges to finish.
The usual Harley colours are black and orange but a couple of years ago EK Success brought out a girly version in bright pink and black, so that is what I have gone with.

I shall be back later to see what you have shared, enjoy your weekend folks and happy crafting!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Age is just a number.

Good afternoon and how are you this Thursday?
Another day missed yesterday, don't know where the time goes just now.
Hubby came home last night so at least he is about for a few days, able to help out and take the dog "walkies".  Yippee, it might mean I have a little more craft time, I live in hope!

Today I have another card request for you.  More of the same I am afraid, as I mentioned before I do get lots of requests for these sort of age birthdays.  The brief for this one is that the lady likes camping, cycling and dog walking.  I think everything is covered.

The papers are by Cosmo cricket Baby Jane, covering two of my favourite colours teal and red.  The buttons are by Dress It up, I'm loving the old fashioned tent, it's just like the ones we had in the Guides except for the colour, ours were green.  Isn't it funny how something so small can trigger a memory?

Today seems to be flying by just as quickly as yesterday, a little crafting and a little housework.
Where does the week go?
I'm in work Saturday for a full shift, that's going to hurt after a week off!  No staying power.
Still on the up side my hubby's best mate always comes over to watch the rugby with us and he announced today that he is going to cook tea on Saturday night.  We always watch the rugby in this house, he has all girls and they don't, so it will be a boys night in and me!
Looking forwards to the treat as he's a really good cook.  Best clean the kitchen before Saturday!

On a totally different note one of my pals has recently started a crochet blanket and is already half way through in a week!  I must just crochet really slow.  Remember this...

The blanket I started but the thought of making 196 of them scares me so the project got put down.
I think now is the time to pick it back up and hook a little more.  At this rate I might get it finished in 5 years!  Please tell me I am not the only one who gets bored with long term projects?
I must just give Kirsti a shout out for inspiring me again to crack on with this project.  x

That's all from me today, don't forget to join me tomorrow with an old crafty project, I shall be looking forwards to it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

With deepest sympathy

Good afternoon to you all and how are you today?
I started off so well this morning getting everyone up and sorted but then the day seems to have vanished.  How does that work?
I think it happens when entering my crafting room.
Isn't it funny how time disappears as soon as entering the craft zone?  Is it a strange phenomena or do we just get lost in creating?  And more disturbingly, why in my mind right now, is there some strange science fiction music!  Losing the plot.

Today I unfortunately have a sad card to share.  Yesterday one of my lovely neighbours lost her husband.  He hasn't been well for a long time so not a shock, nevertheless it is still very sad.
At these times it is always difficult to know what to say and do.
I always tell folk "you know where I am if I can help you in anyway, just let me know", as I hate to intrude.
She has had lots of visitors and family so I thought I'd pop over a card just to let her know I'm thinking of her.  As they're part of a big family in the village I'm sure she will get loads of flowers so I'm thinking to leave that for now and maybe take her some over in a few weeks time when things of quietened down.

The lighting isn't the best, we've just gone very dark here and had a hail storm pass by, not creating the best backdrop for photography.
The Lily is a digi stamp I got ages ago and I have used it lots for sympathy cards over the years.
I don't know why but I love a Lily for a sympathy card.  I have produced two of the images to be able to 3d it adding a seam binding ribbon to finish.  It is coloured in lightly with my prisma pencils.
The printing has been done on my computer then I have mounted it on gold card before mounting on the actual card.  I cut the rectangle using my paper trimmer.

I have another card to make for a friend but as I seem to have lost most of my morning I better go and do a little housework first.  That way I won't feel too guilty if I do a little more crafting later.
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Meet Hamish the Heilan Coo!

Good afternoon and how are you this Monday?
Did you have a good weekend too?
I had a busy morning in work on Saturday and I don't think I upset any customers.
I did make a few laugh.  Is that allowed?!
On Sunday hubby was back to work so I bounced between the crop and home, consequently not getting much done anywhere.
This morning I was up and sorted early, boys to school and dog walked before popping to town to get a few items of food that have magically disappeared over the weekend.  Then I thought I would make a start on the ironing, but I didn't!
Remember my crochet project that I had started?
I have been so close to finishing over the last few days but found the last two parts the hardest of all to crochet, the tail and horns.
Oh the giggles the girls had yesterday about me and my horns.  Mine just don't seem as long as the model in the book but I have followed them to the letter.  I did embellish just a little by adding more hair on the head and a wee tartan tie.  This chap is called Douglas in the pattern book but I think he is more like a Hamish the Heilan Coo.

Now Kerry Lord the author of Edward's Menagerie says she can hook one of these animals in a day, I've spent nearly a fortnight on mine, albeit just picking him up on an evening and if I do make another I think I am going to extend his horns a little.
Still I am happy with the results.  He does look a lot darker in this photograph as he is a real orange/red brown, just like the Heilan coo's close by.
What name do you prefer Douglas or Hamish?

That's all from me today, time to go and pick my eldest up before walking the dog and tea, just in time for the rain to come on.  Yippee!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday and more from me tomorrow.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's the weekend time for a few crafting funnies.

Good morning, I hope you are having a good weekend so far?
Saturday post has developed into more of a crafty quotes day.  Here are the funnies I found for you this week.
Are you a yarnivore?

I can think of worse things to do.  I don't know about you but when I saw the word yarnivore I had the uncontrollable urge to groan like a dinosaur.  Or is it just me?

Rather than groaning I think I should learn this for my next visit to the craft shop.  Then I can sing it as I am putting balls in my basket.  If nothing else just to see the look on the shopkeeper's face.

Finally today, it's always nice to have folk appreciate all the work you put into a handmade gift.  In this case literally.

It did make me smile though.  I do think with the recent trends of sending handmade goods has helped the crafter's cause.  The tide does definitely be changing with it now become trendy to make your own gifts.  I do find this funny and I've been doing it for years as I am sure a lot of you have too. Isn't it funny how things go around in big circles?

That's all from me today.  After my morning at work I don't know what I shall be up to but if it is anything exciting you'll be the first to know.  Enjoy.  

Friday, February 19, 2016

Better late than never, time to share an oldie this Friday.

Sorry ladies I appear to have forgotten what day of the week it is, whoops.  Where did this week go?
I was called to school yesterday, that's my youngest not well again, bless, he seems to pick up everything that is going.  Then my husband appeared home in the early hours of the morning, it's OK I was expecting him.
I just totally lost all track of time and it was only whilst galloping around the supermarket this morning that it struck me, oh me it's Friday.

I got a phone call from work too asking me to do a short shift tomorrow morning and they're going to let me loose on the public, watch out if you are in town, don't say you haven't been warned.  It's a friends and family weekend so discounts are available if you have a voucher, we also have an Italian dine in, yummy, yum, yum.  If you are one of my regulars and have access to M & S let me know your email address and I'll send you a 20% code for clothing, beauty, home or furniture this weekend.  The voucher can be used on line or in store.

Back to the usual and today's oldie is......

Something a little different from me today.  This was a crochet hat I made from my friends wee girl called Poppy.  I am really bad at not keeping a note of the wool that I use and as this was a first attempt I was just happy to have it finished looking like the pattern.  In my own style I tweaked the design and added the poppy instead of the suggested flower, I would however like to thank Betsy at The Dainty Daisy for sharing the pattern.  She has some beautiful hat patterns if you are a crocheter do go and have a little look.

For those of you who join me sharing an oldie every Friday, thank you very much, I always look forwards to seeing what you have picked as your choice this week.
For those just joining the idea behind sharing an oldie is to reinstate an old crafty project that you have previously posted.  It can be anything you have made yourself.    My only request is to leave a short post below in the comments, purely so I can link to your blog and see what you are sharing, I will comment on all over the weekend if not today.

Do you have anything exciting planned this weekend?
I shall be working Saturday morning now and cropping Sunday afternoon but as for the rest, time will tell.  More from me tomorrow, I have found some more funnies ready and waiting to share with you.
Enjoy your Friday folks and happy crafting.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

On your Wedding day.

Good afternoon and how are you today?
What a day I had yesterday, busy, busy, busy.  Real life just gets in the way of blogging and crafting sometimes.
I had the usual routine in the morning, once the boys were safely at school I took the dog for a nice bracing walk.  Then it was into work for me with another productive day there.
On getting home I had a quick bite of lunch before picking up my youngest from school.
That just left me time to walk the dog before heading back into town to pick up my eldest up from school as he had an after school club.  We had a bite to eat in town before back to the school for parents evening.
By the time we got home and I'd done all the usual daily chores it was nearly 9 and I was pooped.   Even my fitbit was telling me I'd done too much, LOL.
On the upside my eldest seems to be doing well at school, he just needs to knuckle down between now and May and get revising for his Higher examinations.
I'm thinking removal of X-box privileges might be a good idea for the next 10 weeks or so, he doesn't seem to agree.  Boys!

On to today and this morning I had a lovely leisurely walk along the beach, bright blue skies and lovely low sun, the sort you enjoy out walking but not driving into work!
Don't tell anyone but it almost felt like a nice crisp Spring morning.  Looking at the forecast for the weekend it is all set to change unfortunately, it is going to be warming but that usually also means wetter too.
Once back I set to work with my hairdressing head on having now banished any grey, feeling a little younger and more human!
This afternoon I had a Wedding card request to make for a friend with the brief;
name, date, a touch of tartan and the South Carolina Flag.
I didn't know what the South Carolina flag looked like but thank heavens for google.  It has a palm tree and a crescent moon, what a combination, I wonder who put them together?
Here's my interpretation.


I like making the two hearts Wedding card with the ribbon and bands in between, my thinking being "tying the knot!"
The paper is from my stash as is the ribbon and rings.  The tartan paper is by Craftwork cards and the hearts are by Sizzix embossed with my dotty folder by Cuttlebug.

Right it's now time for another dog walk before heading to pick up my eldest again, another late night at school for him.  I'm hoping to sit down later and master my crochet tail, the smallest item seems to be taking the longest to master.  That is just me, I won't give in until I have perfection!  Or as near as damn it!
Enjoy the rest of today, I hope you are having the same sunny day we are?
Happy crafting.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not soppy or rude and certainly not gushing!

Good afternoon all and how are you today?
Gosh, hasn't it been cold since the weekend?  Did you get snow?  We did but it has gone now, the upside of living by the coast.
The downside of being on our coastline, the biting wind from the North.  Brrr!  It is certainly enough to wake you up in the morning.

No post from me yesterday, I had planned to but both boys were off school so I was side tracked with other things.  I have to say I didn't really have a good day, remember the film Shirley Valentine?
I thought it was funny the first time I watched it but having watched it recently I have a confession.
OMG I am now Shirley Valentine, so who fancies a girlie trip to Greece?!
If I am not talking to the wall, it's the dog or the TV.  The boys seem to hibernate in their bedrooms and hubby is off again.  On the up side the wall and TV don't answer back and the dog always listens intently especially if you happen to have a toy or treat in your hand too.

A couple of cracking games of rugby over the weekend, I have to say the Scotland v Wales match was the most exciting but the England v Italy had a good second half.  It is a shame Scotland made so many little mistakes as if they hadn't I think they would have won the match.  They certainly gave Wales a good run for their money which is always good to see.

Did you have a good Valentine's day?
Hubby was off by lunchtime so we had a nice dine in from work on the Saturday evening.
He also got me a lovely huge bouquet of tulips which I much prefer to red roses.  I am not keen on red roses, white are OK but they just don't last.  I much prefer spring flowers; tulips, freesias or daffodils and of course white Calla lilies are so stylish and classical.  I'm afraid you can keep your red roses.  Pffft!
My card for hubby was CAS, I even thought about buying one as I hadn't got around to making one, slap my wrists.  I couldn't find anything I liked so after getting home from work I snuck into my den and made this.

I printed the sentiment on the computer and used an old Sizzix U die and a heart punch before 3d foaming to red card.  The google eyes were added to finish.  Clean and simple and not too gushy.
I would have liked the U to be bigger but didn't have time to try and centralise it on my cricut, maybe I should invest in some new alphabet dies?  (Who needs an excuse for new crafty stash?!)

Before I go I also baked again at the weekend. I really should stop my waistline is increasing in appreciation!
This time I tried a new butter icing recipe, I wasn't too happy with it as it was a little runny, little did I know if I had just left it longer in the fridge it would have been perfect for piping.  I however was doing it whilst running in and out of the front room watching the rugby so just slapped on the icing old style like my Gran used to.  I sometimes prefer it like that, some bought cupcakes nowadays can have too much icing on them making the cake a little sickly.  That's just my opinion.

These were orange muffins with fresh orange juice in them instead of milk, the icing was citrus and gave sort of a sherbet feel to the cake, yum!
Sorry again for those of you being good, I'm afraid when it comes to baking I have the breaking strain of a gnat.

That's all from me today, work again tomorrow, at least I had a good day today, all my jobs done and up to date before I came home, that doesn't happen very often at all.
I attempted to crochet a tail last night for my animal, how hard could it be?
I just couldn't get the instructions to work with the length of yarn I was given, after numerous attempts I got there but wasn't totally happy with the results, back to the drawing board.  I have got the idea but just need to tidy it up, I can feel mark 2 on the horizon this evening.
Enjoy the rest of your evening and stay warm and dry.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's the weekend time to tickle that creative funny bone, oh what a yarn!

Good morning and how are you all this Saturday?
I'm in work this morning, ready for a busy Valentine's weekend.
On the upside the day will pass very quickly.

You know the drill by now I have picked my favourite crafty funny quotes to share with you today, I hope they make you smile or maybe even giggle.  I little something for the weekend, crafty style!

You know when you near to finishing a project and you are worrying if you are going to make it, why not try this?

Lol.  Top tips!
I need to consider this one next time I think I am running out of yarn.  Do you think it will work?  ;)

As for this next funny now I need to redesign my house.  How about you?

I think mine would be titled craft room, why limit yourself to just a lovely big yarn room?
Can you image hubby's face when I tell him I fancy rearranging the layout of the house?
Once open plan he'd be expecting a big family living room then I start bringing in all my craft supplies.  I wouldn't be very popular, he already hates my craft room as it is messy.
Did I say messy, that's an understatement, think more the aftermath of an explosion and that would be nearer the mark.
Creative minds aren't tidy!

Finally you know that special friend who you really love?!

The one that has wronged you in some way but you are trying to be the bigger person.  By the look on this girls face I think we can all agree revenge will be sweet!

That's my selection for today, I hope you enjoyed them?
Have a super weekend.
No plans here as yet, although I am trying.  My boys have reached the age where being plugged in for the day is far more exciting than having to spend any quality time with the parents.  On the upside if I can't prize them away from their machines I will have some quality craft time, every cloud!
More from me next week.  
Happy crafting.

Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Friday and time to share another oldie with me.

Good morning and how are you this Friday?
I hope you are all well and warm.

It's that time of the week again.  It comes around all too fast for my liking.  For those who are joining me for the first time sharing an oldie on Friday, it is for fun and I encourage you to repost an old craft project, it can be anything you have made yourself.  I love to share our crafting journey, how styles have changed or how we have.  All I ask is that you leave a wee comment below, I can then link to your blog and see what you have picked as your oldie today.  I will visit all and comment back. 
To those of you who join me on a regular basis I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for doing so.  I do enjoy my wee hop over the weekend to see what project you have picked. 
For today I have picked something a little different for a change.

This is a little charm bracelet I made for one of my good crafting buddies six years ago now.  I added photographs of her children in amongst charms and glass beads, keeping to a simple colour combination.  All the products were sourced on line a long time ago so I'm afraid I can't give you pointers as where to get the products.  
I made quite a few of these that year and even kept one for myself too, mine had a beach theme in amongst photographs of my boys and my brothers children.
A nice little keepsake.

That's all from me this Friday, have a super weekend.  I'm in early at work again tomorrow with a Dine in for Valentine's day, it will be another busy day.  Yippee!
Still I have sourced more funny quotes for you tomorrow whilst I'm busy elsewhere.  Have a good one.

Happy crafting for the upcoming weekend and thanks for popping by.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A crafty diet must have chocolate somewhere!

Good evening folks and I hope this finds you well?
I wasn't expecting snow this morning but we had a very light dusting which increased as I visited my crafty pal in Elgin.
A mighty fine cuppa and biscuit plus a lovely crafty chat set me up for the rest of the day.

I then had to pop to the supermarket for a few essentials.  I must be a dream shopper as I hate to walk past a bargain.
It's only a bargain if you need it!
When did need ever factor into the equation?
What am I talking about?
As usual I have the breaking strain of a gnat when it comes to a bargain.
Packets of Maltesers were on special and I took one look and thought "ooooh time to try out that fudge recipe I have been meaning to make or maybe some Malteser slice" (my boys love it).
Please tell me you look at food on offer and think I can do something with that even when you know you really don't need it?
Anyway Malteser slice it was and here is the proof.
Sorry to all those of you on diets just now, I have been very little help this week and a special mention to Kate, I need to find a nice recipe that you too can partake in.
For those of you on a diet or banded from chocolate look away now!

I used a Nigella recipe which you can find here.
Although in true Erika style I used a mix of digestive biscuits with ginger biscuits probably about 70/30.  Instead of pouring white chocolate over the top, I thought it might be too sickly, I used a mix of good quality dark and milk chocolate about 60/40.  It just gives it a slightly more grown up feel, if Malteser slice could get more grown up, LOL.  Plus I like to kid myself that if I have used good dark chocolate then it is slightly healthier than not using it.  My mind works in a strange way when it comes to food but that is probably just because I like it.
I wonder where my youngest gets his love of all things sweet and naughty?!

That's all from me today, I have to admit that one of you was very near to the mark yesterday on what my crochet animal will be.  Three legs made today only one left to do, I'm getting close to stuffing and finishing.
This is backed up by the lovely neat and tidy home I have and the empty ironing pile!
You know when you reach that point when you think, why do the housework?  The kids are now off till Tuesday and hubby is home later this evening.  I can catch up next week when they're all back into the usual routine.
That's my excuse and I am sticking with it.
Enjoy the rest of the evening I'm waffling again so time to go.
Catch you tomorrow, when it's oldie time again, it comes around all to quickly.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Not a tosser!

Good afternoon, how are you today?
A later post for me today, I've been very naughty and sat crocheting, I did say once I get a bee in my bonnet I like to keep going didn't I?
Is it just me or is it colder today?
My walks with the dog can only be described as cold, definitely more than nippy!  The wind from the north has a real bite to it today but at least the sky has been clear and the sun even came out for a short while.
I had planned to do all sorts today but when it is cold there is nothing better than getting a good fire going, sitting next to it with my crocheting and a cup of tea.
This is where I am so far.

It's not a fox or cat, mmmm what can it be?

I also wanted to show you the pancake making in action again last night, I wasn't going to get away with not baking big pancakes.

They all got munched with lemon and sugar being the favourite topping this year although chocolate spread came a firm second.    This was followed by the usual cries of Mum why don't you make them more often?
I don't know why.  They are easy enough to make, maybe this year I will.  I tend to use a pouring batter recipe for these, 4 oz plain flour, 1 egg, pinch of salt and 1/2 pint of milk.
They're always a hit with the boys no matter how many I make.

That's all for me again today, I am popping out tomorrow morning to catch up with a fella crafter so I will catch you later in the day.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and happy crafting, whatever you are creating.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

When in Rome, sorry Scotland.

Afternoon and how are you today?

I had another brisk, chilly walk along the beach this morning, the air was very crisp but it was dry and clear, a bonus.
This morning I have been naughty and finished the crochet head for my current project.  I don't know about you but once I get the bit in my teeth I like to keep going regardless of what is going on around me.
I did however take a break in proceedings to do a little washing and as it is Pancake Tuesday I also thought whilst in Scotland it would be rude not to have a go at these.

Mmmm Scotch pancakes, with maple syrup and bacon.  Yum.
As you can see I have a crepe maker, my Mum bought it for me years ago when I first had the boys.
I do miss making pancakes the traditional way but my boys love the huge ones this makes.
Every year without fail it gets a dusting down and goes into full production.
I've already had strict instructions that we are having crepes for tea tonight but as a Scotch pancake recipe was doing the rounds on Facebook I thought the boys would like a snack whilst waiting for bigger ones.
Who knew that they were so simple; 4 oz Self raising flour, a pinch of salt, 2 oz sugar, 1 egg and 4 tablespoons of milk, mix and then cook on the hob.  When bubbles appear turn with a spatula and brown the other side.

My youngest certainly enjoyed his at lunch time.  He even said they're better than the schools but shhh don't tell anyone.  ;)

That's all from me today I really should get a couple of Valentine's cards made, I know most of you have been making them for weeks and putting me to shame.  I just can't get in the groove.
To be honest I'd much rather be making arms and legs!  (Crocheting)
Enough from me now as I am starting to waffle and today is for pancakes not waffle!
Enjoy the rest of your day and more from me tomorrow.

Monday, February 08, 2016

My secret purchase.

Good morning and how are you this Monday morning?
I'm just back from my daily walk along the beach and can confirm that I am now wide awake and ready to go.  It is a lovely day here at the moment, bright blue skies and sunny but just a tad fresh!

I'm not in work till Saturday this week so I am planning on catching up with a few folk I don't normally get chance to see and also getting a little craft time.
Did you watch the rugby at the weekend?
The France Italy game was close, I did think at one point Italy would win, it was edge of the seat stuff in the second half.  The Calcutta cup was not such an exciting game unfortunately.  In this house there are two support England and two Scotland so the banter makes it more fun.  Then yesterday the Ireland Wales match was a surprise result, both sides playing well.

As promised last week I told you I would be starting a new project at the weekend and I mentioned my secret purchase whilst buying my eldest boy's study books.
I looked at this book when I first started crocheting and oohed and arhed at the pictures but not understanding the patterns at all.  A couple of years down the line and I am now a lot happy so I thought why not give the book a go.

How cute are those animals?
Now can you tell which one caught my eye first?

I got the body done on Saturday but yesterday I reached a good part in my book so in between the rugby and housework my nose was firming in that instead.  I do like to get a little reading done on a Sunday, well it is the day of rest!
Then of course there is the Sunday night TV viewing, is anyone else watching Call the Midwife?
Oh me, I have been in tears every episode this season, it is such a brilliant series, last night was a little too close to comfort as both my two were born by emergency section.  On the upside they were both very healthy unlike the poor little soul last night.
Then of course there was the final episode of the epic War and Peace.  It was so more enjoyable to watch than the book was to read.  I have tried to read the book on numerous occasions but always end up losing interest.  It's a bit of a slog!
The series on TV was brilliant, I found it fascinating, I don't know about you but epics like that always make me want to pick up a history book and find out what really happened.

Anyway that is all from me today, I have an appointment with the dentist this morning, gulp, so I better get ready.  This afternoon I am hoping to enjoy a little crafting.
Enjoy your Monday.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Time to tickle your creative funny bone with this weeks yarns!

Good morning to you all and it's the weekend, yippee, time for rugby and yarn.
What a combination.
Today I am dropping very large and not at all subtle hints as to what my next project might be, bet you can't guess?
I'll give you another clue it isn't Valentine's cards!

More will be revealed next week but for today here are my favourite funny crafty quotes that made me giggle.  The theme is the clue for you.

This did make me smile, oh how I'd like to play with this mighty find well presented selection of yarns.  Do you think this owner has OCD?  I wish I had.
Mine are all stuffed in plastic bags and boxes, this looks far more appealing.

On the same theme this is my preferred pleasure room too!  ;)  The bottom one of course.

Having read the Shades of Grey books and now finally seen the film I'd much rather be hooking with my yarn!
Sorry but I wouldn't recommend the film at all.  I'd far rather watch a good true story, crime, or whodunit film.

Finally I would freely like to admit that when it comes to yarn I haven't quite reached this level of on line shopping, mainly as I like to pick it up locally.
You can't beat feeling it before you buy!  (The yarn ladies, the yarn).

It did make me giggle though and a plug for Amazon in the process.
I did have a wee on line purchase last week, shhhh, that's our secret.  I will show you what I purchased next week as it will ruin the surprise project.

That's all from me today, this weekend for me, is all about hookers!
The mind boggles.  :O
To put the record right I'm meaning hookers in the sense of crocheting and rugby.  :)
I had you going then didn't I?
Have a super weekend folks and more from me on Monday.

Friday, February 05, 2016

t's that time's Friday time to share an oldie.

Morning, I hope you are all fit and well today.
I was going to start my post this morning by saying "It's Friday.....but then I wanted to's five o'clock and time for Crackerjack!"
Isn't it funny how certain phrases stick with you over the years?  How little things just trigger a memory.  I loved Crackerjack as a kid especially the cabbage game.  Do you remember it?  The thought of winning as many toys as you can hold and not forgetting the Crackerjack pen.
Can you imagine the response of kids today with nothing at all electronic!
On the same note, I picked up a box of wine at work last week whilst one of my managers stood next to me, it was Chianti.
We both, at the same time turned into Hannibal Lector, reciting a famous quote from the film Silence of the Lambs and the funny noise he makes with his mouth at the end.  It did make us smile.

Now that you think I am suitable weird I shall move on with today's old craft project.  For those who are joining me for the first time sharing an oldie on Friday it is for fun and I encourage you to re post an old craft project, it can be anything you have made yourself.  I love to share our crafting journey, how styles have changed or how we have.  All I ask is that you leave a wee comment below, I can then link to your blog and see what you have picked as your oldie today.  I will visit all and comment back.
To those of you who join me on a regular basis I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for doing so.  I do enjoy my wee hop over the weekend to see what project you have picked.
So onto today's selection for you.
This was a project I was asked to create for a demonstration in 2010, it is inspired by the very creative Becca Feeken.  Her work for Spellbinders is truly inspirational, but don't take my word for it check out her blog on the link above.
This was a demonstration in using specific Spellbinder dies when fancy dies were first hitting the shops, after the initial excitement of circles and squares shapes started to get a little more technical and more fun could be have.  The demos were all about showing crafters what could be done with the dies and encouraging purchases!
I would be given specific products for the day, an idea of what the shop required and then made up samples, adding my own twist where I could.

The papers I have used are white and grey American crafts textured card and Kay and Co Elegance Speciality Mat pad.  The lace boarder, strip, leaves and candle surround were made using Spellbinder borderabilites Classic lace boarder (Grand 12").   
The ovals have been cut with nestabilities petite ovals small and the flowers with the peony nestabilities, finished with a white brad and silver bead spacer.  
The ovals were decorated with K & Co Elegance words Grand adhesion's and rub-ons from Elegance Swirls rub-ons with gems.  Finished with a couple of small pearls.
The candle had white grosgrain around the lace and then finished with a smaller version of the peony flower.

Creating the surround on the larger card was quite fiddly but makes a great 3D feature, thanks to Becca for the inspiration.  x

That's all from me today, I have my husband home for the weekend and I'm off work too.  I did think that a family day out would be in order but forgot that the Calcutta cup is on this Saturday.  The family are all big rugby fans so I think a few nibbles in front of the box will be the order of the day.  
Who will win?  With two English and two Scottish in the house it makes for fun and banter.  I actually think Scotland have a good chance this year with England having a new team.  We will have to wait and see.  

Today I shall mostly be cracking on with my jobs so I can enjoy time with the boys tomorrow afternoon.  
Have a super weekend, stay warm and dry.  
I plan on starting a new project too this weekend, more about that next week.  
I hope you get chance for some crafty time.  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Clean and simple everytime.

Morning and how are you today?
I thought I'd pop on the computer early this morning as I missed a post yesterday.  I had a busy day and by the time I sat down I nodded off!  I must have been tired because I don't do that very often.
Another busy day here today but no work.  I have a wee dog sat crossed legged so that is next on the agenda today then I have a visit to the beauticians, she's got her work cut out!
Then it's on to my favourite part of the day, house work followed by the dentist with the boys and a disco this evening.

Today I have two CAS cards for you as I missed a post yesterday.  First a baby card for my best pal.

For this card I used my computer for the printing and a die and stamp set by Papertrey ink Matte stack collection 4.  The ribbon and wee pram charm are from my stash.
My pal like me really loves the CAS style which is why I have kept this so simple.

This next card is for another pal who wanted a 50th card for a friend at work.  The brief for this one was a big 50 with a floral theme.

The paper is a snippet from my stash as are the flowers.  I cut the numbers on my cricut then added a bit of bling to finish.

That's my crafty cards for today, I better go and take my wee dog for a walk now as she is sat to attention by the door.  Have a super day and more from me tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A few snippets and a good stamp.

My title today makes it sound as if I am a little grumpy, all will be revealed as I type.
How are you today?
Did you survive the storm?  Horrid Henry!
It was very windy last night, I don't know how my boys slept but they did, the wind was howling around the roof.  I was grateful to be tucked up in bed, warm and cosy but did feel very sorry for any folk on the streets at this time, brrr.

The card I am sharing today was a request by a friend, a flower and butterfly with a pastel theme.
This is what I came up with.  I do enjoy a little paper piecing and this is one of my all time favourite stamps to use.

The stamps are by Hero arts, Big flowers.  I have used scraps of pink and green papers from my stash then added a pink satin know with a butterfly charm.  The printing was done on the computer then I matte and layered the card with matching pink and white card stock.
Finally adding a bit of bling to the centre of the flower to finish.

Today I have decided to enter this card into the snippet challenge over at Pixie's Crafty workshop.  I am really bad linking to challenges but a couple of you lovely ladies mentioned in your comments that I should, so thank you and I have.  Will I manage to keep up with the challenge throughout the year, that maybe another issue.

I braved the wet and windy weather this morning to go to work and had a good day, lots done in the short time I was there.  It's time now for me to go and feed the munchkins or they'll be moaning about being starving.
I hope you have had a good day and maybe enjoyed a little crafting time?
I might start a little crocheting after tea, mmmm what to make?

Monday, February 01, 2016

A girl can never have too many!

Good afternoon to you, how are you on this dreich Monday?
Has "Horrid Henry" hit you yet.  We've got wind and rain but not as bad as I was expecting, however it is early yet.  I think the worst of the storm is expected later this evening with 90 mile an hour winds, nice, not!
Once the boys are in from school and the dog is walked I shall be battering down the hatch for the rest of the evening, just in case.

Did you have a good weekend?
I had a nice busy day at work on Saturday, which made the time go fast.  This was followed by a quiet night in.  No staying power!
Yesterday also had a quiet day, I wasn't feeling the best, the joys of a sore head.
I guess it is the body's way of telling you to chill!

Today I have been busy beavering away in my craft room, whilst the weather is "pants".
I had a few card orders for friends to crack on with which I have now completed and can relax.
Time now to play instead!  After I've walked the dog, picked up the kids and made tea.
The card I am sharing today is another very CAS card as requested by my pal, it was to feature a handbag of some description.

I made the wee bag with scraps of card, wire, ribbon and my punch corner rounder, then added a little bling and a charm.

My parents went home at the weekend, in all the lovely snow, but made it back south safely.  It was lovely to catch up, we don't do it enough living so far away from all our families.  Time now to get the house back to normal, boys and hubby back into our weekly routine and myself back to work tomorrow and Wednesday.   I do like a routine!
You never know I might get a little crafting in too this week.  Can't wait!