Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Twin birthdays. Double the trouble.....or is it?

Morning, apologises for being MIA yesterday.  You know when you have a good week planned playing catch up on jobs with the hope of some free time to play?  Something always goes wrong, doesn't it?!
Well to cut a long story short, I wasn't too well Monday afternoon and yesterday, I had lunch out Monday before grabbing my climbing boots and crampons to start the ironing and came home, within an hour.....oh not good! 
I won't expand as it wasn't nice but I am unsure as to whether it was the food, me or a bug.  If it had been a bug I'm sure I would have been worse.  I'm hedging towards the fact that since dieting there seems to be certain foods I just now can't eat without feeling rough.  They don't tell you this at the diet clubs!
I find anything fatty or too sweet now just really upsets my system, anyone else had similar problems?
Needless to say I've only made it half way up my mountain of ironing having slept quite a lot the last day or two....#feeling very lazy. 
I like to be able to crack on with things and get frustrated with myself when I have a lazy day.

Anyway enough of this feeling sorry for myself today I wanted to share with you another couple of CAS bespoke cards, this time for twins turning 18.  The brief football for the boy neutral colours and pink and girlie for the girl.  I do like to make these simple birthday cards with big letters using my oodles of buttons I've collected over the years.

I have used my cricut for the numbers, embossing folders from SU and Cuttlebug, buttons from my stash.

So folks lots of boring things to catch up on today, food shopping, housework and ironing.....can't wait! 
Then drumming lessons later this evening.  Today is going to be fun or should I say #normal!
Might have to craft at some point just to keep my hand in.
Enjoy your Wednesday.  x


Lau W said...

Hope you're well now, urk !!
And have a super "normal day lol !
Your cards are superb, just perfect, love them !!

marion said...

Lovely cards !! Hugs, Marion

Patricia said...

Oh! Erika, not good here's a wee(hug) to help.
Great cards, love the simple elegance of them. "Buttons" I love buttons, lace and ribbon ..... Could start a shop with my stock of these.
Hope the rest of your day goes well

Patricia xxxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, what a pity you became unwell after a nice lunch. Your theory maybe right and that your system can't take certain foods now, you certainly won't be able to eat as much as the stomach shrinks with dieting.

I have experienced much the same thing, last year I cut out carb, not for dieting puropsed but because of my diabetes, and now if I eat too many carbs, my system goes haywire, and I'm quite ill. Strangely enough I can do any amount of fat, just not anything that will turn to sugar.

Hope your feeling better now.

Oh and before I forget, your cards are lovely, love the little elements youv'e added to personalise them, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika not good about feeling yuk, I am doing SW diet and I am the same certain foods just don't lie well these days, Oh so you have the same problem with children and ironing at least they yours and you can shout and be the bad one but I am the bad one , and mum is the goodie one.who doesn't shout.

Your cards are fab love the little element buttons.
Hazel xx