Saturday, February 06, 2016

Time to tickle your creative funny bone with this weeks yarns!

Good morning to you all and it's the weekend, yippee, time for rugby and yarn.
What a combination.
Today I am dropping very large and not at all subtle hints as to what my next project might be, bet you can't guess?
I'll give you another clue it isn't Valentine's cards!

More will be revealed next week but for today here are my favourite funny crafty quotes that made me giggle.  The theme is the clue for you.

This did make me smile, oh how I'd like to play with this mighty find well presented selection of yarns.  Do you think this owner has OCD?  I wish I had.
Mine are all stuffed in plastic bags and boxes, this looks far more appealing.

On the same theme this is my preferred pleasure room too!  ;)  The bottom one of course.

Having read the Shades of Grey books and now finally seen the film I'd much rather be hooking with my yarn!
Sorry but I wouldn't recommend the film at all.  I'd far rather watch a good true story, crime, or whodunit film.

Finally I would freely like to admit that when it comes to yarn I haven't quite reached this level of on line shopping, mainly as I like to pick it up locally.
You can't beat feeling it before you buy!  (The yarn ladies, the yarn).

It did make me giggle though and a plug for Amazon in the process.
I did have a wee on line purchase last week, shhhh, that's our secret.  I will show you what I purchased next week as it will ruin the surprise project.

That's all from me today, this weekend for me, is all about hookers!
The mind boggles.  :O
To put the record right I'm meaning hookers in the sense of crocheting and rugby.  :)
I had you going then didn't I?
Have a super weekend folks and more from me on Monday.


Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
brilliant funny pics again today.
Oh my I would just love all that super yarn, and it makes it look so tidy.
Wish I was more OCD with my storage.
I too keep mine in plastic bags and boxes. He! He!
Now that pleasure room is definitely a craft room at my age.
Just imagine a big Amazon box arriving at our houses.
we couldn't contain the excitement, and wouldn't be seen for weeks. LOL.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A super set of funnies this week Erika. I can still understand your meaning even though I'm not in to wool crafts much. I think the same excitement and hoarding abilities apply throughout the broad spectrum covered by all things crafty don't you? :)
Hubbies/partners just don't understand and yet get them inside a DIY shop or their favourite sport and they are just the same.
Have an enjoyable weekend.

Barb said...

A lot of funny funnies again today Erika. I think I must be the only woman whose not read or seen Shades of Grey. But I'm with you I enjoy a good whodunnit too - book or film.

Enjoy the rugby and have a good weekend. Barbxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika great funnies again this week, and my yarn stash mirrors my card making stash, if I were to cash it all in I could go on a world cruise, at least 3 times.
Never read of watch the film, never appealed to me at all, I like well written books and something that is thought provoking.
Looking forward to seeing your next project, Kate x

Dr Sonia S V said...

Erika these are the most brilliant collection of pictures I have seen in a while from a crafter's point of view. So glad I dropped by your blog while general Sunday afternoon blog hopping relaxation therapy!!
Would love to have you visit too when you get time
Dr Sonia

Julieanne..aka pinkjools said...

Brilliant....Im still laughing....My pleasure room... is my craft room...I sitting in there in an other world....Joolsx