Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's nearly time.....get out your broomsticks!

Halloween tomorrow excited boy and one not bothered!
It's an age thing!
One costume out ready to scare his friends parents and I shall be digging out my witchy hat to scare them all back!
Last night we had our carving of the pumpkins and here are the boys finished lanterns.

My older boy, having just seen the Lion King went for that option and did it all himself.  The only suggestion I made was to add the eyes with cocktail sticks.
My youngest made his with his Dad and picked this pattern....

I'm going to take a bit more flesh from the RIP so you can see it better tonight when it is lit.
Goody bags to sort and baking to do, not to mention to quickly decorate the house. 
But first, today I am popping out with my good pal Irene to the Auctions and for lunch....I wonder what we will see today?!
You'll also be pleased to hear I chose poppy making over ironing yesterday afternoon and now have 10 waiting to be sewn together. 
For those who asked I had a super massage too.....well chillaxed!
Enjoy your Wednesday.  x


Hazel said...

Your boys have made a great job of their pumpkins, so glad you enjoyed your pampering. Well done you for doing poppies instead of the ironing, the ironing pile at work will be a mountain by the time I get started on it, unless Nancy the cleaner feels sorry for me - got sore joints and an ear infection so off work. Hope you got another good find at the auction

Hazel xxx

Lau W said...

BOOtiful !!!

Patricia said...

Good afternoon Erika,
Brilliant "pumpkins" and now there will be a "glut" of pumpkin soup and how about pumpkin curry ...... there is a good SW recipe for the curry. I did have it but can't find it.
Have a great evening

Patricia xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, the boys have made a brilliant job of their pumpkins, I hope they have a fab time tomorrow night.

yeh, forget the ironing, you only have to do it all over again at another time, poppy making is much better for your health, hugs Kate x