Monday, June 01, 2015

Monday, Monday....time to share our inky fun from the weekend with Hels.

Good morning all, how are you this Monday?
Thanks for all the wishes for yesterday, yep, another year older, it happens!
I enjoyed a quiet day.  A little reading and crocheting, followed by lunch out.  More of the same in the afternoon and hubby did tea with a little help from M & S.  I got some lovely cards and presents, all in all I did very well, thank you.

On to Saturday and I went through to Aberdeen at The Papeterie for a class with the lovely Hels Sheridan, you can find her blog here.  I have met Hel's previously at the show down in Birmingham but only to speak to.  What a lovely lady she is too, we had a good giggle and learnt loads about distress products.  Some techniques I had done before and some I hadn't.
I thoroughly enjoyed the class, lots of faces I knew so it was also great to catch up with everyone.
What you really want to know is what did we get up to in Saturday's class, which was the one I went for.  It was all about techniques in using the Distress inks, paints and sprays.
Now I do have lots of the inks but have used very little of the Distress paints and sprays.
What better way to practise techniques than to use tags.  Here are mine.

We made 15 tags and there was only really one that I didn't like, this was down to me and not Hel's (instructions not followed to the letter!) so I shall be practising that particular tag again here to try and get a better effect.  I will master it!
Rather than go through them all I thought this week I'd share a few of my favourites,  As for the tags do I keep them as they are, as a reference point or do I go ahead and finish them off?  Decisions, decisions.
The first of my likes today is wrinkle free distress, I guess I liked this one because it is one that I am familiar with, this is one I like to do if I am getting all inky.  Transferring ink to a mat then adding to the tag and spritzing.

I do like this style for a background, in blues and greens, my favourite shades.

This next one is Bleached stamping and stencilling.  This is not a technique I have done before but it will be one I use again.  I love the effect it gives as a background.

It's very subtle this technique, letting the water create the bleached effect.  Love it.

There's nothing like a class to get you inspired back dabbling with a little stamping.
I also managed a few new purchases to play with, well it would be rude not to especially as I had birthday money in my pocket!

Mmmmm inky fun awaits!
If only I didn't have the housework, ironing and a few orders to do first.  Boo.  Maybe if I am very good and get busy I might have time to play later?  I do hope so.
That's all from me today, enjoy the rest of your day and more from me tomorrow.  x


Rainey's Craft Room said...

Sounds like a fabulous day getting to try all these techniques and an expert to lead you through it. Your tags look great and I think I would leave as a reference for future projects if it was me as I'd be bound to forget how to do it later, lol. Wish there were classes nearer to me, Norfolk seems to be a waste land when it comes to decent craft shops and classes.
Glad you enjoyed your Special Day, take care,

Lau W said...

Oh nice tags, love sprays and distress, I think we will see more tags on your blog, cool !! Love your new stamps wow !
Have a nice monday !

Stamping With Bibiana said...

love those tags, they look so pretty all together! love the techniques and those inks are extraordinary!
your packet is going on today, did you got my last e-mail? sorry for the delay
hugs bibiana

Patricia said...

I would have loved to get up to the Papeterie for Saturday.
I was on Holiday so had to pass this time.
Your "tags" are all fantastic Erika. Each technique is amazing.
Patricia xxx

Carol said...

Sounds like a great weekend Erika. Would love to do a class like your tags and your purchases! Hope you got to playing. Carol x