Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bespoke time, poppies ahoy.

Good morning all?
How are you today?
Is the weather looking good where you are?
It is warm and sunny here although we still have quite a few clouds, to spoil the view, as the song goes.
Yesterday I didn't get half of what I had intended on doing so my list has carried forwards to today.  I don't know why nearing the end of school term it gets like this but I guess the visits to the school for various, teachers gifts and cards all add to the fun and games.  Today it is the P7 leavers service, I shall only be going if I get done what I need to this morning.  My boy isn't leaving yet and I always think it is primarily for the parents of children who are going up to secondary school next term.

Before I share my crafty goings on today I thought I'd share these beauties in my garden with you.
They're huge.

I love my big poppies in the garden.  I must try and keep more seeds this year and see if I can get more to grow.  You can't grasp the size of these but if I said they're the size of a small child's football.
They're just stunning.

Back to crafting and this next card I was asked to use a couple of photographs on.  The quality of the photos were not the best but I was asked not to reproduce them and just to use the originals.  I stuck to a navy theme as that was the main colour that came through with both pictures, then girled it up with a little bling and ribbon, with a wee keepsake charm to remove as a reminder.

Inside the card I was asked to add a list of things that she had wanted to change about herself when she was a child.  Something for her to look back on and have a wee smile about.  How lovely that her Dad remembered too.
Susan I hope you have a super 40th, don't worry it isn't as painful as you might think!

That's all from me today, I better crack on with things as the day will just zoom by.  Have a lovely Tuesday and enjoy the sunshine.
Sunshine for Wimbledon, whatever next!


Patricia said...

Erika, those Poppies are AMAZING, love them.
Great card, will be loved and cherished
Patricia x

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A perfectly created keepsake/card for a milestone birthday Erika. A lovely idea with the jaunty picture frames.
Those poppies look fabulous, they must like the weather there to have grown so large. It has been very hot here today and set to be even hotter tomorrow, not something I'm looking forward to. :/

Hazel said...

Your poppies are brilliant, I to love them. What a great card, and how lovely her dad remembered that list. Hazel x

Jenny L said...

Hi Erika,
what very beautiful poppies.
The colour of them is soooooooooo! vibrant.
What a very fab idea to create the picture frames of those photos on your card.
This is such a super idea for special Birthdays.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Erika, your poppies are stunning, and your card is really lovely, great keepsake, hugs Kate x