Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How about a wee dram this Valentine's day?

So I don't really do mushy cards, unless I'm asked to...pass the bucket is usually my response to all the romantic goings on at this time of the year. 
To then have hubby say.....are we doing Valentine's day this year?
Really it does make me smile...if you have to ask, why bother?! 
Random acts of kindness are much more appreciated than feeling pushed into the whole affair.  Isn't that true ladies?
The odd small bouquet of flowers anytime of the year, nothing big, personally I love Spring flowers, freesias, tulips and daffodils or white lillies, always classy. 
You can keep all your roses thank you very much.  Over priced and never last long especially at this time of year.
Chocolates...I'd rather not, all that weight would just jump back on my tummy as I would HAVE to eat them.  Can't waste good sweets!
Top tips to men of crafty girls.....How about some nice wool or a crochet book?  A crafty toy...now you're talking!
The big gestures, because you can boys are not what us ladies like, I'd rather have tea made or have a IOU on the housework or ironing front...now that would be much more appreciated.
Is it just me?
Am I just a cheap date?!  Lol.  I'd love to hear what you think.

On the Valentine theme and not mushy at all here is one of the CAS cards I have come up with, basically because I think it would be well received here.

The heart is a Sizzix die and the wee bottle has the proper stuff in it too.  Clean and simple, just as I prefer now. 
"Darling I've got you a bottle of whiskey for Valentine's Day!"  :)
Tee, hee.  Lets hope he sees the funny side.

Moving on, remember that I mentioned earlier in one of my posts that this year I am intent on finishing projects that I have either promised to folk or started?
Well I saw this earlier today and it hit the nail on the head.

It is make me smile so share it I must in the hope you do too.  A PhD in crafting eh?  Don't mind if I do, thank you.

Time is cracking on folks, I have my food shopping done, just in case we do get the snow that is forecast today.  At present dare I say we have a bright blue sky and the sun is out, although it is cold.  We have been so lucky with the weather up here in the north especially when you see what is going on in the south of England.  It's usually us that gets all the rain and bad weather. 
Still I do feel for all that are flooded and I hope the rain eases soon, what a nightmare for them.  It just seems to be never ending.

More from me tomorrow, take care and happy crafting!  x


Hazel said...

I am with you on getting a bunch of at anytime of the year and for no reason. But a nice flower die would be good too. I remember Charlie buying rose bushes for the garden when it was coming up to my 21st saying I would have roses for years to come every summer, what he didn't take I to account was us getting posted to Hong Kong a year and half later, but the thought was there. Hope we don't get snow did have hailstones earlier.

Hazel xx

Patricia said...

Brilliant card Erika, I think it is just wonderful. What a fantastic idea.
We have been married for more years than you really want know about. I have never had a Valentine Card from John. Have had many gifts for no reason at all and they mean mean a lot.
So I don't even think about making a card for John .....one less to think about.
I work a lot on PHDs........yep! lots of them in this house.
Enjoy the rest of the day

Patricia xx

Shazza said...

fabulous card Erika and I have to say I agree with all you say re Valentine's day and the thoughtful gifts. Admiring your PHD too, I defo qualify for one of those x

Kat said...

Great card Erika, ideal hubby card!

I'm probably with you on Valentine's day too. I think my hubby is maybe more soppy than me. I definitely agree on the type of present I'd like too.

As for the PhDs. I have tons of them. I'm now in the process of finishing a half-made blanket for Malawi. For once this was not idleness but I ran out of one of the colours. I've managed to find it so that's good. I also sewed up some baby items for the craft group last week - at last. And I even finished a hat for a competition for tomorrow's WRI meeting. Funnily enough I've already done my baking for my turn at the teas tomorrow!!

Kat xx

Diane said...

Just a darling design Erika, the little bottle is too cute.

Hugs Diane

Crafty Lark said...

Brilliant card Erika, Some of my PHDs only need an insert so I should blitz them really. xx Flora

cuilliesocks said...

Wonderful card Erika,and I love the little bottle of whiskey. Hugs Kate X

~ Ali Robertson ~ said...

Fabulous as always

Ali x