Saturday, February 27, 2016

It's Saturday, time for another yarn or two.

Good morning and how are you today?
A busy day at work for me today followed by any rugby still to play and a lovely evening meal.  That's my day sorted, how about you?  Are you up to anything more exciting this weekend?

You know the drill by now, Saturday is all about sharing a few funny quotes I have found during the week.  I have a right "yarn" for you this week.

Next time my hubby asks about my crafty stash I can use this as a very valid excuse.

I am definitely hard wired to collect fine crafting products.  :)

This mug made me laugh.  I've never thought of myself like this but it's all in the best possible taste!

It certainly would be a conversation starter.

This final one made me smile as I picked up my hexagon shapes for my blanket yesterday, only 157 left to make!  I have taken advice, it being my first blanket and am weaving in the ends as I go.  I can only imagine how depressing it would be to get all the shapes made and then have to finish them all at the same time.  I think if I didn't weave in the ends whilst making the shapes I would certainly be pulling the bottom face and that is just scary!

Lorraine I agree with you on your comment too, I think I might start and crochet them together once I've decided on the pattern combination.  My original idea was to have it as a lap blanket for the front room so it maybe doesn't need to be as big as my pattern I am following. 
Lets see how many more I can make before the urge to create something else gets too strong!

That's all from me this Saturday, enjoy your weekend.  I'll be back next week for some more creative fun.


karenlotty said...

I need that mug! Where can I get one? just about to post my oldie

Cara said...

Love the quotes, made me smile today. Don't think I'd get away with that mug at work though! Have a great weekend. Cara x

Barb said...

Loved your funnies Erika. Sound like a good idea from Lorraine. I do backstitch as I go now when I cross stitch or things don't get finished. Lots of footie for me. Two matches today and two more tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx