Monday, February 22, 2016

Meet Hamish the Heilan Coo!

Good afternoon and how are you this Monday?
Did you have a good weekend too?
I had a busy morning in work on Saturday and I don't think I upset any customers.
I did make a few laugh.  Is that allowed?!
On Sunday hubby was back to work so I bounced between the crop and home, consequently not getting much done anywhere.
This morning I was up and sorted early, boys to school and dog walked before popping to town to get a few items of food that have magically disappeared over the weekend.  Then I thought I would make a start on the ironing, but I didn't!
Remember my crochet project that I had started?
I have been so close to finishing over the last few days but found the last two parts the hardest of all to crochet, the tail and horns.
Oh the giggles the girls had yesterday about me and my horns.  Mine just don't seem as long as the model in the book but I have followed them to the letter.  I did embellish just a little by adding more hair on the head and a wee tartan tie.  This chap is called Douglas in the pattern book but I think he is more like a Hamish the Heilan Coo.

Now Kerry Lord the author of Edward's Menagerie says she can hook one of these animals in a day, I've spent nearly a fortnight on mine, albeit just picking him up on an evening and if I do make another I think I am going to extend his horns a little.
Still I am happy with the results.  He does look a lot darker in this photograph as he is a real orange/red brown, just like the Heilan coo's close by.
What name do you prefer Douglas or Hamish?

That's all from me today, time to go and pick my eldest up before walking the dog and tea, just in time for the rain to come on.  Yippee!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday and more from me tomorrow.


Jacki Daniels said...

Soooo cute love it xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

He looks like a Hamish to me Erika, he's gorgeous.
Such a lot of work has gone in to him, you are very clever.

Patricia said...

Erika, he is just so darned cute, I LOVE him.
You have made a fantastic job.
Patricia x

Barb said...

He's absolutely fantastic. A fab cow and I thought he was a kangaroo. I like his tartan tie and I think he does look like a Douglas. Perhaps that's because that was my Dad's name and he was a handsome guy too! Barbxx

Hazel said...

Erik, he is a Hamidh, He is so cute, just love him. Hazel X

cuilliesocks said...

He is definitely a Hamish Erika and he is gorgeous, just love him, let me know if you are going into production, cos I would love one. You know, you are very gifted to be able to do this especially as you haven't been crocheting all that long, well done, Kate x

Cara said...

It's always that smallest things that give you the most grief! He is incredibly cute, I'm very impressed by your crocheting skills. Cara x