Monday, June 08, 2015

Tying the knot, clean and simple, crafty style of course.

I was going to post "good morning" but then I've just looked at the clock, where did this morning go?
In my defence I did not have the best of starts!
There are four people in this house and only me who can set an alarm.  I was up with the dog at 5.30 a.m. and so when my alarm went off at 7 I rolled over and fell back to sleep.  
Now this doesn't happen very often but of course everyone else was rushing around getting ready for school and work in a mad panic this morning.  The dog and I kept away as it is my day off till all were sorted and sent on their merry way.
Then after getting myself sorted the dog and I had a lovely game of catch down on the beach, the first time this year I have not worn my coat on the beach!  Whoop, whoop, we are having summer today!
The dog was having equally as much fun playing with her ball in the rock pools, soggy sandy dog!  
By the time we got back home she was dry and all the sand had gone, result!
So a late breakfast for us both and on to jobs for today.  Can't wait, not!

Today one of my colleagues at work is getting married, and a lovely day she has for it too.
Andrea I hope you have a super day, although I have to confess I thought she was already married. 
We don't work in the same department so don't see much of each other but she is a lovely lady and I wish her all the very best today.  x
I was asked to make a card from all the staff so it had to be an 8" square card.

Inside reads, Congratulations on tying the knot from all your colleagues etc....
I do like to used the two hearts and the knot of ribbon for a Wedding, I think it is appropriate, don't you think?
I prefer clean and simple all the way for Weddings, hoping for classic and elegant!

As for the rest of the day I have a couple of cards to make and some crocheting to finish plus all the other weekly chores.  The washing machine for one is holding up it's side of the bargain as we speak!
Then I have to drag my two to the dentist later, before a bagpipe lesson this evening.
Enjoy your Monday all, I'm in work tomorrow and Wednesday so maybe late posts from me again?
Have a good day.  x


Rainey's Craft Room said...

A very elegant wedding card Erika. Love the white and grey pearlescent card stock, very luxurious and I agree about the clean and simple look too.

Lau W said...

What a day !!!! piouh !!
Your card is just lovely, so elegant, love your style !

cuilliesocks said...

Beautifully elegant card Erika, love the two hearts and the embossed background.
I'd be exhausted if I started my morning like that, good for you, hugs Kate x

yvonne said...

thankyou very much for the 2 lovely cards you so kindly made for my mum and dads 55th wedding anniversary.xx

Carol said...

A beautiful day here too Erika! Your card is so elegant, love the hearts and knot. Carol x

Hazel said...

Erika, a beautiful stunning card. Hazel x