Friday, August 15, 2008

I was chatting to another avid crafter the other day about the difference in card making, for yourself, for shops and for classes/display. I prefer the minimal look for my own cards but on occasion go over the top, mood dependant! For shops it's all about cost, cost, cost and time again less is more (as the say!). Then for display or teaching, more is definitely the order of the day, more techniques, more embellishments etc....etc...
What are you thoughts??
These cards are for my local shop.........hope you like.
I am also excited today as I have been invited to join the Glitter Gossips on UKS, I'm now on a team, so a big hi out to all my new teamies.
On that note I think that my blog is in need of a wee spruce, a late spring clean, so once I've got a couple of orders done......I'll be back...!!!


~Emma~ said...

Hi Erika. Its Emma from the GG's! Love your blog and looking forward to getting to know you. I'm in Elgin. Are you going to Sharon's crop? Hugs Em.x

Shazza said...

Hi Erika
I think these cards are fab!I agree that for selling then minimal is better for you. Hope you enjoy the Glitter Gossips, I may be able to join you one day, who knows