Monday, March 24, 2008

What a day today and first I must say brrrrrrrrrr!
How cold has it been today?
Trying desperately to snow but all that salty sea air must be keeping it at bay.
Today my youngest had a birthday party so it was either sit and enjoy making a card or housework. Well as you can see hw wins every time NOT!
I love the Tilda stamps and seem to have gone backwards unlike most other folk on UKS I started with Sugar Nellies and then have gone onto Magnolia's. I think most folk have done it the other way round. This stamp so looks like the little girl who's party it is today so I hope her mum likes it.
As for the cold, wouldn't you say a perfect opportunity to stay warm and wrapped up in the hoose with a cup tea, Easter egg, puter and let's craft, craft, craft!
I'm in heaven!!

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