Friday, February 28, 2014

So when would you celebrate?

It's Friday again, nearly time for the weekend.  Both hubby and I are working this weekend, him during the night me during the day.  Ships that pass!
A wee challenge for you today, do you know where this is.....

Eighteen years ago, not today and not tomorrow I married my hubby in this cute little chapel.
Maybe if I said I have been married for 18 years but have only had 4 real Anniversaries, you might understand better?!

We had planned a nice lunch out today to celebrate but I've got both kids off feeling unwell....what is going on just now?  I've packed them both off to bed, no TV, no machines, Ipods, Ipads or Xboxes.  There hasn't been much grumbling so maybe they don't feel great?
I'd make a great nurse......NOT!
Hubby did his usual "lets just do lunch and not bother with anything else."  
I don't have a problem with this as we are getting quite a lot of things for the kitchen just now, but look what he came home with after walking the dog this morning.

I love Spring flowers especially freesias.  Aren't they just lovely?

Oh well I better go and make lunch for the invalids.....more from me soon.  
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are up to.  
I'm in work Saturday and Sunday this week, plus I've got a crafty meet too....depending on the sickies.  
It should be a busy one.  x


Patricia said...

Happy Anniversary to you both and many more.
Typical just blooming typical, when a special day comes along so does some thing else!!
Sorry to hear about the boys, they must be ill if they are not doing to much complaining about being "deprived" of all the Techie stuff!!! Hope they recover soon, this weather does not help. One day rain, next sunny plus thick frost. Robert told me he was out with just his Polo Shirt on for playtime yesterday....... why I asked?? ......the sun was warm he told me!!!
Maybe a nice "steak dinner" tonight will do till you can get out to celebrate.

Patricia xxx

Patricia said...

Forgot to tell you I have not a clue where the little chapel is. Need to know though, I love that picture

Patricia xx

Liz Miller said...

That's a beautiful burst of Spring colour Erika. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby. I would celebrate today and tomorrow but it looks as though life has taken over and you won't get the chance. I'm sure the flowers will make you smile every time you look at them this weekend though. Enjoy your crafty meet. Off to meet my chums to play tomorrow.
Liz xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Happy Anniversary Erika, no I don't know where the little chapel is, but it looks so pretty and you must have been a Leap Year Bride. Whatever you do have a lovely day and your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Hope you boys feel better soon, big hugs Kate x

Hazel said...

Erika Happy anniversary , 18 years you are just babies at it now 44years you need I medal for still being able to put up with each other. What a shame your boys aren't feeling well but you can make up for that lunch another day! A beautiful bunch of flowers by the way. I have know idea where you got married but it looks lovely.
Hazel xx

Shazza said...

Happy Anniversary Erika, hope you have a nice weekend x

Elaine said...

Happy 18th Anniversary for tomorrow..ish! It's the girl next doors 18th birthday too or 4th birthday :)
I have no idea at all where the Chapel is but it's beautiful.

Gorgeous flowers, he's an old romantic!
Hope your boys feel better soon and you manage to enjoy some time together over the weekend.
Big hugs
Elaine xxx

Kath Stewart said...

Happy anniversary...sending get well hugs to the kiddos xxx

Kirsti said...

Happy anniversary Erika and hubby!! Hope the boys feel better soon..xx