Monday, July 08, 2013

By jove he only went and did it!

Did you see the tennis yesterday?  OMG wasn't it fabulous.  I was on the edge of my seat....but he only went and did it. 

It is your time Andy and enjoy it, what a great match from two great professional tennis players.
After my eldest spending a couple of years at a school in Dunblane, the area has fond memories for me. 
I'm sure not only Dunblane celebrated last night but the whole of Scotland and Britain.   So now the pressure is off I do hope he finds time to enjoy a well deserved rest.
My youngest boy did make me giggle mind.  About an hour into the match he walked past the TV and said "don't know why you're watching this mum I can tell you who wins!" 
As I try to explain to him that the match is playing now and that he can't possibly know who wins he turns and says....."look mum I'm telling you I've seen it before, Murray wins!"
LOL.  Spooky or what?
After the match he came downstairs and said "see I told you he would win!"
What can I say to that?

Back down to earth and boy isn't it warm and sunny.....I don't really know what to do with myself.  LOL.  Far too nice to do housework or ironing plus if I stood outside till I'd done all my ironing I'd come in with 3rd degree burns at least.  Yes, I've got a mountain of it again.
I ended up in work again yesterday, with holidays staff are low on the ground and I'm in again this evening to cover a late shift.  Maybe I should find a little craft time this afternoon?

Enjoy the sunshine whatever you have planned today.  I will hopefully be back tomorrow with something to share.  x

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