Saturday, February 20, 2016

It's the weekend time for a few crafting funnies.

Good morning, I hope you are having a good weekend so far?
Saturday post has developed into more of a crafty quotes day.  Here are the funnies I found for you this week.
Are you a yarnivore?

I can think of worse things to do.  I don't know about you but when I saw the word yarnivore I had the uncontrollable urge to groan like a dinosaur.  Or is it just me?

Rather than groaning I think I should learn this for my next visit to the craft shop.  Then I can sing it as I am putting balls in my basket.  If nothing else just to see the look on the shopkeeper's face.

Finally today, it's always nice to have folk appreciate all the work you put into a handmade gift.  In this case literally.

It did make me smile though.  I do think with the recent trends of sending handmade goods has helped the crafter's cause.  The tide does definitely be changing with it now become trendy to make your own gifts.  I do find this funny and I've been doing it for years as I am sure a lot of you have too. Isn't it funny how things go around in big circles?

That's all from me today.  After my morning at work I don't know what I shall be up to but if it is anything exciting you'll be the first to know.  Enjoy.  


Cara said...

Great quotes. Is it just me that was singing along in my head to the tune of soft kitty, warm kitty as they do in The Big Bang theory? Okay, so I was singing out loud, the tropical fish had their fins in their ears! Hope you're not too tired after work. Cara x

karenlotty said...

I'm knitting like crazy at the moment I have 4 more expectant mums to knit for, including my daughter argh! I had 7 in total, 3 have just given birth, 2 of which I knew what they were having - easy! and I've just finished the 3rd. So all 3 funnies today were sooo apt! I want that bag!
Just posted my oldie
I hope your son is recovering and that you're now able to take a well earned rest after your busy week


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Super set of quotes Erika, and I sang the middle one too, couldn't help myself. I do wish I could knit or crochet a bit better, it is such a rewarding craft. Hope you managed to relax this evening.

Barb said...

That sheep's face made me smile. It's really good. I hope you enjoyed your day. Barbxx

cuilliesocks said...

Brilliant funnies Erika, and everyone is me.
Last week I bought a beautiful Rowan Fair Isle pattern book, the designs and colours used are gorgeous, but in order to knit some of the projects I'd need to win the lottery. costed up a cardigan, and it was going to cost around £100 to knit, oh well I enjoy looking at the pretty photos, enjoy your evening, Vera is just starting, Kate x