Thursday, July 11, 2013

Looking back in time scrapbooking style.

I read an interesting article yesterday about making your blog more readable here.  It is a good article with lots of hints and tips. 
Today I had another card to show you but as I link to other sites from my blog it will have to wait.  The recipient might just see it. 
I also have a couple of Spellbinder cards that I am holding off might see them elsewhere....if you do let me know.  Ooh that could be a competition!  A wee prize for the first person that spots a card made by me in a crafting magazine....that's all the clues I'm giving.  I will share them later on here.

One of the recommendations of the above article was to share something from the early days when you had less followers/readers. 
I am always "made up" when I meet fella crafters locally and they've mentioned reading my blog.  I was brought up on the phrase "it's good to share" and in the crafting world it is a great part of blogging, there is always something to learn, new techniques to try and new products to fuel the fire of the creative mind.  If you get my drift. 

This is an early double scrapbook page I made inspired by a pal Pam. 
It also was created at a time when there was a heated debate on a scrap booking site, I won't name it. The you shouldn't put flowers on a beach scrapbook page?!
I don't want to open a can of worms by re-opening the debate but I added flowers to my layout because I could!
I am a firm believer in doing what you want to do regardless of the current fashion and trends.  It is your work you are creating and you can do with it what you wish.  That is the beauty, in my eyes, of crafting, there are no right or wrong answers.  If you want flowers on a beach page then what the heck....put them on.  So I did.

I made these two pages separately and then put them together and would I do them differently now.....probably.  I think now I would remove the flowers and go for a LIS approach but that just shows how your taste changes too.  Was I right or wrong, it isn't important, I had fun making them and that is all that counts in my book.  When I look back now at the pages I smile remembering the "hoo ha" and laugh at the rebel in me.....and guess it answers the question I keep asking myself....where did my youngest get that stubborn streak from?!  LOL.

On that note I will leave you in peace.  I have a man mountain of exciting ironing and work later, enjoy your Thursday folks.  x


marion said...

Down on memory lane hehe, although it is nice what you have done here, hugs, marion

Hazel said...

Oh some after my own heart. I believe in sharing ideas too, and as for doing something your own way why not. I do my scrap booking to make the grand childrens photo albums more fun, also the two girls I nanny for have scrap books from in Anna's case 5 months old when I started looking after her and Beth's starts from when she came home at 4hours old, they are full of memoirs for them to look back on in later life. Same with our 4 grand children. As for the stubborn streak nothing wrong there. Glad you do your own thing.carry on girl.


cuilliesocks said...

You are absolutely right Erika, the whole point of crafting is to enjoy making something and it is what you like doing. I'm also like that about art, I go by would I have that hanging on my wall, if the answers is yes then I'll like the piece, it's all in the eye of the beholder, Happy crafting, Kate x