Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween....may the spooks be with you!

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

Are you ready?
I have decorated my house this morning....the only time of the year I add cobwebs!
I thought I'd share my little pumpkins today as it is Halloween....

I  made them a few years ago when I did ceramics....BK (before kids!)  
OK, maybe more than a few years ago.
Buckets of sweets at the ready....and a skeleton stood guard at the front door!  Ready for the fun to begin later.  Will it go something like this.....

Five white ghosts and seven goblins,
Go parading down the street,
Boys and girls with funny faces,
Asking for a treat.
If a goblin rings my doorbell,
I will say "I'm not afraid!"
I will light my jack-o'lantern,
For the Hallowe'en parade.
I will give these scary people,
Apples, candy, cakes to eat;
Then I'll wave goodbye and watch them
As they march off down the street.

Baking done too, with Skull muffins (marbled purple and green!) and Pumpkin/ghostly flapjacks.....

Will the kids get here before it's all eaten?!    LOL.
If my gang have anything to do with it....this could be a possibility......

The house looks empty,
There's no one around,
There isn't a sight,
There isn't a sound.
In the darkness each ear,
I feel the same shame,
having eaten the treats...
Before the kids came!

Well, it would be rude not to taste test everything.....just in case!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

It only remains for me to wish you all the best for this evening.  I'm hoping for no nasty tricks and lots of yummy treats but only time will tell.  One thing is for's going to be a cold one.  
I hope the spooks are good to you.  

I'm off to finally catch up with a little!


Lau W said...

Oh cute ceramics !!!!
And so yummy shots !! awww !!
Boo my friend !! xxx

Patricia said...

Good evening Erika, I am not into Halloween but maybe if I lived nearer you I could be persuaded!!!!!
No doubt our boys will be along later to "scare" us. I have some treats for them. There are not really any youngsters in this tiny hamlet so don't think there will be any other knocks on the door.
Love your pumpkins, did Ceramics but never did those Pumpkins. Made a few Christmas things I will have to look for.
Have a Booo!!tiful evening

Patricia xxx

Shazza said...

super organised as always x

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Erika, great blog post tonight, what with art, baking and poetry, what more could a follower ask for.

Love your little pumkins they are brilliant, the cakes look yummy and I love your rhymes.
No one here yet, and we were prepared, guess we will have to eat it all ourselves, hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika. I love your pumpkins and your little poems. I am not into Halloween as such, but helped the girls get ready. Glad it's all going to be over and Anna will get rid of the cobweb stuff out of her room.
Hope your boys had a good night,
Hazel xx